Thursday, May 29, 2008

Shania Twain Divorce A Publicity Stunt?

Look, the chances of this being a publicity stunt are small, but I do have some questions that I would like answered. From what I understand, Kneepads Magazine got a call from someone in Switzerland and said that Mutt Lange and Shania Twain were divorcing. Additional rumor mongering suggests it was Shania herself who made the call or at least had her rep make the call and then Shania got on the phone at some point and her only comments thus far have been to Kneepads.

The story was spun about the other woman so that way Shania would come out as the angel in this even though we all know that she isn't. Mutt, who doesn't need positive publicity to have a good career suddenly has another woman. Who gets the interview with the other woman? Kneepads.

Wow. So, the woman who was accused by the magazine of being the other woman agrees to be interviewed by that same magazine. Sure, that happens a bunch doesn't it? It also seems really strange that all the other tabloids have pretty much stayed away from this and that it seems to be just a Kneepads thing.

When have you ever seen another woman story without some of the details coming out about where they met to do the dirty, how they got away with it, how this wasn't the first time, etc. There have not been any new details that have emerged since the story first was published. No details. None. The couple has friends and someone would have spilled for the right amount of money. No spilling means no dirt.

None of that here. All we have here is Shania getting some great publicity for that new album. People feeling sorry for her. No one will even remember Mutt or the other woman in a few months so no harm, no foul there, and Shania can have her resurrection right on the cover of People. I would imagine they probably have four more covers planned for her in the next six months, with an additional 3 or 4 photos on the cover over that same span.

Now, all of this may just be my imagination working overtime, but there is something that is just not quite right about this whole thing. Guess we will see how it plays out.


Anonymous said...

Interesting! And Shania is the woman who invented her entire life story to sound better in the press... she is certainly capable of this.

Julie said...

It seems that she changed her whole life to make him happy. Changing her religion, eating habits, being a recluse like he is--and at the very least--he admitted to a "growing apart". Is this the thanks she gets? It doesn't sound like she wanted this marriage to end, no matter what the reason. I kind of feel sorry for her.

CT-Hilltopper said...

Sounds like she does a better job than three quarters of ther high priced PR firms out there.

When she's done sprucing up her life she can come here and reinvent my resume'.


canadachick said...

Hey i'm Canadian all the way - but Shania who ? OH C'mon Eileen - ya when you're done living it up in Switzerland and your marriage falls apart now suddenly you're back in Canada boo hoo......has she put out anything decent in the past 10 years ? Who cares....

califblondy said...

There's been something not quite right about her, her past, and her marriage from the very start.

Marnie said...

If only Mutt had married Def Leppard when he worked on Hysteria.

Rhianna said...

I don't buy it. I think she's feeding this line of bullshit, and people are dumb enough to buy it.

Look, if you're the wounded spouse I can get being mad, but smearing the supposed "other woman" in international publications who then goes and does an interview after being smeared? Not for a fucking second do I believe this bullmalarky.

Judi said...

Is this guy a confirmed cheater? I'm thinking that if he's not and she's such a raging b*tch, he ended the marriage long ago and moved on to another relationship. Shania got dumped. Good.

Unknown said...

I think your instincts serve you well on this, Ent. Amazing how conniving some of these people are. And speaking of something being not quite right about this whole thing, there is also something not quite right about her face. In the several recent photos I've seen of her, I was just chalking the change up to age and botox, but now I am convinced that she has had some sort of surgery done on her face and it doesn't look good.

magnumforce1 said...

I read a detailed biography on Shania (Eileen)Twain a few years ago. No doubt about, she has thrown quite a few people under the bus to get to where she got. When she met Mutt, she was in engaged to a Canadian named Paul with whom she had been living with for 4 years. Four weeks after meeting Mutt, he was history. She told him matter of factly she was leaving him because he could not do for her musically what Mutt could.

Mutt has been reverently following a life style path called Sant Mat since the age of 21. It calls for meditation, exercise, no alcohol, no meat, and no pre-marital sex. So after almost 40 years of religiously following this path he is now having an affair with their former secretary? I'm not buying this at all. Why did his two other marriages end? Marriage number one ended because of his work alcoholic lifestyle. Marriage number two for much the same reason and that she was having an affair with Billy Squier.

The way this has break up has been orchestrated to generate publicity and sympathy for Shania leads me to believe the real undisclosed reasons for the break up would not reflect well upon her.

I'd like to hear the real story on this and to ask Mutt how it feels to be thrown under the bus.


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