Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Miley Hurts On The Inside

Miley Cyrus is apparently hurting on the inside. Much better than hurting on the outside in my opinion. When you hurt on the outside it generally means you have some type of bruise or cut, and everyone can see that you are hurt. So, invariably you are asked over and over what happened. Much better to be hurt on the inside where only you and your therapist or your imaginary friend Paco knows the pain you are feeling.

According to Miley's friend and co-star Anna Maria Perez de Tagle, Miley shares everything with her. "Sometimes I'll talk to her on the phone and she'll be like, 'It's really hard' or 'I'm really tired. I can't do this'.

Wow. Sometimes I'll be at the mall, and like, it really is tough when the line to the valet is long. This may come as a shock to you, but I feel sorry for Miley. No, not because it sounds like her friend has been tutored on set since she was 5, but because Miley is in fact 15 and has a schedule that would kill most of us. All those rules about teens working only seem to apply if you are not worth a billion dollars to a large company. Otherwise it's tough s**t and get back to work. Movies, albums, concerts and television shows. Dad needs to earn his money somehow and if Miley has to work 100 hours a week for dad to get it, then that is what happened. Don't even get me started on the mouse. I'm sure they are right there telling Miley that she needs to do this and that and this is what you need to wear, say, smell, smile at, talk to , laugh at, frown at, sing to, be nice to, and hey, if you get a chance, make sure you don't eat too much.

I give Miley a lot of crap for her MySpace type photos, because by now she must have learned her lesson. BUT, at the same time she is a teen and probably rebelling in the only way she thinks she can. Every kid needs to rebel a little otherwise, they just keep it all bottled inside and become really anal like Sarah Michelle Gellar. Miley's rebel options are kind of limited.

I think that when Miley says she's tired or doesn't want to do something, she probably doesn't want to. I think she also probably thinks she has the world on her shoulders and dad has the whip. When she finally does get loose it is going to be one hell of a ride. Meanwhile, dad will be after his next million with Miley's little sister.


Anonymous said...

Yeah the attention is soooooo hard that she's gotta draw more of it on herself.

EVERYONE bitches about the work they have to do, everyone. No one likes to have to get off their ass to go do what they have to. Everyone hates obligations. In other words, she may have just told me that Miley farts sometimes. Happens to all of us, and its barely worth mentioning.

Unknown said...

I find it very hard to have much sympathy for a child who comes off not in the least bit gracious but more entitled, spoiled and undeserving. Choices are a part of life and while her parents have obviously fueled choises for Miley, Miley had made her own choices and must now live with them. boo hoo.

what is eight past six? said...

Miley has what us country folk would call a high-class problem.

That said...I feel sorry for her too. Yes, I think she is a twatty brat, and with only so-so talent to boot, but at the same time between Disney and her parents she probably gets zero time to herself. I bet when she does go to Disneyworld it's because someone told her she was going and not because she honestly wanted to go at that moment. Truth be told if she wasn't taking pictures of herself she'd have an eating disorder (or maybe already has one). It's the same high-class problem, just with different results - it's the only thing the girls feel they can "control."

I have a feeling that Miley is not whining about the myspace photos. Maybe the dirty pics are an attempt at career suicide. I wouldn't be surprised. Never underestimate the twisted logic of a teenager. "I'm just not having fun anymore and I really would rather not do another season of HM" or "I think I'd like to go to college and just be a normal person" would fall on deaf ears. How else is she going to get out?

When she turns 18 then it's all on her, because "it's my parents' fault" will get you off the hook only so many times and is really not cute once you've hit your 20's, but at the moment...sadly, I kind of get it. And I agree with Ent, she is a trainwreck in the making when she does get loose.

canadachick said...

She is turning into Lohan version 2
- and i'm sorry but blame rests squarely with the parents..."oh she wants to do it" crap only goes so far...yah when i was 5 i thought i wanted to be an indian like i saw in the movies- didn't see my parents buying me a teepee - kids are immature they don't know what it will entail when they want it so bad (hello Ali I'm talking to you !!).

These stage parents aren't in it to help their children - they have dollar signs in front of their eyes. Dina Lohan is in it for HERSELF - "oh if i hadn't hooked up with a skeevy drug addict criminal that could've been ME" - and Billy Ray had his 15 minutes and he LOVED it.......so When little "smiley miley" is already smoking pot and taking those pics...can coke and ectascy be far off - i think not.

Lets hope she never meets Pete Doherty !! We've all seen how that goes............."turning off rant now "

Marnie said...

A lot of 15 year olds are working 10 hour days. On school, homework and a part-time job.

Ayesha said...

Good point, Marnie.

I still feel sorry for Miley, though. Out of necessity, I have had some sort of job since I was 11. But I wasn't anyone's meal ticket and the only thing my parents pushed me to do was get good grades and be polite. Miley's got a shitty life. Even with all that cash...

SHE SHE said...

My, my, there is a lot of mis-directed anger in this world.

Unknown said...

Well stated sheetrock... After all she's just a kid and she probably really could use a break, especially considering that people just finished going apescat over a single picture of her back... (Miley Cyrus has a back, shows it in photo!!! Is she a bad role model for every female child ever born?! NEWS AT 11!!!) I'd imagine that could tire a lot of people out, especially a young girl.

brendalove@gmail.com said...

the thing I feel bad for her about the most is that (IMHO) her "talent" has a limited shelf life. The industry is going to throw her out like yesterday's lettuce.


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