Friday, May 30, 2008

Pam Anderson Sells Herself Again

Most of the time when a celebrity auctions off a date with themselves for charity, it is what they say it is, or less. A meet and greet, or quick lunch, or something where they can say they are doing something for charity, but where they don't actually have to pretend they are giving a s**t for long.

Well Pamela Anderson is auctioning off herself in Dubai for the Make A Wish foundation. We all know what happened last time she sold herself for money. She got married. Rick Saloman bought Pamela for $200,000 and got to have sex with her and she got married. She is another year older now, so the most she could hope for is about $6.50. Of course she is in Dubai, and they are flush with oil money now and some guy might need a 14th wife or something and so her price may shoot all the way up to $21.42 plus three camels.

I just can't believe there is anyone out there who would actually buy a date with her. I mean I know there are people who think she is the greatest thing since cheese in a pizza crust, but I think these people are the same people who think Baywatch was real and that The Hoff is a world famous singer.


kris said...

$21.42 plus three camels... just made this day bearable...

JessieE said...

I just DO NOT GET why ANYONE would think Pamela Anderson is attractive. She looks so used up and rough...and then there's the whole DISEASE thing to deal with. It just leaves me speechless.

But hey, I'm a girl. Men (some men, at least) think differently.

Glad you're on the same page, Ent.

canadachick said...

ummm yah that whole hepatitis C thing would be enough for me thanks....then again god knows what Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse have....b/w the 3 of them they could certainly play Do you have ? Why yes ...i do

~crazy peanut~ said...

Someone once said that Pam Anderson looked like...

"she was ridden really hard and put away wet."

Truer words have been spoken.

mags said...

I think 3 camels alone have more value than Pam.

Anthony Bourdain recently made a comment about how awful a food dish was on Top Chef, that kind of applies to Pam.

But not dig a hole in the ground-stick my head in--pour in Clorox bad. Like those scallops. They were distinguished by their sheer degree of awfulness, sucking everything around them down with.

bionic bunny! said...

now anthony bourdain i would buy a date with!


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