Saturday, June 15, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #1

June 4, 2019

Instead of giving advice, it would have been great for this long time reality star from a large family to discuss the reasons they had to flee a country so suddenly and are never allowed to return without facing jail time.

Jill Duggar Dillard/Derick Dillard


Rosie riveter said...

Dun dun dunnnn


Weekittylass said...

I know nothing of these yahoo fanatics and prefer to keep it that way.

Do Tell said...

So what would get you banned from a country other than drug/gun/human trafficking or child porn/rape?

HushHush said...

Forget the gay aspect, or the religion, or the TV fame, it sounds like this Derrick guy is a Jeffrey Dahmer, or Bruce McArthur (serial killer on trial in TO). Has sex with men, then kills them. They were using charity money as payoffs/hush/blood money. If there's more than one, then he's a serial killer.

Do Tell said...

Derick was the one that aimed his sled at a cat right? Really cruel guy.

Troy Dyer said...

Sorry, but I’m not taking advice from a child bride, who wasn’t even allowed to hold hands until engagement. And was told from a young age that her role is to be a baby factory and that it is your fault your brother molested you.

Funny how the people that live their life by the Bible, are the ones who sin the most

Gator said...

He's a dickface

Blond Dahlia said...

He’s a skinner

Vita said...

This has SVU season 21 written all over it

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hunter said...

Omg Rosie you're too funny!!!

Wowwww, did not know. Holy moly!

Cobra Demander said...

What's a skinner?


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