Friday, May 30, 2008

Pete Wentz Is Right

Pete Wentz has had to defend his decision to lie his ass off about Ashlee Simpson being pregnant and refusing to confirm it. My feeling is that celebrities can lie all they want. Is it really any of our business if someone is getting married or divorced or has a boil on the side of their ass that looks like Nixon?

Of course not. Just like you wouldn't want your neighbors popping over to your house every morning asking if everything was ok in your relationship, celebrities don't have an obligation to provide the information. Everyone is all out of whack because Pete decided to take the lead on the pregnancy thing and keep it secret until after the first trimester. I fully support that decision, just on the grounds of good luck. The only thing I question was that he says he did it for the baby's health and that he didn't want Ashleee to have any stress about it.

It seems to me that she had much more stress than she would have if they had just confirmed it and got it over with in the first place. Second, if you don't want the news to leak, maybe you should not have shared it with anyone. Kind of ruins the whole bad luck thing. This is especially true when you share the news with Pimpa because as you are talking he is dialing and selling that information to someone.


Kristen S. said...

From my experience, most women prefer to wait til after the 1st trimester to announce. Maybe pregnancies are lost in the 1st trimester, so announcements generally wait til month 3 & up.

sprinkles said...

hmm...from my experience most of the mom's i know shared the news a day or two after they confirmed the pregnancy.

Unknown said...

*HUGE EYE ROLL* If Pete wanted to keep the stress off his dearly beloved then why oh why did they make a little ol' video announcing her newly knocked up-ed-ness ages ago... Remember, she stuffed a pillow under her shirt... It was stoopid... With two Os... Remember?

bionic bunny! said...

yeah, but still....
isn't it the thought that counts?


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