Saturday, December 21, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #4

December 10, 2019

The former tweener singer turned adult mess can't find guys to sleep with him for money so he is selling off possessions to keep that drug habit going.

Aaron Carter


IndieRaga said...

Get well soon prayers are with you!
Bounce back dear!

sandybrook said...

Meh he spent a fortune on that face tattoo.

Hotbox said...

He & Bieber are starting to morph into the same person.

Anonymous said...

Poor Aaron. He needs to come clean about everything that happened to him...the good, the bad and the ugly, and let the chips fall where they may. That's his only chance for survival.
I believe he was the sacrifice to Big Poppa so the boys of Backstreet Boys could protect their own asses (literally). The Momager figured Nick was the big money ticket and retirement fund so she gave Aaron away. That explains the animosity toward Nick by Aaron.
Aaron's got to get his shit together or he's not going to live to see 35.

SlimKeith said...

I have troubled believing that if this kid was abused by all these people that he wouldn't have talked it about it at least 100x, especiallly when high or manic. Itjust doesn't fit his personality that he would remain silent. He has very little impulse/self control.

sh!t4bra!nz said...

He asks for donations in all his live posts ...I was blocked for asking him why he needed donations if he was crushing it like claims to be

Leanne Norman said...

There's a film that's supposed to be based on a incestuous relationship between Nick and Aaron called Harry + Max, it always made me wonder. I saw a documentary about Lou Pearlman that implied Nick was the sacrificial lamb at the beginning before the BST took off.

17Steps said...

He was after my time for teen heartthrobs. But seeing his story via clips from The Doctors...come on kid!
You can do it. I really hope he gets his stuff together and has a great life. He DEFINITELY needs to get off
social media. Idiots on Twitter were pointlessly cruel when I looked in....get that toxicity far. away , would be enough to drive anyone to use drugs/alcohol.

Anonymous said...

How the fuck do you know?
The Carter kids were all sold out to the business.
All victims handle their trauma differently.
Nick Carter spoke openly about it in a documentary.
Aaron turns the trauma inward. He is probably afraid to speak against certain monsters.
I send Aaron all the love and light.

Anonymous said...

EVERYONE needs to leave Twitter for the new decade. It's a toxic cesspool and Jack Dorsey is the cess. Let the psycho furries have it.

Sook said...

Oh, @MissDavie - Leave the Furries alone. It's not your litter box to shit in.

Habibti said...

Poor this rate he will see his dead twin sister a lot sooner. I hope he gets better but I doubt it.

Mugshotland Creator said...

poly addiction

TwoDots said...

He’ll be dead within a year. I’m not saying that feel fully, I hate celebrity death pools but he’s on a one-way road.


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