Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sadie Frost Must Be Deaf

There were so many headlines I could have written with this story, but the thing that sticks out the most is that Sadie Frost must be deaf, or just totally oblivious to her surroundings. For the second time in about a year, the house that Sadie shares with her three children she had with Jude Law.

Now, lots of people get their house broken into, and once you are broken into, you are even more likely to get broken into again. So, at this point I am just feeling sorry for Sadie and thinking of a headline that says something along the lines that she needs to move. Then I start digging and I realize that Sadie was at home during each of the break ins. OK. You are saying to yourself, people are very heavy sleepers and that is not uncommon. You would be correct except for the fact that both break ins happened between 7 and 8pm while Sadie was wide awake and puttering around the house.

How big is your damn house if you can't hear someone going through your house stealing crap while you are wide awake and then have it happen again a year later? Someone is not saying everything here because this is just not possible.

I don't know if the kids were home during either break-in, but hope not because that would be traumatic. I was going to throw in a snide comment about it being more traumatic than seeing their dad naked, but it would get off the point I was about to make.

What everyone always wants to know is what items were taken, so lets go over the list.

Last year the thieves stole signed pictures of Sid Vicious, the family Range Rover, cash, a check book and personal photos.

This year cash and credit cards were stolen, as well as a laptop which is thought to contain personal photos of Sadie's friends, children and boyfriends. That was the polite way of saying that Sadie is freaked out about what is on the laptop. Allegedly it has lots and lots and lots of photos of Sadie and her boyfriends. Yes, plural, not singular, and not good wholesome Disney type photos either. The laptop also contains contact information for just about every celebrity living in London as she used her laptop for her Christmas card list this year.

We are not getting the full story here. I might believe one break in while she was wide awake, but not two. My guess is the first one was real, and that this one was not. If it were the same people they probably would have tried to take the new car, and not just left it. I think this was someone who wanted the laptop and wanted what was in it, or it could be that Sadie lost it and the money gambling and so concocted the break in story. Who knows, but I think we will definitely hear more about this very, very soon.


jax said...

that chick as all kinds of freak.
the sex parties that her and Jude participated in are legendary in the UK..those pics should be interesting once they hit the 'net. said...

and they WILL hit the 'net.

Kathy K said...

Ent ... check your second sentence on this; it's missing some words. Reread it a few times until I moved on and figured out what you were going for in the next paragraph.

GammaGirl said...

I knew a girl in High School who stole her parents car one night and went all out to try and make it look like the car was ACTUALLY stolen to get insurance money.
Really, why do some people even bother?

Jude and Sadie pics?!!! said...

I know a girl that drove her car up to New Jersey, abandoned it in a parking lot, took the bus home, reported the car stolen and collected the insurance. Then she promptly opened her big mouth and told some people and get slapped with felony insurance fraud.

__-__=__ said...

Sadie is selling the pics to the porn dealers. She'll pocket the cash and blame it on the thieves! We'll see them soon.

tara said...

i smell sex tape... one night in sadie... AND my guess is that we'll find out that she is receiving proceeds!

both sadie and jude are pretty much has-beens and i think this is their way of getting their names back in the headlines!

Miss X said...

definitely fishy...


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