Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Debra Winger Writes A Snoozer

The headline kind of sounds Variety-ish, ergo cheesy. I like cheese. Actually I love cheese, and am not shy about it. Anyway, Debra Winger has a new book coming out which promises to reveal lots and lots about her life. The book is entitled Undiscovered, and honestly if this is the advance stuff, then you would be better off getting the book at the library and there won't be a wait.

When a celebrity writes a book, or an author is writing a book about someone, they always release the juicy stuff first to get everyone excited. So, with Debra Winger, I'm expecting some kind of Richard Gere orgy kind of stuff or how she helped John Travolta shave his ass. Something. Anything. You know what we got?

Jack Nicholson once wanted her to go with him on the search for the best brothel in Germany. Wow, Jack Nicholson at the height of his fame looking for a hooker. That's a f**king shocker and worth every penny of the $30 book. You have got to be kidding me.

"I had never been there (to Germany) and was relentlessly joking with Jack (Nicholson) about how I, as a Jew, would be treated. He finally told me to stop, that these paranoid fantasies had little to do with modern Germany and that I should relax and enjoy the trip - and perhaps join him on his search for the perfect brothel."

That's it. No followup. No additional questions, no probing so all the reader is left with is plain and vanilla. The possibilities for a Debra Winger tell all are staggering and all we get is this? Call me when she decides to tell us how much Travolta loved riding the bull or how Richard Gere liked wearing her Wonder Girl costume.

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