Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Blind Item #5

If I were this model/tabloid tip seller, I wouldn't worry about cheating on the former A- list list mostly television actress. She has a long history of cheating and did so when with you.


Tricia13 said...

Hayden P?

Tricia13 said...

Or Ashley benson Cara D

Mellonhead said...

Rain Dove

sandybrook said...

It’s Ashley’s birthday for god sakes Entern, can’t she have a happy day w/o hearing this b.s. here?

Craisins2017 said...

Someone mentioned Cara but why would she sell tips? She comes from a wealthy family, works a lot and it just seems too tacky for her.

This is just one of those items that reminds me that anyone can make up anything if they have a grudge.

Patrick said...

In response to Craisins…..Sure, her family is rich. But it isn't really F-U money. Anyways, it isn't her money. Sure, one day, she's likely to inherit a solid chunk of money. But that day is far off in the future. She won't inherit until her dad dies. And that might not, heck probably won't, happen for a few decades at least. Until then, she exists on whatever she earns alongside a nominal "allowance" for want of a better word. To us mere peons, this seems like a lot of money, but she has inhabited the world of the super rich for quite a while. Her tastes are probably more than she can afford.
Further, this is the type of cashflow that can be used for more illicit purchases. When she started modeling, as a minor (for business purposes), I'm sure her family put her in the care of a very legit management, accounting, and legal team. In other words, all her legit money is carefully monitored. Given her mom's drug issues, her people keep a close watch on her and any iffy purchases would quickly be brought to her family's attention. If she wants off the books earnings, she needs a revenue stream that won't get reported.
Also, it never hurts to be famous and have the media owe you some favors.


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