Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

Eight more chances to see your photo along side Hailey Baldwin, who must wonder each day if being married to a drug addict is worth it. Then she remembers there was no prenup and her day becomes a ray of sunshine. Anyway, email your photo to
Harry Styles sucks up to Ellen.
Another day another "workout" for Jennifer Lopez. Her own self-financed Oscar campaign one gym picture at a time.
Anna Kendrick filming in NYC yesterday.
Ken Jeong leads the dance moves with Jenny Slate and Kristen Schaal.
Mariah Carey probably spent four-five solid hours getting ready for the 10 seconds to light the Empire State Building.
Milo Ventimiglia filming This Is Us.
Mark Wahlberg does the charity thing in London while there
was yet another Once Upon A Time In Hollywood screening.
Long time no see Paula Patton.
Rachel Brosnahan hitting a red carpet before an interview.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Reader Photo #3
Reader Photo #4
Reader Photo #5
Reese Witherspoon and Melina Matsoukas at a screening of Queen & Slim last night in LA.
Adam Sandler and Kevin Garnett at the Clippers game last night.


sandybrook said...

Hi Readers! Hi dawg! #2 whoa!! #4 who is that you're posing with?

ladybaus said...

Reader number 2 here...I'm a little shy so I toned it down a little...

Tricia13 said...

Hiya lovelies and gents! I sooo knew Sandy was gonna have a moment with 2 🤗🌹
Love seeing those 2 dudes laughing with an inside joke!
Paula Patton looks gorge and o heard she is slated to play Joséphine Baker-that’s kinda amazing. Big shoes to fill but I bet she pulls it off-probably has a lot to draw from post Thickefuckery.

IndieRaga said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
IndieRaga said...

Does JLo make that mouth or it's permanently that way now !
ANNA kisses kisses and more...luv you!
I wanna ride the subway and share a dirty seat with you!
Milo with his "Spank me Daddy" pose!
Leo's awkward body language!
Rachel hot!
#1 I need your lighting secret!
#5 Thank you for offering me a Drink !
All readers luv n kisses !

ladybaus said...

Is that Tommy Lee in photo number 4?

AListDiva said...

@IndieRaga u are welcome, I was pretty lit that night! So excited i'm in the same post as Mimi, she's my fav! I don't care what anybody says, she's the #1 Diva of all time, unlike J steals others and doesn't sing her own songs Lo! #2 U are gorgeous! I wish I could pet #3 dog, i've never seen such bright green eyes on a dog before!

Amartel said...

Reese put on her smart girl glasses and serious suit to see Queen & Slim which makes me think the movie's going to be pretentious and annoying, too.

ladybaus said...

Very pretty. Love your hair.

IndieRaga said...

P.S:Beautiful Eyes !

Nutty Flavor said...

My God, Styles is tiresome. Now he’s supposedly a secret Stormtrooper in the new Star Wars. His PR drive is over the top.

Also, more bad fashion.

Maybe Simon Cowell was doing something right with 1D, if he kept Liam Payne from shooting himself in the foot and Styles out of ludicrous clothing.

Flashy Vic said...

#2, Jesus, girl, you'll do me an injury. A sprained wrist, probably.

Anonymous said...

I’m #4 on the left. And that’s my dear friend Mikey with me.

Anonymous said...

#4 on left is me.

“Itsa me, Mario”

Anonymous said...

That was out of the park. Lol. All of the look, none of the hep!

ladybaus said...

Haha good to know.

Regina said...

reader #1,love your pic is that a selenite ball in your hand? #4 you look like a very cool dude : ), #5 you look beautiful!

Substance D said...

#2, do you take bitcoin?

AListDiva said...

Thank u! Happy Holidays!!!! :)

LooLooEasy said...

Anna Kendrick is fugly.

sandybrook said...

S’up Milk I thought the guy on the right was a rock star or wrestler. For whatever reason, I thought the one on the left was the reader.

sandybrook said...

Now on to make Christina Hendricks look like a young boy

COWPIE said...

Hopefully ARod gets JLo some wireless earbuds for Xmas, it's 2019.

chewysmama said...

Hi! I am actually Reader #2. If you scroll back to the summer and last Christmas reader photos, you’ll see me there, too, just wearing a bit more clothing. I have not really commented since people were knocking Vickie’s...Victoria’s Secret, and I sent Count Jerkula some photos because I commented that I am a boudoir model, now and then. Thank you for all the nice comments. I love CDAN, and you commenters make me laugh...usually. AND NOT TO BRAG, but I even received an email from Enty today. #winning

Astra Worthington said...

Reader #2 you look like Nicole Kidman in the face (back when she was still pretty, of course). Yo Soy Milk, you look like I’d expect, which is also a compliment as you’re not bad looking.

ladybaus said...

Very hot. I was joking Around with my previous comment. Cheers!

Count Jerkula said...

Thank you again for those pics, reader 2 :)

Minnie The Moocher said...

Great batch of reader pix!
Mimi, such a scream.
Jennifer Lowpants ... meh. She seems like a sweet person in interviews, though.

I just joined the community a few days ago, and I dig this scene.
Cheers, Everybody!

E said...

I love that @chewysmama sent Count boudoir pics! I've always liked them myself, as they are always sexy without being intrusive. Well done @chewysmama!!

TeeHee@U said...

@Reader #2...Meh. AtYou are honest.

You seriously remind me of the gal from Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me: Ms. Humps A lot. Great movie and memory!

chewysmama said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
longtimereader said...

Damn! well hello reader #2.

Brayson87 said...

Reader #1 reminds you that pierced women are very fun and potentially have magic powers.
Reader #2 proves a little lingerie goes a long way.
Reader #3 embracing dogs as fashion and looking fantastic.
Reader #4 and co looking better than rockstars.
Reader #5 raises the question, how much could I drink if I had a scooter to take me from bar to bar? 🤔

Brayson87 said...

Yeah Hailey has the look of a woman who has already made her exit plans.
I would pay good money to see Ellen and Styles fight, all bets on Ellen of course.
JLo is so incognito.
Wait, didn't Kendrick have a baby bump in a pic before? She really is playing Markle in The Crown.
Yeah that's drunken Christmas dancing, I recognize the moves.
Mariah looking good although it looks like she's turning on Rapture.
Milo in character working the pornstache.
And to think Wahlberg used to chase guys like that down the street. Watch Fear if you want to see him in a great villain role.
Looks like a creeper snuck into a pic, oh wait it's Leo.
Paula, oh yeah she was dating a married guy or something.
Everyone loves Rachel!
A bunch of awesome readers.
Reese is all over the pics looking great, is Enty getting some of that sweet Witherspoon money? 🤔
Sandler cleans up for no occasion!

Joel Theriot said...

Paula Patton is lovely.


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