Thursday, January 17, 2008

No More Justice League

All the cast members for the Justice League of America film were all on set and ready to begin filming when Warner Brothers decided to pull the plug on the film. All of the contracts of the actors were allowed to expire. Although Warner Brothers claims they were halting filming because of tax issues and whether Justice League would qualify for tax discounts, the real reason it was halted is because the script sucks and it needs to be fixed. One problem is that you can't fix it without writers and so the project says buh bye for now.

Warner Brothers did tell the cast that the film would be made in the future and that all of the cast would be brought back as well. If I were the cast I wouldn't believe that line for one second. The cast doesn't have any contracts, they weren't pay or play so they probably didn't get paid very much, and they gave up other work to take this work. A year from now when Warner Brothers has fresher faces in the roles all these cast members can at least say were the original choice which will be really nice when they are sitting in the theater watching someone else on the screen in their role.

The George Miller-helmed production was rumored to star former OC actor Adam Brody as The Flash, alongside Armie Hammer Jr (Batman), rapper Common (Green Lantern), Megan Gale (Wonder Woman) and Scott Porter (Superman). Wolf Creek actress Theresa Palmer was also lined up to play Superman's love interest Talia al Ghul.


GammaGirl said...

I followed the reports about this film closely and it seemed doomed from the start.
Between Christian Bale claiming it would undermine the Batman trilogy, rumors of script re-writes, and public outcry over the cast, maybe its for the better that this stays in turnaround for few months.

Scott Porter (STREET!) would have been awesome as Superman.

lillythe said...

talia al ghul is batman's love interest.

jax said...

great one less friggen collection of crap toys from Burger King.

Anonymous said...

I have to say seeing Common as Green Lantern would've been pretty cool.

Beth said...

Hey, I recognise that last paragraph from my article on Digital Spy. Glad you read the site (or you got it from someone who does) as I enjoy yours lots.

Thanks to lil for the heads-up about Talia al Ghul!

J Ruth said...

Damn - I'm not a fan of superhero movies but I'd watch Common do just about anything for 2 hours.

Nadine said...

Theresa Palmer wasn't in Wolf Creek she was in December Boys.


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