Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I Didn't Do It Changes To Guilty Plea

Gary Dourdan has plead guilty to possessing cocaine and Ecstasy, but had a heroin possession charge dropped in exchange for a guilty pleas. Of course he won't serve any jail time because that would be wrong, and in fact the charges will be dropped as long as he completes his probation and a treatment program. Not rehab mind you, but a treatment program. Rehab would mean admitting that he was addicted to drugs, and just because someone has a car loaded with drugs and is sleeping on the side of the highway should in no way be considered as having a problem with drugs.

Hell, until the guilty plea today, Gary was adamant that he was innocent and that none of the drugs belonged to him.

"I am blessed that the Sgt. realized that the luggage carrying whatever they found was not mine and that my tests have been coming back negative."

Ummm. Yeah. Don't worry. For those of you who think Gary deserved some jail time, there is no way this guy can make it through probation without screwing up. Do I wish him ill will? Of course not, but to send out e-mail after e-mail and tell any reporter who would listen that the drugs weren't his and on and on and on, and then do a 180 and plead guilty, just doesn't sit right with me.

The only reason he changed his story was he realized he wasn't going to win and didn't want to be convicted of three felonies and spend some time behind bars. This way he can be out and about driving with the rest of the population.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm well I'm not surprised they could drop the heroin charge, as that would have showed up in his system during the testing if he'd been using it any time recently...but the coke and ecstasy go through the body really fast, so its altogether possible that even tho he was "clean", that those drugs were still used by and intended for him...

jax said...

the guy is a straight up asshole and when he fucks up again,which he will, i for one will be laughing and pointing.

J. said...

I have to admit that I find this man sort of yummy and would like to just put up a wall of denial and pretend he's not a drug-addicted, lying, cowardly jackass. *Inserts head in sand*

Unknown said...

It's such a shame to see drugs slowly but surely ruin yet another person's life/career. I sure am going to miss him on "CSI."


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