Monday, January 14, 2008

In Case You Are Bored Today

As I was clicking around looking for something to write about, I clicked on to TMZ and saw they had to streaming cams running to try and capture Britney Spears if she shows up for court today. I don't really care whether she does or not, because she isn't going to get the kids anyway. But, I thought everyone might like to see the parade of people, so you can click here. There is even sound which is kind of cool, and definitely uncensored. I get addicted to watching these things, and I know there are lots and lots of sites that list every possible live cam out there, but in the comments section, if you have a favorite one, post the link so we can all kill time today waiting for the clock to strike 5.


Tigercat said...

Gulp. Have TMZ's live stream up on a second window and am busy catching up on CDAN.

Anonymous said...

Bleh. Whatever.

Profetissan said...

Come on EL! I am dying over here in Europe for your initiated take on the Brit court drama thing! Give some will you! Please?

jax said...

LOVE this! a great pick me up for mondays or days that suck in general. there is also a super cute video from Youtube if you scroll.

GammaGirl said...

I'm done!
After homegirl's shenanigans over the weekend, I'm officially done trying to justify her behavior.
This bitch is a batshit crazy brat who is completely out of touch with reality.
I guess the question now is what has to happen for us to stop paying attention to her?

Merlin D. Bear said...

According to MSN, the hearing convened without the presence of Ms. Spears.>1=7702

Does anyone still believe she really wants the kids back in her life ?
I understand that it'll take a lot before they actually terminate her parental rights, however with every no show at court, doesn't it become more apparent that she really doesn't care, and that (oh God this sentence is so hard to type) the kids are going to be better off with Federline, not to mention actually have a better chance of seeing adulthood?

Anonymous said...

For someone who supposedly says her kids are her life. She sure is doing a great job of not getting them back.

This girl since she got married and divorce her life has been getting worst and worst.

She needs to grow up and decide what she want in life. Does destroying her lifework make her feel good?

Toni said...

I hate to be the "one" who goes back to Justin Timberlake days but...Brit has been screwed up since he dumped her. She quickly married in Vegas only to have it annulled and then seemed to quickly jump into a marriage with a man whose wife/girlfriend was pregnant with his child. No sanity in any of those actions. This is not new to Miss Brit.

She is a classic case of a "daddy issue" pysch case. She acts out sexually, desperately wanting someone to love her enough to tell her to stop yet choosing wrong time and time again.

The worst part is her desperate need for attention is fueled by the paps and she is too delusional to know they and the world are making fun of her.

I truly believe she cares about her children however she doesn't understand the consequences of her actions cuz she is still has the mind of a teenager.

Her family HAS to step in and commit her for treatment (there is enough background to warrant this)or the world is looking at another Anna Nicole.

I've never been a fan of Brits but I have watched her spiral out of control since the JT days because she is such a classic case of "daddy issues" that could easily be solved with the right meds and counseling.

(stepping off the soap box now)

dixiebell said...

The Jonathan Club used to have a beach cam but it's been disabled or the addy's changed, sorry. Anyone have the correct one?

Until then, it doesn't get much more exciting than watching cheese age.

jax said...

omg that is awesome..i love cheese but not that much. hilarious.

Britney is mentally ill, get over it. losing her kids is the best thing that can happen to those boys. strap her down, force feed her meds and ship her back to hicksville.

dixiebell said...

Okay, this is more appropriate for an entertainment industry gossip site. This is a webcam at the African Spago.

r said...

I no longer believe it is possible to have an adult committed for any reason in the state of California.

Else, we would not be talking about this.

Green Eilleen said...

They really need to leave poor Brit alone at this point. Give the girl some room and space to grow up and have a life for once. Maybe without the intense glare of the spotlight she'd be more functional, happy, and sane.


califblondy said...

Wow, that live feed is addictive.

I've been watching film on different sites of the paps going after Brit everytime she leaves the house. Today you could hear helicopters overhead and of course when her car pulled up all hell broke loose. I couldn't even imagine that kind of life.

I know she had to leave, or was supposed to leave, the house today but why Brit insists on the constant runs to Rite Aid and Starbucks makes no sense.

In some ways I wonder if she sits in her house thinking "I wonder how many cameras will chase me today? Am I important enough to be filmed while shopping at DSW for cheap ass shoes?"

Merlin D. Bear said...

I stand corrected on my previous comment re Britney and the no show.
Apparently, she appeared at the courthouse hours late (again) but left without actually *entering* the building.
Full details:

Next media circus: Feb 19th.

Any bets on this outcome?


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