Monday, June 24, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #4

June 14, 2019

I think this former A list "singer" turned reality judge believes the plane accident happened and that is why she got hooked on pain pills. The thing is, just because she believes it happened doesn't mean it really did, but it is a great story she can continue to use on talk shows.

Paula Abdul


Flashy Vic said...

🎵"And you know--it ain't fiction
Just a natural fact"

MaybeMelrose said...

Either way, I’m still shocked she’s alive.

Gator said...

I still remember how annoying she was on AI, she seemed drugged up most of the time.

Thursday November said...

No one has found any records of this supposed accident anywhere in the US.

Her excuse in the past for the pills was a cheerleading acident with the when she was a Laker girl in the 80's she fell on her head.

She also used to say she was in a car accident on the LA freeway.

The air plane story is a more recent story she's come up with. Jouranlist have also found the timeline she gives in interviews doesn't add up.

Vita said...

The fact that no one else can verify the plane crash, particularly some one from FAA, is a big problem, Paula

Landing on her head in cheerleading puts so many things in perspective, and is much, much more plausible.

yepthatsme said...

It happened in her CLOSET

Randaleese said...


Jimbonius said...

Hey Paula, you can't just make plane crashes 'go away'. Beyond that, why would you want to? The whole rationale of it makes 0.00 sense.

What a loon.

.robert said...

Wait, but that woman with two front doors who made claims against Kavanaugh with the same level of proof got to sit in front of Congress for a week and walked away with a million dollars and poor Paula no one believes...

This is why people's recollections and eyewitness testimony are pure garbage without corroborating evidence. I bet Paula could pass a lie detector test.

Krissie said...

Didn't everyone guess Mel B for this?

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