Sunday, June 23, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #1

June 11, 2019

Hey, it is the PR people of the singer and the singer herself who spread the rumors she was involved with the A+ list mostly movie actor, so don't get angry at your fans when they ask you about the relationship you said was happening.

Lady GaGa/Bradley Cooper


Trapped said...

She's sickening--- I don't get the greatness everyone claims

timebob said...

I finally got around to watch A Star is Born last night on HBO. My God that movie was boring. They have no chemistry. She is over the top the whole movie. I know she is from NY but my God her over doing of a NY accent is a bit much. The only performance I enjoyed and was honest was Andrew Dice Clay. He truly portrayed a Father that just wanted what was best for his child.

All Bradley did was a poor Sam Elliot impression which was made worse by actually having Sam in the movie dancing rings around him.

Maybe they are pushing them as a couple to sell more DVDs or something. But fuck I have no idea why people where losing their minds over it.

Annie said...

double bearding?

E said...

Agreed. It was a snooze. Worse than the Streisand/Kristofferson version, and that's a pretty low bar

sandybrook said...

In 15 years they will remake it again

Andi said...

The only people who believe Stephanie was the reason for Brad's break up are the 13 year repressed gay boys in the mid west who want to be her when they grow up.

Paul Saint John said...

Wait till you see Gaga perform in American Horror Story. She merely plays herself in every season: a satanic witch with a crooked nose.

Vita said...

Timebob-- your analysis just confirmed that I have no interest in seeing it, even as part of hbo subscription

SydneyinSeattle said...

She grew up on the Upper East Side of NYC. They don't have accents.

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Amartel said...

I liked her performance but thought the rest of it was complete crap.

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