Wednesday, January 16, 2008

This Should Work Well

Marc Anthony is going to step up and control even more of Jennifer Lopez's life. Not content to simply interfere with 80% of her life, Marc wants to make sure he has his tiny skeletal fingers wrapped around every last little bit of Jennifer's life. So much so that I wouldn't be surprised if he pulled a Kidman and delivered the twins on his own just so no one else could ever look at Jennifer's vayjay.

Anyway, Jennifer's current manager Irving Azoff quit last week citing Marc's interference and Jennifer's habit of being unprofessional. What probably happened is that Irving scheduled things after first checking with Jennifer. Then, of course Marc grills her and tells her she can't do anything of the sort, and that she instead has to give him a pedicure. So, Jennifer calls Irving and explains to him that she has to clean Marc's toenails and so can't go do the thing which would have made her a zillion dollars. Irving, who has already told so and so that Jennifer is going to do it now looks like an ass and that he doesn't actually have control of his client. Happens enough time and no 15% is worth that. Especially 15% of less and less. So, Irving said bye bye and Marc Anthony said hello to his new client and his 25% cut.

Of course Jennifer says Irving was fired, and Irving says he quit. Either way I think we can all agree that Marc is the culprit behind all of this, and someday when Jennifer stops taking the Katie Holmes meds maybe she can go back to being a spectator and get on with her life.


Anonymous said...

Is Skeletor a scientologist?

jax said... it.

Jlo- pop out that kid and get the eff out girl! That man is creepy and controlling as hell. even Scientology would be a better choice at this point.

califblondy said...

even Scientology would be a better choice at this point.

Are you sure Jax?? Watch that video of Tom one more time. That was some crazy stuff. ;)

Jemtastic said...

Who is JLo compared to Azoff? The man MADE David Geffen and JLo was foolish enough to slack on her end? It really is for the best; she should fade into obscurity with her crude fashion productions and perfumes and let Azoff take on clients that are willing to work.

jax said...

compared to Mark Anthony?
uh YA! complete control freak.
at least katie gets to leave the house alone once every 1/4 turn of the earth on a sunday before noon.
or when Tom wants new heels.

Judi said...

ITA, Angela. Azoff was wasting his time. Marc's a fairly decent singer and he should sing. Jen can do nothing and that's what she should do, too.


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