Monday, June 24, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #3

June 13, 2019

This B+ list actress is being disingenuous about her recent activities this week. In the past she has stated she would not vaccinate her own child. She just wasn't expecting the huge blow back and didn't talk to her team ahead of time.

Jessica Biel


J said...

What a fucking moron.

DavidHowesCREBroker said...

My children were vaccinated on time and schedule.

They have grown up into healthy adults!

Anyone who buys into the vaccinations cause autism, should NOT have children.

That was debunked 20+ years ago and the doctor that propagated it lost his medical license!

Vita said...

She's done a world-class back pedal, saying she's all for vaccines, nothing against them at all, just doesnt want the law changed for others.

Anonymous said...

Its amazing how people will see a child potentially (let's assume this bunk about vaccines causing autism is real for a moment) liking Sonic the Hedgehog a little too much as something more horrible than dying of a preventable disease.

Flashy Vic said...

What is it with good looking but dim bints whose name begins with J?

Thursday November said...

She has admintted to doctor shopping to get one to write her an excuse to not get her son vacated.

With all the travel her & JT do, you just know her son will get sick with something serious. Watch how she flips then.

momo said...


Dr. Mary's Monkey

molly said...

mormo...........and Me and Lee, tells how Judyth Baker helped the US govt. devise a way to insert cancer viruses in vaccines. Amish , who believe in being separate from everybody but themselves, do not have a problem with autism. Children are not vaccinated.

Huckleberry said...

Why anybody listens to celebrity's opinions about anything is a great mystery to me.

yepthatsme said...


Jim B. said...

GOD BLESS JESSICA BIEL! Those who think every child should be vaccinated (regardless of medical background, immunity testing or parental concern) are scientific and medically ignorant. Last year (2018) doctors SELF REPORTED over 440 DEATHS, 1200+ PERMANENT injuries and over 4400 hospitalizations. The FDA commissioned Harvard to study total extent of injuries beyond the VAERS database (which you can get to yourself through Google) - and determined it was possible that this only represented 1% to 10% of the ACTUAL (non-reported) injuries.

The FDA's own study on MMR2 (mumps/measles) shows over 50% of kids injured with gastrointestinal and/or respiratory illnesses AND 10% TO 25% OF THE KIDS WERE CONTAGIOUS EVEN AFTER VACCINATION. This is confirmed by the DNA study of the Disneyland outbreak that showed 38% of the infected were already vaccinated. (Not a SINGLE vaccination study undergoes double blind safety tests like all other FDA drugs by the way.)

The former head of the CDC, the FDA and CDC Whistleblower Research Scientist Dr. William Thompson have ALL admitted there is a clear vaccination and autism link.

In 1980 - infants were given only 10 vaccines and autism rates were 1 in 10,000.

In 2016 up to 63 vaccines are given to infants (including ridiculously HPV) and autism rates are now 1 in 50 or less.

Any idea why the Vaccine court (you can't sue a vaccine manufacturer under US law) paid out $8 billion for injuries in the past 3 years?

YummyBoogers said...

To all the naysayers, it is possible to both support vaccination for serious, life-threatening childhood illnesses while also feeling SUPER uncomfortable at the idea of mandatory vaccination policies implemented by our state or federal governments. I don't see why Jessica Biel should be targeted for saying she disagrees with California's vaccine policies when she has vocalized that she supports childhood vaccines what is everyone's issue here? Is it because she isn't "toeing the line"? How dare she think for herself. Stupid, ignorant woman! Doesn't she know her place? *eye roll*

Here's some food for thought....vaccines injuries are rare, but they do happen occasionally. Some of these injuries can be severe, life-altering, or fatal.

Every parent should absolutely do their due diligence by reading the manufacturer inserts for ANY medication that is given to their child, and be on HAWK-EYE alert for ANY adverse reactions. This is regardless of whether said medication in question is bubblegum amoxicillin syrup, anti-seizure medication, chemotherapy, or any one of the numerous injections listed beneath the constantly evolving and widening schedule of childhood vaccines. This is what making informed consent is all about. More importantly, it is what GOOD PARENTING is all about.

YummyBoogers said...

Further expanding on my last post...

In the event of serious injury or death alleged from use of medications, U.S. tort laws allow individuals the right to file negligence and defective product lawsuits against ANY of the pharmaceutical corporations who manufacture the medications at issue - with one notable exception: childhood vaccine manufacturers, who were granted complete legal immunity following successful lobby to U.S. Congress during the late 70s & 80s. In 1986, Congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, which then exempted the manufacturers from ever paying a single dime for injury claims. Alternatively, a no-fault legal system was implemented by the U.S. government which formally disallows Injured Parties from filing claims in state or federal civil courts, but instead mandates that their injury claims be filed and heard in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims before a Judge, with no rights to a jury trial. Successful injury claims are paid via a trust set up by the U.S. government that is funded by an excise tax imposed on the sale of each vaccine injection, paid by insurers or citizens (not by the manufacturers themselves).

Many concerned parents are worried that the 1986 liability exemption has basically incentivized pharmaceutical corporations to produce more and more vaccines that they can then lobby for inclusion to the childhood schedule. No one can deny that since the mid 1980s, the vaccine schedule has more than tripled in size - and the newer vaccines getting added aren't all for illnesses historically considered to be life threatening (i.e. chicken pox). It understandably seems to be both a cash grab and a way to hide behind the no-liability curtain. Look for the very problematic HPV vaccine to get added in the years to come....the lobbying is already being done.

An entirely different subject, but many of the childhood vaccines haven't been put through double-blind, placebo controlled studies (which is the scientific gold standard) nor has the entire vaccine schedule in totality been studied for safety, efficacy, or for adverse synergistic interactions potentially caused by multiple vaccines administered at the same time.

For many parents, these issues are frightening and worrisome. Rather than insulting these concerned parents, how about we politely request that the pharmaceutical corporations quell these fears by exploring all areas of concern, conducting the necessary studies in foreign populations where vaccine programs may not already be fully implemented, and being transparent in their findings? At the end of the day these parents are scared and just trying to make a decision they will not regret later.

If what I proposed above isn't plausible, then perhaps we can lobby Congress to repeal the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act? I bet schedule compliance would elevate tenfold if parents knew they had the options to sue for injury in state or federal courts and have their cases heard before a jury of their peers. Just a thought....

Jim B. said...

Well said @YummyBoogers but I'd argue the term "rare." I have two friends who have normal, developing babies who saw near catatonic results within hours of vaccination.

I totally agree that not all vaccinations are bad. But you are correct. Allowing manufacturers to pay doctors to pump babies full of mercury (which can't be handled in a lab without Hazmat certification/procedures), aluminum and unscreened foreign fetal cells - is unconscionable.

Now for some good news. MIT/Purdue have established links between the mercury found in some vaccines and Monsanto's glysophate - causing a devastation to an infant's gut microbiom. Now, a scientist at Arizona State University has had success in dramatically improving - even reversing - autism in some children.

Vita said...

Jim B-- have the babies recovered!??!

I have known two adults with adverse neurological reactions to vaccine/booster shots. One has taken close to a year to get back to normal.

Complicated issue. Certainly, pharma needs higher standards on something that is literally expected to be administered to every child of the population.

YummyBoogers said...

No problem, Jim B. I hate seeing mobs of people gang up and bully those who are brave enough to ask some of the tough questions. It seems people are overwhelmingly looking at the complex vaccine debate from oversimplified, black/white perspectives, when there should be FAR STRONGER efforts for open dialogues between people with differing viewpoints, as a means to promote collaboration on how to address the plethora of gray areas comprising this issue.

IMHO, Americans should demand public input followed by congressional review of the longterm impacts of the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, to determine whether this piece of law should be revised, or if it should even still stand. We need to look at the issues from every side, and ask the hard questions: Was this legislation ethical when it was passed? Is this legislation ethical by today's standards? Has it been successful, and if so - how? Has it failed, and if so - how? Who has the greatest benefactor been from this legislation - U.S. citizens, corporate shareholders, or Congress members via campaign donations? Has this piece of law been abused by those for whom it was designed to alleviate burden for? there TRULY still any need for this piece of law to exist, when the vaccine manufacturers, governmental agencies (CDC, FDA) and other political proponents overwhelmingly tout the science behind the safety of vaccines as being irrefutable and ironclad? If there aren't means for a Plaintiff to be able to successfully prove to a jury with sound scientific evidence that they were injured by a vaccine....then what exactly are the pharmaceutical corporations afraid of? Do they deserve to be shielded from further liability when they are supposedly producing a near-perfect vaccine? Should WE as taxpayers continue to fund this alternative resolution trust that has paid put billions to injuries with causal links to vaccine since 1986? So many little time.

YummyBoogers said...

It shouldn't be forgotten that there has been longstanding history in America of some of our largest for-profit corporations/industry giants ignoring public safety in favor of profit margins (remember Big Tobacco?). At times, these efforts to circumvent public safety were directly aided with political support by our elected officials. When the sh**t hit the proverbial fan and Big Tobacco started getting sued, it wasn't an immediate slam dunk for the Plaintiffs....In other words, GUESS WHICH PARTY HAD SCIENTIFIC EXPERTS WILLING TO TESTIFY FAVORABLY AS TO THE SAFETY OF CIGARETTES? (Hint....if you guessed Big Tobacco, then congrats! You are correct).

Combine the above described history with our current climate.....where the massive financial ties between pharmaceutical corporations and mass media outlets are exemplified every time your local tv news station goes to commercial break (when you're bombarded with back to back ads for the newest offerings by Pfizer, Merck, Glaxxo paired with terrible Fleetwood Mac cover songs).....and when discovering JUST HOW DEEPLY INDEBTED our mouthpiece career politicians are to the agendas of corporate, pharmaceutical and agricultural giants is ONLY a short online search away....and the issue of our vaccine program SHOULD be more closely reviewed.

As history as shown us, with time comes evolution in many forms. Science evolves. Anecdotes evolve. Public perceptions and attitudes evolve. We as a general public are vastly different than the population who essentially provided Merck and other vaccine manufacturers free license to make billions in revenue from producing unnecessary immunizations that NO ONE ASKED FOR (i.e. chicken pox) while simultaneously enjoying immunity from legal liability. We are a different population than that of 1986, who allowed for Congress to pass the funding of vaccine injuries BACK ONTO US, rather than with the corporations who MADE the shots to begin with.

My sincerest hope is that (for once) we citizens with opposing viewpoints can meet and confer on the issue, and take SOME form of proactive measures so that this polarizing issue doesn't get looked back on 50 years from now as a monumental embarrassment and blunder on the path to social progress. *fingers crossed*

Andi said...

Oh dear god, here are fucking trolls...go back to the DM & agree with yourself & your multiple sock accounts there...we don't care about politics here...just gossip...we come here to get away from you losers

Low Key said...


hiyosilvergirl said...

RE: Jim B


"Last year (2018) doctors SELF REPORTED over 440 DEATHS, 1200+ PERMANENT injuries and over 4400 hospitalizations."

Where is this data from? I looked up VAERS data > < for total 2018 deaths from all vaccines given in 2018 across all age groups in the US and the total was 144. Removing the year of vaccination as a qualifier brought this up to 156 total deaths.


"The FDA commissioned Harvard to study total extent of injuries beyond the VAERS database (which you can get to yourself through Google)"

For the life of me, I cannot find this study. Would you please share a link to it?


"The FDA's own study on MMR2 (mumps/measles) shows over 50% of kids injured with gastrointestinal and/or respiratory illnesses"

I read through all of the inserts and provided studies > < and am not seeing any reference to this. The only risks they go into detail about are seizures and fever, which is greater in older children. This claim stems from ICAN, and Del Bigtree's interpretation of data has been called into question > <


"Whistleblower Research Scientist Dr. William Thompson have ALL admitted there is a clear vaccination and autism link."

Have tracked this source to the 'Vaxxed' film - it seems that Thompson eventually found that the MMR vaccine is *not* linked to autism in African American males > <


"In 2016 up to 63 vaccines are given to infants (including ridiculously HPV) and autism rates are now 1 in 50 or less."

Is there a place that lists out all 63? The HPV vaccine is/was not on the schedule for infants > > I read up on the frequency of autism (which is crazy) > < and a decent point was made:

"It is problematic to compare autism rates over the last three decades, as the diagnostic criteria for autism have changed with each revision of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM)... In 1983, the DSM did not recognize PDD-NOS or Asperger’s syndrome, and the criteria for autistic disorder (AD) were more restrictive."


"Any idea why the Vaccine court (you can't sue a vaccine manufacturer under US law) paid out $8 billion for injuries in the past 3 years?"

Based on this > < the total payouts for petitioners and attorneys between 2016-2018 is just over $761 million ($761,335,877.53).

OKay said...

Wow, but anti-vaxxers are a bunch of loons.

Krissie said...

My uncle just sent my mother another video "proving" vaccines cause autism by "the government's former leading scientist" (whatever that means)... meanwhile her friend's baby is potentially sick with measles because he is too young to get vaccinated and got infected from one of these asshole's kids.

YummyBoogers said...

Not sure who @Andi is referring to with regard to there being an influx of trolls with "multiple sock accounts" here, but I can assure you this doesn't accurately describe me in any sense. I am long time poster here at CDAN with a history of typing out novels here and there, LOL. This is also my one and only account here. Enty promotes respectful discussion here between commenters, and I absolutely adore this site for very this reason (in addition to the gossip, lol). Kindly ignore my posts if there aren't of interest to you.

And @OKay, to whom specifically are you directing your insult?

YummyBoogers said...

@Krissi, I'm sorry to hear about your friend's baby. By chance have they located the source of transmission? My cousin's child tested positive for measles about a year and a half ago despite having been timely vaccinated, which is baffling as hell to how does THAT happen?!? I also have heard reports that sancuary cities are seeing more measles outbreaks coming up from below the border. Ugh! Anyways, hope your friend's baby has a speedy recovery. I know the measles rash looks scary as hell! My cousin's kid recovered just fine. Sending good thoughts your way for your friend's baby!

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Hanniam said...

@hiyosilvergirl +1000 for doing the work. I just sat here going “yeah, and autism diagnosis was SHIT in the 80s unless you were totally nonverbal.” Why do we all think there are so many Xers and older millennials being diagnosed in adulthood?

Hanniam said...

@Yummy: How does it happen? Three ways come to mind first: after inoculation, it takes time to develop immunity. Funnily, veterinarians explain that. Human doctors? Less so. Second: it takes multiple rounds to reach max immunity. Third: vaccinating when mom’s antibodies are still circulating is less effective.

A.Claire said...


A.Claire said...

All true.

Thot Crimes said...

Not to mention how invested the media propaganda machine has been in vilifying "anti-vaxers" and how effective they have been; to the point that some (predictable) commenters here can't help but spew their visceral reactions of hatred and contempt for someone even suggesting parents pump the brakes and educating themselves before injecting their children with mercury. How "mad as a hatter" do you have to be to knowingly do that?

"Hatters" used mercury in the hat making process. Guess what the affect was on their mental capacities?

Hanniam said...

@Thot: Thimerosal (mercury containing component of old vaccines) hasn’t been used in vaccines since 1990. I was vaccinated before 1990 and so were the majority of adults diagnosed autistic as adults. (Aka: missed in childhood).

Which also flies in the face of “omg autism diagnoses are increasing because Mercury!”

Visceral contempt is appropriate for someone who willingly risks the lives of the most vulnerable because they’re THAT afraid of autism due to a thoroughly debunked study and the wealth of studies since then that heap more proof on the side of “why vaccines do NOT cause autism and in fact save lives too.”

As for “predictable” posters, this topic is one of the few the majority of right AND left agree on.

Thot Crimes said...

@hammiam - ""predictable"" is why you're here.

Otherwise, "Yummy Boogers" explained it completely, and more politely, above, so I'll not repeat them.

Krissie said...

just fyi, the amount of mercury actually absorbed by the human body from a vaccine is the same amount you'd absorb from a can of tuna. the vast majority of it passes through unabsorbed and thus has no effect on the body. but what am i doing trying to talk sense into anti-vax nuts

YummyBoogers said...

@Hanniam, I personally feel that parents should be FAR more concerned at the use of aluminum adjuvants in several of the current childhood vaccines, as opposed to Thimerosal-
which isn't in use anymore.

Aluminum is a known neurotoxin, and research from overseas has shown that aluminum deposits eventually settle in human brain tissue. Aluminum is widely used throughout many facets of our day to day life (i.e deodorants, dental fillings, as a wrap for food to retain heat, in hair salons for hair coloring) in addition to being used in certain vaccines as adjuvants.

Since the early 1960s, aluminum accumulation in brain tissue has been regarded as possibly correlative to the development of dementia and Alzheimer's. If an argument is to be made for vaccine ingredients being of questionable safety, then this is where it should be made - and pharmaceutical corporations seeking to calm the fears of worried parents and improve vaccine schedule compliance should make it a priority to find an alternative adjuvant to use and ditch aluminum salts. Just because an element is naturally occurring does NOT mean it is inherantly and unequivocally safe. Recall - asbestos fibers are ALSO naturally occurring. For a VERY long time (100+ years), asbestos containing products were highly regarded as being of superior quality and safety - particularly when used to construct buildings and homes due to their fire retardant qualities. Asbestos was used in siding, roof shingles, drywall joint compound, sheet rock, floor tiles, pipes, electrical coverings, fire brick ovens, insulation, and more at the time its deadly nature was becoming more widely understood. Heck...even artificial snow was made from asbestos. It sadly took a VERY long latency period for its toxic effects to become known and confirmed before the government stepped in began regulating its use and banning it. Lives had to be lost before that could occur. Funny thing....asbestos fibers, like aluminum particles, REMAIN inside the body forever and can be analyzed post-mortem via tissue digestion. Perhaps brain tissue should be analyzed similarly for aluminum particles, to where the exact type of aluminum can be identified and traced back to specific products. I'm going off on a tangent here, I apologize! Gah.

Anyway...back on topic...while many parents weary of the lengthy schedule of vaccines are likely worried about regressive autism, I feel there needs to be MORE questions asked and concern given to exploring the RAPID increase in childhood life threatening allergies, as well as the uptick in early onset autoimmune disorders and neurological disorders of the Tourette's variety, to see if the explanation for these sudden increase in diagnoses might be correlative in any way to the expanding U.S. vaccine schedule. Same goes with SIDS, which I feel like we are seeing more of lately. These questions should be explored if for no other reason than to calm those fears in the event there is zero chance of causality. Just my two cents...

@Hanniam, what are your thoughts regarding the potential repeal of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act? Would you support it? Do you think it's still necessary if the science is strongly supportive of safety and efficacy? Do you think it's ethical by today's standards? Do you feel the law has ever been abused by the pharmaceutical corporate lobby? Just curious. I know there are maaaaany shades to this debate, so please do not think I am being disrespectful toward your position. You seem well informed on the subject, so I figured if I asked you I'd get a thoughtful response.

YummyBoogers said...

Thank you for the compliment, Thot Crimes. I was worried no one was reading my novels. I clearly need friends in real life to have these long heartfelt discussions with, LOL.

YummyBoogers said...

@Hanniam, thank you for this explanation. Its fascinating that vets are more inclined to explain this process to patients (errm, I mean pet owners) than physicians who treat ACTUAL humans would be. Wonder why this is? I would hypothesize that perhaps the insurance industry's overreaching arm with regard to regulating the daily "patient seen per day" quota for our doctors may have something to do with it? Just a hunch....

Any input on the unvaccinated populations coming from below the border and populating more densely in sanctuary cities? It baffles me to see this issue never discussed in all of the reporting regarding the measles outbreaks...I mean, it supports the notion that vaccines prevent illnesses, so why not mention that the city or state in question may have large quantities of unvaccinated immigrants seeking asylum? I would think publicizing those stats might actually MOTIVATE U.S. citizens to get caught up on their shots....right?!? Ugh.

Hanniam said...

@Yummy: maybe the best analogy of people relying on herd Immunity to be antivax is ppl who get and use disabled placards without needing them.

I’ll get to the rest when I have a few functional hours.

Unknown said...

Thank you.

Unknown said...

You don't know or haven't looked into the real story.

Unknown said...

Thank you.

Also, no discovery allowed in vaccine "court." Consider all the cases against Monsanto where, through discovery, internal memos revealed the company knew their product caused harm and sold it anyway.

Now do you skeptics begin to get why you can't sue vaccine manufacturers?

Unknown said...

Thank you.

One size does not fit all. William Thompson, a whistleblower for the CDC, had a flood of conscience hit him at his part in destroying evidence that showed african american male babies were genetically more susceptible to vax ingredients synergistically causing autism.

Naysayers are willfully being blockheaded on this one. Some people are allergic to penicillin. Is it really that hard to fathom not everyone responds well to a barrage of toxic ingredients in that vaccine cocktail? Aluminum? Formaldehyde? Mercury still in vaccines despite the supposed removal?

If you want to play russian roulette with your own life or your baby's that's your choice but don't criticize those who are paying attention.

Oh, and let's definitely not talk about how all those measles and whooping cough outbreaks AMONG THE VACCINATED are a problem for the myth of herd immunity.

Unknown said...

Thank you.

Unknown said...

Y'all speaking too much truth for the typical bitches on this site to handle.

Plus, too many big words. Their eyes just roll back into their heads and they froth at the mouth screaming "SCIENCE!"

Ask yourselves how science can be bought and paid for, o ignorant skeptics.

Unknown said...

That was the research that Andrew Wakefield actually did prior to this discovery and lost his license for. He never actually said anyting other than he had noticed many of the children with autism had gut issues in common. Never actually said vaccines cause autism. But the vaccine whores piled on him like the junkyard dogs they are.

Unknown said...

You are a troll. And an extremely dense one at that.

It's not politics. It's the health of the public, most particularly of infants.

Pay attention and contribute something of value or go back to mom's basement and masturbate to America's Got Talent.

Unknown said...

Thompson still works for the CDC. You don't think he was "talked to" and that that is the reason for the retraction?

Wake up.

Unknown said...

The childish insults hurled by pro-vaxers who can't even read well enough to research the issue should tell you all you need to know.

Thot Crimes said...

It's almost like they have a list of not-so clever insults, and then check them off as they go along.

"take your meds schizo!" incoming in 3....2....

Krissie said...

yeah let's ignore the fact that without that fake ass autism study none of y'all would be up in this anti-vax shit at ALL

YummyBoogers said...

@Hanniam, could you please clarify to which of my questions (or statements) are you making your analogous remark? I am a bit confused as to where this fits in with anything I have said. Thanks!

YummyBoogers said...

Krissie, have you any opinions on the comments I have made thus far? Would you support a repeal of the National Child Vaccine Injury Act?

YummyBoogers said...

@Unknown, it's ironic you bring up the suspicion that science is potentially salable. I was JUST reading a 2016 NPR article earlier today that I somehow missed previously that reported on an article published in JAMA (& further publicized by the New York Times) confirming American sugar refiners PAID scientific experts during the 1960s to conduct flawed studies blaming heart disease on the ingestion of dietary fats while simultaneously minimizing any implications that such disorders were caused by sugars, and then had the FLAWED data published in the New England Journal of Medicine (which they did...WITHOUT any conflicts funding disclosures). Unbelievable, right?!?

Sadly, this single piece of scientific fiction (PASSED OFF AS TRUE RESEARCH) kickstarted 50 years of Americans slowly eating and drinking their way into type 2 diabetes and toward ruined cardiac and arterial health, and ultimately to premature deaths. For what reason? To insure profit margins. It plainly says so per the JAMA findings, which are nicely summarized by NPR:

If that weren't disturbing enough....the practice of corporations paying to fund studies and manipulate results is STILL ongoing, per one of the contributing authors of the JAMA article, as described by NPR:

<<< The documents in question are five decades old, but the larger issue is of the moment, as Marion Nestle notes in a commentary in the same issue of JAMA Internal Medicine:

"Is it really true that food companies deliberately set out to manipulate research in their favor? Yes, it is, and the practice continues. In 2015, the New York Times obtained emails revealing Coca-Cola's cozy relationships with sponsored researchers who were conducting studies aimed at minimizing the effects of sugary drinks on obesity. Even more recently, the Associated Press obtained emails showing how a candy trade association funded and influenced studies to show that children who eat sweets have healthier body weights than those who do not."

As for the article authors who dug into the documents around this funding, they offer two suggestions for the future.

"Policymaking committees should consider giving less weight to food industry-funded studies," they write.

They also call for new research into any ties between added sugars and coronary heart disease. >>>>

YummyBoogers said...

*correction - ensure profit margins (not insure, lol). Enty please give us an edit button haha :)

YummyBoogers said...

Thanks Unknown! Check out my comment below regarding scientific research being purchasable. I provided a link to an awesome NPR article on it.

To be HIGHLY skeptical of corporately funded research should NOT be looked upon as indicative of being some tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist....our OWN nation's history CLEARLY indicates that "money talks", so to speak....and that such suspicion is WARRANTED. These notions are backed up now (ironically by a respected medical journal - JAMA and an unbiased news reporting agency - NPR).

No one should ever fully suspend their disbelief simply "because science!!" JAMA contributing authors have demonstrated, even scientists are fallible.


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