Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Lie To Your Wife And Pay $1.5 Million

I don't know who the bigger idiot is, so maybe you can decide for yourself. In one corner you have DMX (aka Earl Simmons) and in the other corner you have Earl's wife. I like calling DMX Earl. Anyway back in 2003 Earl met Monique Wayne at a nightclub. This is while Earl was married. Everyone agrees that Earl met Monique at a club. After that point, Earl claims that Monique took him back to his hotel room and then raped him all night long. He even alleged this in an interview with Sister 2 Sister Magazine in an October 2006 article. This all night raping of him led to the birth of a child which DNA says is his.

Earl told this concocted story to show his wife that he never strays and is never cheats. His wife believed him and also hates Monique for raping her husband and forcing him to get Monique pregnant and then getting child support for the baby.

Monique decided to sue when Earl made this little charade public in the magazine interview.

In the interview — which ran as a cover story in the October 2006 issue of the magazine that featured Simmons and his wife, Tashera, on the cover — DMX was quoted as saying, "She raped me. ... That might sound like some bullsh--, [but] is that the only thing in the world that's not possible? Because when I sleep, my [penis] be out. ... DNA says it is [my child]. I don't know. ... If I did [have sex with her], I would remember. It ain't like she's a pretty girl."

The judge in the case awarded $1.5M to Monique which included $518,400 for compensatory damages and another $1M in punitive damages. I'm not sure how much money Earl has, but it has to be running out so Monique should hurry if she wants to try and get her money. If you are looking for Earl, look for a group of malnourished, mangy looking dogs and you will probably find him.


K said...

Joyce McKinney and Kurt Anderson!! HAHAHAHA..

McKinney tied him down, did this Monique do that to Earl?

If he told that tale to a dead donkey, it would get up and KICK HIM!

jax said...

ya goodluck colleted the money..i saw where DMX lives on Cribs..my house is a friggin palace incomparison. Bus-ted!

YahMoBThere said...

Wow. If that isn't a 'dog ate my homework' excuse, I don't know what is.

Kory said...

Actually, I don't care about this rape case because I'm still pissed off about all the dead dogs on his property. He's a piece of work.

Jemtastic said...

Funny he should question the looks of this Monique woman. His wife is a right dog if I've ever seen one. They're both idiots and deserve each other.


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