Tuesday, May 27, 2008

64 Phone Calls And 8 Hours Of Prepping

Want Michael Jackson at your birthday party? Well, Christian Audigier wanted his long time friend Michael to make an appearance and so Michael did. It only took 64 phone calls, a million details and Michael himself allegedly spending 8 hours to get ready all for approximately 14 seconds in front of everyone.

After being introduced as The King Of Pop. I think he abdicated that throne or had to give the name away in one of those molestation settlements. Anyway, after his introduction, this is what Michael had to say.

"Hello". "Christian is the King of Fashion"

People didn't even hear what he said because they had been clapping so loudly. Apparently they were under the impression that the King Of Socks was there, and they all wanted some with garters. By the time they had gone into the fourth clap, Michael was already done speaking and on his way home to his kids. Oh, how they must have missed him. His method acting of bedtime stories is probably something to behold.


jax said...

how fitting that a man who designs the most hideous douchewear would want the King of Peds, er Pop to be there.

innocent men don't settle out of court.

Monalicious said...

I hate Ed Hardy!!! The clothes suck. They all have the same biker/tattoo type designs. And the only "celebs' you see wearing it are Britt, Tara Reid, and other whores.
As far as Micheal, what do you expect? He doesn't sing or dance anymore. All he does is play with kids and mooch off people.

RagDoll said...


ditto on the "Ed Hardy" crap. The only reason someone would wear that cheese is because they want everyone to know they paid $150USD for a T-shirt without actually having to walk up to people and say "you know, I paid $150USD for this T-shirt..."

Ostentatious crap + Michael Jackson = makes sense.

RagDoll said...

I have the same opinion of that "Smet" crap, too.

abigail7881 said...

I have never heard of the Christian guy or Ed Hardy.

Guess I'm not that fashion-able!

siwillia said...

OK, another Let's bash MJ and say sleazy jokes about the charges he was found innocent of. Let me repeat, 9 charges-innocent verdict. I'm really disappointed in you. The man has incredible talent, and is still the king of pop.


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