Friday, January 18, 2008

Wrapped With Love Is Not A Condom

All I saw were the words Hilary Duff, sale, and Wrapped With Love. Of course I'm thinking to myself Hilary is starting her own condom line. I think that is pretty cool. As she shakes off that teen image and dates a pro hockey player, she is showing the world, hey condoms can be branded and I am going to sell them.

Then, I looked a little closer and saw that she is hawking her second brand of perfume. Who the hell came up withe the name Wrapped With Love for a perfume anyway? How do you even fit it on the damn bottle. Maybe sideways or something, or really small print. I am not sure why or how celebrities designing their own fashions or perfumes or dog food bowls became news. Despite what any of them say, with very few exceptions, most of the celebrities just do what the company says. This is no different from endorsing a product 10 years ago. Now though, the companies make it seem like the celebrity was involved.

With a name for a perfume as idiotic as Wrapped With Love maybe that is the part they gave Hilary to do. I just don't think of perfume when I hear that. Maybe that is the idea. Maybe guys will buy it for their ladies and think if I buy it, Hilary will jump out and wrap me with love, or at least my grateful girlfriend will wrap me in love. And when I say wrap, I think we all know what kind of wrapping I am talking about. No, not the plain brown wrapping. Although that has gone by the wayside now. If you go to the Hustler store for sex toys and videos you aren't coming out of there with a brown paper bag. Nope, they give you a huge bag with Hustler written all over it, and in the light you can see right through it and see all your fetishes.


jax said...

you know its a clow news day when you are ranting on

ya her last one smelled Opium mixed with can't wait for this one.

jax said...

slow...not clow..sowwy.

RagDoll said...

Ditto. the only reveal is that Enty's got a girlfriend, and he likey-s the Hustler store?


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