Friday, January 18, 2008

Random Photos Part One

Usually someone would have to pay as much as $2 or $3 to have their hair look this good. Somehow Amy Winehouse has done it for less.
Are the dogs on Brandy's feet still alive? It has to hurt them.
So do you think that Heather Locklear is grateful she wasn't the one knocked up by David Spade? How would you like to be hearing about that 40 years from now? The poor kid in school is going to get it worse than Britney's kids.
Gwyneth Paltrow makes an appearance. Someone whispered near her and it blew her down on the ground.
Not having those weight problems is Eminem who obviously just can't stop with one.
Donny Osmond was at the Hannah Montana movie premiere. I guess he wanted to remember how it felt to be famous.
Grumpiest Old Men
Simon Rex was the guest on last week's FFF. Who will make an appearance this week?
This photo and its possibilities just scare me. In case you can't tell your Olsen twins apart that is Mary Kate Olsen.
Miley Cyrus in her monthly appearance on the blog. She was on Ryan Seacrest's show yesterday and I didn't ever think I would hear anything more painful. Then he had Britney on.
Lisa Rinna giving you reason #432 not to use Botox.
From the top of the photos to the bottom in one day. Even for Lindsay Lohan that is remarkable. What is even more remarkable is that someone was actually selling what she is wearing.


Brit Brit said...

bad day?
The captions are all kinda negetive

Brit Brit said...

bad day?
The captions are all kinda negetive

Tracee said...

Blohan: STOP WITH THE LEGGINGS! My eyes can't take anymore and I will hold you responsible when I go blind. BTW you're not 12 so don't war the lacy ones.

Brandy walking around with some caterpillars on her toes. U know what I'm talking about...those big black ones that are poisonous...maybe she queen of insect tribe...makes since with the bug head of hers.

Kevin said...

Jeez, Linds star is falling faster than Jessica Simpson's eh.

That girl looks worse now than when she was on the non-stop bender.

Sorry kiddo. NEXT!

GammaGirl said...

The leggings are killing me! I don't like the look on anyone.

With each passing day, my hope that The Winehouse will get her shit together fades a little bit more.

Unknown said...

Who the hell did David Spade knock up???

jax said...

Winehouse is a Nancy Spungen waiting to happen.

Donny Osmond you and your family suck-you hijacked DWTS for a vehicle to showcase your damn chompers and family again. get a life.

Eminem- good god man. you don't have to super size everytime.

Gwyn- sad..all signs point to miscarriage.

Miley- you annoy me,your voice annoys me, your father annoys me.
please go away and take achy breaky big mistakey with you.

Lilo- youre going to the morgue to SEE dead people, not scare them.
you're a red head,stop this truck stop hooker look, it is not cute.

captivagrl said...

janele - a random playmate

Unknown said...

Did I miss some kind of surgery or something that Lilo had? Her face just does not look the same. Or is it bloated? There is something way off in her looks lately. I just saw Mean Girls last night and she was so cute!

Unknown said...

Thanks Captiva...

What does everyone think about Gwyneth?? Miscarriage?? or abortion? or potential OD?

jax said...

miscarriage..look at Chris reaction on that video..the pap congratulates him and he sees red.
"have some respect!"
also..her roots are hella long for a celeb and you KNOW Gwyn would stay away from dye or henna or whatever Granola granny uses if she were preg.

also can i say how much i love love love Colin Farell as a doting Dad? props to him for taking on that role and staying out of LA.

Ice Angel said...

Ok, is your monthly snark check!

Heather Locklear looks fabulous-better than I've seen her look in a long time.

Eminem-looks pretty normal to me. It's not like he's 300 lbs or morbidly obese. Sure he can lose a few, but who cares? That kind of excess weight does NOT cause heart problems in someone his age, sorry.

Let's all stay away from Gwyn and Lily. If you don't care about them, just have some respect for your readers who may have suffered a similar loss.

Donny-looks fantastic and always has been and always will be a star! Have you ever seen him in Joseph? The man has some pipes!

Lohan and Wino-well, they seem to make their own beds, so I will let them lie in it. Can I PLEASE just have one hour with Wino in a bathroom scene reminscent of Breakfast Club??? This talented woman needs a makeover and to clean up her act sooo badly! I hope those eyes are not tatoos, although I think they are.

MILEY TOTALLY ROCKS and I LOVE her and so do my kids...she's only the coolest kid on the planet right now, so try not to be jealous that you may never have been.

I actually like Lisa Rinna. I think she's funny, down to earth and really pretty, other than her lips. I wish I had her body and her hair!

I do not know who that Simon Rex is.

I would like another hour session with Mary Kate...such a sweet girl, but totally in need of a makeover! Colin-get your oily hands off of her!

That's all for now...have a great weekend!

jax said...

nope sorry..i have my own opinion thankyouverymuch.

and you have a great weekend too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YahMoBThere said...

Jax said:
"Lilo- youre going to the morgue to SEE dead people, not scare them."

LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best comment of the year (so far)!

Jesse D said...

There are some mighty orange people on this here "Random Photos". LAY OFF THE FAKE TAN, PEOPLE!!

Kory said...

Fat Eminem, you are headed down the same road as Fat Elvis. Stay away from drugs and toilets.

selenakyle said...

Wha-wha-what? Am I reading too much into the "someone whispered" to Gwyneth as meaning she is the BI answer about the person who uses the Mute Stones? I've been gone a few days w/o internet access---did she just suffer a miscarriage? Poor thing if so. Beeyotch if mute stones.

Tracee said... angel...People magazine would hire you in an instant.

You have a good heart though so god will no doubt bless you for saying Lisa Rinna is really pretty.Let's be honest her face looks like a piece of bologna with the red ring around it.

I like your balls to say all those nice things....wish I had them. HAPPY WEEKEND!!

jax said...

and the funny things is they all live in "Sunny LA."

I live in the rainiest friggin place on the planet and i have a better fake tan.

jax said...

Let's be honest her face looks like a piece of bologna with the red ring around it.

-goddamn that is some funny stuff.

Ice Angel..bless you..what size knee pads do you wear? if its a XS Larry King has a few that dont match his suspenders on Craigslist.

selenakyle said...

My Dad got bitten by one of those giant black things on Brandy's feet. Bad deal. But she DOES look good, I must say, especially since the only thing I personally know about that she's still famous for are her legal troubles and her brother making KK more famous.
And doesn't Heather Locklear look FABULOUS!?!

Ice Angel said...

You guys are funny-thanks for setting me straight...guess I took too many nice pills today! LOL!!!

Tracee said...

Hey I could definitely use one of those nice pills today...they won't make me have the squirts will they? Hate when that happens.

Nicole said...

Ice Angel, you're wrong about eminem. A guy his height (i think like 5'7") should be around 160-175with muscle tone, give or take a few pounds.

excess weight around the stomach causes heart problems, and excess weight on the neck and face contributes to sleep apnea. It's pretty much a well documented medical fact.

Age really has nothing to do with it... kind of like those 300 pound babies on maury who are like 4 and already have medical conditions an obese middle aged man has.

Unknown said...

Donny looks great! He is one of the few teen idols that still looks fabulous.
Heather looks really cute too but I must say, I feel sorry for Amy Winehouse. She is so not attractive and I don't even think plastic surgery would be able to help her. said...

Actually, I'm kind of glad to see Eminem all chubbed out, it makes me think he's been/getting clean. He'll work it all out.

link88 said...

Ice Angel - I apologize for the rudeness of some of the commenters here. Everyone has different takes on different celebrities and not everyone dislikes or feels like criticizing all of them every time. There is no rule that just because this is a gossip site you have to only comment with snarkiness. I think it was a bit over the top with the kneepads comments and I don't think you should have to apologize to the person for being "nice." Nice is refreshing sometimes. said...

Yeah Jax, you big ol' bully you.

Unknown said...

Chris, I totally agree. Thank you for saying that.

Judi said...

Winehouse is just sad. Huge talent. Did Lilo just wake up? I agree that she looks best with red hair. She weighed about 25 lbs more when she did Mean Girls.
Yeah, I also think Gwyneth miscarried and I feel really bad for her and Chris. Horrible, horrible. I think Enty was referring to her being thin but she's not unhealthily thin. She has definite hips and thighs.
Heather and Lisa look great. For the record, I don't think Colin and Mary-Kate are a couple. And if they were, I doubt he'd admit it. Didn't Simon Rex make his name in porn?

Unknown said...

I think the mute stones belong to Ashley Judd. And if that specific BI wasn't about her, then whomever it was about borrowed them from Ashley. She is smart and pretty, but definitely trends on the whackadoodle side.

And nobody is jumping on the Simon Rex reveal as an answer one of last week's Four for Friday? Or am I reading it wrong??

sprinkles said...

Em is pretty tall, more like 6' than 5'7".

Judi said...

IMDB has him at 5'8". You know this guy's 35 yrs old?! I always thought he was much younger!

Allison said...

I think FFF is Full Frontal Friday, not Four for Friday.

Lux Luthor said...

LMAO @ Tracee's comment about Lisa Rinna: "Let's be honest her face looks like a piece of bologna with the red ring around it." That's priceless.

I fucking loathe Gwyneth Paltrow but will not indulge my impulse to say something really callous out of respect for the sensitive issue of miscarriages.

Colin Farrel: The weird hair, the tie, the grey's almost like he's dressed like Albert Einstein for Halloween.
I know, that's random and I'm probably the only one who sees that. What the hell, I'm kinda drunk.

Miley Cyrus sort of creeps me out. I think a lot of it is the teeth.

Lilo: Enough already with the leggings and the knit berets. Good gawd. I see the broke-ass weave is still in full effect, too.

Finally, I'm probably the only person on the earth who feels bad for Eminem but dammit, I do! Having problems with it myself I have a soft spot for anyone who struggles with depression. And say what you will, but I think he has a lot of talent. I feel the same way about him as I do about Amy Winehouse: great talent, total mess. sad.

selenakyle said...

BrendaLove, I agree about Eminem--maybe he's not par-taying so much now and that made him gain a few. 'Course, I hear that eventually coke and drinking combined will make you gain weight and not lose it like it does in the beginning or when you're still pretty young with a higher metab. Honestly, now that I'm post-40, on the rare occasions that someone breaks it out I wonder..."how badly will I pack my face tomorrow!?"

Lux Luthor said...

"Toots"? LMAO

I was so pissed I had to be up early today and at work, but that just made my morning.

Thank god it was at the beginning of the post, too, otherwise I would never have seen it.

"Toots." LMAO

jax said...

funny you are defending someone who came in chastising people for their own opinion..

ice angel didn't have a prob with it, so why do you care??? some people have too much time on their hands to be worrying about such silly things.
it was a f*ckin joke people.

bewbs said...

What's with the comments on Brandy's picture? It sounds like Ent wants us to believe she's the answer to Ted C's blind about the chick who forgets about her dogs... didn't we decide that was Parisite?

J Ruth said...

I'll admit, I'm an Eminem fan. But it has always cracked me up that he wears these tough-looking hip-hop clothes with those nerdy wire-rimmed glasses!


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