Tuesday, January 15, 2008

If You Are Bored Today

I have watched this behind the scenes video of Katie Couric twice and I think it is cute and harmless. I wouldn't want Katie to ever be mad at me because she seems like she would be a screamer and not an avoider, but other than that, I just thought it was a bit interesting slightly cute, and interesting in a DVD commentary kind of way..

That is what I thought. It turns out I am completely wrong and that the video below is actually filled with subliminal messages for Democrats and against Republicans and even though none of it made it on air, it just shows how Katie Couric is trying to bring down the Republican Party all by herself.

Look, I am a right down the middle guy and the great thing about being a right down the middle guy is that you get to see the wackiness on both ends. This is just a video. It is not life changing, earth changing, or indicative that Tom Cruise wants to get Katie Couric pregnant. He gets his Katie's confused. Now, I want to see some behind the scenes video from Good Morning America. That would be good. How about any tape from the green room or what the pre-interviewer went through. Anyway, if you have a few minutes, you should watch the video and make your own choices and conclusions. The video is from My Damn Channel which I think, but am not sure is owned by Harry Shearer. I do know he introduces this video.


captivagrl said...

clown make-up and those extra cocktails aren't workin' for ya. long gone is the annoying, cute and perky katie. the bitterness can be seen a mile away.

Judi said...

Bitter because she tries to sell glamour and nobody's buying. She's Gidget, with almost zero credibility left as a journalist. Can't stand her, and don't watch her. Next!

Maven said...

Was she making fun of Anne Curry with all the "and now to the weather and Al..." comments?

Anne is usually the one who throws it to Roker and she has a soothing voice.

Might be some animosity there!

Reese said...

I can't stand any of those morning and former morning hosts, but Katie has always set my gag reflex off the moment I see or hear her. Never been a fan of Ted Turner's either, but he called her out as an idiot no-talent bimbo about 30 years ago and has always stuck to that assessment. It will be interesting to see if CBS allows her to do any election night coverage or if they shuttle her off to some outpost like a victory party instead.

Anonymous said...

Giggling idiot who doesn't even know what day of the week it is, let alone when the next primary will be. Needs constant reassurance, obsesses over her appearance, fidgets incessantly (holy lord!!), and needs an assistant to help her find the crib notes in her own damn hand.

Yup, still the most irritating child-woman on the planet. Maybe she should start calling herself Kate.

Unknown said...

I confess to watching "Wainy Days" on mydamnchannel and some of Shearer's stuff... like this one which she's making fun of another newscaster getting busted fretting about his jacket buttons. I think her staff probably want to strangle her but laugh 'cause it's easier to deal with than the truth.

Dick Insideu said...

I understand that Katie is a wild, wild fuck.

Myself said...

ent - i agree with you. i just saw this on perez. he was of course making fun of her, and i didn't know why. i thought it was harmless. and its stupid if people end up making a big deal out of it.


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