Friday, December 20, 2019

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

The Hallmark Channel had Cat Cora on yesterday as they go out of their way to make up for the disaster that was last week. If you would like to be along for that ride of redemption send your photo to There are just six more chances to see your photo before Reveal Day.
Darren Criss sang Whip It in ACS, and now is just keeping that Devo thing going.
Armie Hammer and Ed Westwick take in the sights in Saudi Arabia.
Jason Derulo is a one man CATS promotion machine.
It's the Kaulitz brothers out in LA.
Dua Lipa does the fake call thing to get away from the paps.
Mandy Moore filming This Is Us.
The usually not nice Will Ferrell contrasted with the
always nice (unless in the immediate vicinity of Jared Leto) Margot Robbie.
David Arquette and the
Mutt Lange produced Rachele Royale were at a charity gig last night.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Reader Photo #3
Reader Photo #4
Reader Photo #5
Chloe Bridges and Adam Devine dancing away while watching
Deebo ride a bike at a Clippers game.


MyDogSmiles said...

Awesome photos readers!!! I hope everyone has a really great weekend:)

sandybrook said...

Hi Readers!! A couple of nice looking couples in there.
And speaking of couples--Ed Westwick and Armie Hammer???

Shaddup Mimsey said...

I thought that Will Ferrell was Ron Perlman.

IndieRaga said...

Darren Criss looks good that attire.
Armie & Ed make a lovely couple,wonder what timothee thinks?!
Rachel Royale Hwat!
#2 Beautiful Eyes!
All readers beautiful!
Dua Lipa reminded me of candy I want it!

I Know Nothing said...

Will Ferrell is usually not a nice guy? I didn't know that. I am quite surprised.

Anastasia Beaverhausen said...


Tricia13 said...

Same to you @My Dog!
Heeelllooo Readers:) Eveyone looking on point -love the B&Wpic🤟

Pretty sure I know what 1 “Kaulitz “ is(Mr. Klimt). But 2? That’s pushing it. Kinda like knowing 2 different species of limestone.

Dua Lupa is so shiny I’m pretty sure light is reflecting to the 🌝 moon.
Mandy Moore looks quite beautiful in this moment.
Ed Westwick must be off the sauce -looks fit. Hopefully he’s off the sexual assaults too...Hammertime in the SA man. It’s it’s own song.
Happy Weekend all

Tricia13 said...


EV said...

I met the Kaulitz brothers at a gig in Germany years ago, all 3 of us were teenagers. I'd never heard of Tokio Hotel, but was goth af at the time so my uncle got me a ticket to see them while I was visiting him one summer. The guys were really nice and seemed a little overwhelmed at the attention, I see they've grown into it now.

MeMyselfandIandYou said...

The Deebo pic is awesome!

MyDogSmiles said...

Thanks Tricia :)

shakey said...

What's the deal on Will Ferrell?

MyDogSmiles said...

Will Ferrell was connected with Jeffrey Epstein and has been seen at Spirit Cooking events held by the evil Marina Abramovic. I'd say that him not being pleasant doesn't surprise me one bit. I've also heard from people that have met him in real life say he's super weird and introverted.

MyDogSmiles said...

*CAPTURE* Photography by Sarah said...

IndieRaga thank you for the compliment! Fabulous photos today lovely creepers :)

Regina said...

what a beautiful batch of reader photos! Everyone looks so nice and fun! Reader #2 & #4 have really beautiful eyes!

sandybrook said...

*waves to Regina, sees she likes the beach*

Hotbox said...

Granted my experience with him was limited, but Will Ferrell struck me as very professional. I worked a little bit on “Zeroville.” He was not what I expected, but not rude in any way. He just seemed all business.

Brayson87 said...

Reader #1 is looking hip in classic black and white.
Reader #2 with the amazing eyes, don't hide your cherries girl ;)
Reader #3 both really happy or really stoned, maybe both.
Don't even try to lie to Reader #4, she sees the truth.
Reader #5 proves holiday travel can bring people closer together.


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