Friday, January 18, 2008

Night Shift 2 - Starring Lindsay Lohan

When I heard that Lindsay Lohan was going to have to work at a morgue for a whopping total of 8 hours the first thought that popped into my head was the early 80's move Night Shift. It starred Michael Keaton and Henry Winkler and had Shelley Long as the hooker and neighbor of Winkler's character and of course his true love.

With Lindsay's penchant for hooking up with guys just after meeting them and the ample space to achieve such hookups, I thought that Lindsay might take this opportunity to engage in her own version of Night Shift. Of course she will probably work during the daytime and sign autographs for the entirety of each of her four shifts, but it is a nice thought to have. Hell if she did a Night Shift 2 it couldn't do any worse than her last few movies, and lets face it, Henry Winkler could use the work.

Incidentally I think the fact that Lindsay is going to have to spend time in a morgue and in a hospital emergency room on an overnight weekend shift a great punishment for those caught drinking and driving. It seems to me that instead of 46 minutes in jail, all offenders would get more out of such an experience and make a much larger impact than an hour seeing the inside of a jail.

To actually see the impact of a drunk driver is probably a much bigger jolt to the system and a much bigger deterrent than getting booked into the front door of the jail and immediately being escorted out the back with time served.


parissucksliterally said...

LL doing the "Night Shift".....hilarious......Michael Keaton was so fucking funny in that movie.

Jemtastic said...

Is Lindsay going to see people that died in drunk driving accidents or is she going to be shown those that passed away at 100?

jax said...

they should show her a family of four who were mowed down and really school her, heaven forbid that is availble to view.

Carte Blanche said...

She needs to see something extremely shocking and disturbing, something that will stay with her.
Nothing much fazes Lindsay.

Tracee said...

Love that the judges are thinking outside the box. Picking up trash on the street isn't enough punishment for folks. Having to see the consequences of similar actions will hopefully make her think differently.

Judi said...

Come on: We all know that the morgue workers are not going to hold back - they're going to want to make a serious impression by showing her the most shocking things imaginable. And if this doesn't get through to her,...

bionic bunny! said...

this is actually a pretty standard thing in the alcohol education part of the sentence. my son didn't do any time (other than the drunk tank), but he had the fines (pretty hefty), lost his license (first offense, mind you) for a very, very long time, no community service or jail time, but had to take the alcohol education class, which includes the morgue (oh, no AA, which i was hoping he'd get). he was lucky that he didn't injure anybody else, just hit a telephone pole and totaled his car. what pissed me off what that all his friends made a joke of it. and the morgue didn't do much for him, because being brought up in a medical family, that sort of thing doesn't have as big an impact.
sorry. soapbox put away.
oh, but he finally straightened himself up. still has car insurance problems.

greenandgoldeyes said...

LINDSAY LOHAN will not devote one eyeblink of memory to spending a few hours with some random cold stiffs. (Create your own dead punchline walking joke here.)

Work at a Funeral Home instead.

Hold the pen at the guest sign in book. That way the loved ones of the murder statistic can look her in the eye. She could use her acting skills to explain why they deserved to die.


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