Sunday, June 23, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #3

June 12, 2019

It isn't like it would be a royal wedding or something similar. This politician thinks getting married would give him a huge popular boost. Nope, not so much. Plus, that payment is going to have to be super high for her to willingly take on that extra layer.

Cory Booker/Rosario Dawson


Now! said...

I don't sense any excitement about Booker, particularly since Newark is still such a mess and his good buddy Mark Zuckerberg is seeing a decline in his reputation.

Still, with Joe Biden and Mayor Pete spontaneously combusting, the race is really anybody's right now.

HushHush said...

I was watching a vlogger Florida Maquis yesterday, and he thinks Booker will be on the ticket. The DNC has lost the youth vote, too many old white people, so Booker will be Obama 2.0. As Nutty mentioned they're dumping on creepy uncle Joe, and Mayor Pete. I'm not seeing any bright stars in their camp.
In the UK Jeremy Hunt is claiming that Boris is a security risk because of his love life. If that's the case then a gay closet case like Cory Booker would be a much bigger security risk. And what would keep Rosario Dawson in this relationship? Does she dream of being first lady like MM dream't of being a princess?

Guest777 said...

I think booker and Harris will be outed with the new js investigation. Biden is already out. There are open ivestigations on him in other countries, media just doesn't want you to know

Now! said...

Boris is a buffoon, but that "domestic incident" story really made me angry.

If you haven't been following it, one of Boris' neighbors, a longtime political opponent, heard Boris having a loud argument with his partner and made an audio recording, which The Guardian then turned into a front-page story.

The idea was to prove that Boris was unsuitable for office.

People have the right to privacy in their homes, unless of course a crime is committed, and there have been no charges here. The Guardian should be ashamed of itself.

MAG said...

As a NJ voter I think he belongs in a jail not a lavender marriage.

E said...

As Led Zep so memorably said in Kashmir, "all will be revealed".

cat said...

The average black man will not vote for a gay black man.

Binkz@ said...

@Mag I’m from the Atlantic City area and we have had some whoopers but he is a Big Mac. He Is of the most corrupt politician we have ever had.

Flashy Vic said...


The UK media will do a 'Trump' on Boris because -at the minute anyway- he doesn't seem to follow the western establishments carefully laid social engineering plans.
The problem for the Establishment is that, as they found in their never-ending harrassment on Trump, it's preaching to the choir, those not on message already see it for what it is and could not give even less of a fuck.
The Grauniad is never going to be ashamed of itself, they along their BBC fellow travellers seem to regard themselves as having almost Papal like infallibility.

Nice to see the BBC going full pelt into launching a campaign into threatening senior citizens with prosecution if they don't cough up a £150 a year TV tax to which over 75s were previously exempt.

Just when you think that the BBC could not become even more contemptible, they prove you wrong every time.

A vile, pernicious,evil institution, whose very existence is an indelible stain on the nation.

Guest777 said...

People forget about Murdoch and news of the world scandal. Folks should have been pissed then, and rightly so....

Guest777 said...

Operation Mocking Bird, at its finest!!
Courtesy of ass clowns!

Now! said...

I don't think anyone's forgotten about the phone-hacking scandals.

Several people went to jail, the newspaper folded, the head of Scotland Yard resigned, and the UK media is regulated as never before. I mean, you can hardly say there were no repercussions.

It completely changed the business model of the British tabloid media, one reason that all those pay-to-play girls are in the right-hand column of the Daily Mail.

yepthatsme said...

Rosario Dawson was awesome in the movie "TRANCE"! I was mesmerized after watching the movie!

hunter said...

I've had many a shouty argument and none of them involved physical violence. I agree to the privacy expectation, that's fucked up.

Rosario - I'm not seeing her wanting to really do this which is why she would have such a high price tag. She seems a pretty smart cookie to me and I bet deep inside she is like fuuuuuuckcckkkk thiiissssss... but we all have our price and I imagine they get on well as they both seem pretty chill.

Corey Booker is so fucked if he runs, he has gayface for DAYS. Apparently Rosario plays for the ladies team as well, which I suppose I can see, so ... whatever I guess. I wouldn't want to do it but she's an excellent choice.

Scallywag said...

Cory Booker is going to get hit by that circular firing squad he's aiming at Biden. When you're polling at 1% and calling out the top of the heap just to pander for votes, you've shat the bed already.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone really believe it was just pure chance that Jussie's attack came at exactly the same time Cory and Kamala were trying to get attention for a silly "lynching" law? Come on.
Cory is such a dork. I really hope he's not gay. We don't need any more embarrassments. Mayor Pete and Chasten the Dog Boy are embarrassing enough for now.

Guest777 said...

Michelle O will be lucky to not get dragged into said investigation.

Now! said...

Who is the dog boy?

Anonymous said...

Newark New Jersey = Ghetto.
South Bend Indiana = Ghetto.
California = Ghetto.
NYC = Ghetto.
Vermont = Not ghetto despite the best efforts of Bernie Sanders.
See the pattern here? This is what the Democrats want for everyplace. This is how it is every single place they control.
Elite Ivory Tower dwellers and Ghetto dwellers. Preferably the ghetto dwellers are all little brown people who smile and do what they are told.
Don't worry black people, as long as you shuck and jive and sing a song, you will be okay. Confined to your areas but okay.
LGBT you will be okay for a little while, until the Muslims are fed up with you and then you will be rounded up and disposed of in ways even Hitler could not have imagined.
Good luck with your Democratic ticket kiddies. I know you feel good about yourselves. Orange Man Bad after all.

Weekittylass said...

MissDavie Vermont=Broke

BigFan said...

You forgot

Field must not be blank said...

It's been a hot minute since I heard anything about Dawson but wasn't she dating Eric Andre? They break up?

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Don't Mind Me... said...

If Cory Booger gets any traction, even for 2nd spot, the nastiness surrounding Rosario's family and their East Village squat. Especially how her mother has been accused of bullying and threatening other squatters

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