Friday, May 30, 2008

Yay Readers

I feel like I am writing one of those Christmas letters that get sent out each year saying how perfect a family is and how they didn't have one argument or disagreement and that little Joe waked on water for the first time, and how proud the parents are. How everyone did not eat any junk food all year and spent 2,000 hours volunteering at inner city schools as mentors while Daddy Joe personally built 14 houses with his bare hands during the year, all while getting four raises at work and turning down sex with Reese Witherspoon.

So, in the past week, readers have been sending me things they are doing, and instead of just putting it in Your Turn which is great today btw, I thought I would do little bragging on them. Margarita has called this her 15 minutes of fame because she got a video and an article on I just think it is hard work. Fashion and superheroes? Margarita has got you covered. I hijacked the video from Marvel, so everyone better click over to the site and read the accompanying article so that way they get their pound of flesh.

Then of course there is Alison who has been a reader forever and is on the show Britain's Got Talent as Diva Las Vegas. You can read all about her efforts here.

Let's see. Oh, our favorite original Spice Girl Lianne Morgan is back. She became a reader after I snarked her I think. I may have been nice, but I find that hard to believe. Anyway, now she keeps in touch. Constantly. She is starting a new tour and it kicks off at the Hard Rock Cafe in Cardiff in a few weeks. Let me know if you need tickets and I will bug her. If you want to listen to her new tunes or say hi, click here.

Curt, our reader from Tears For Fears is indeed taking all of your advice and having an album release party. Unfortunately, it is small. Very small. Therefore not everyone can come. BUT, I can get one reader and a guest in on June 10th here in LA, so let me know if you are interested in going. Curt will be doing some acoustic sets throughout the night.

No one got married this week although I know of at least a few readers who are due to give birth in the next several weeks and so hopefully they will share photos of the newborns. No actual birth photos please.


Anonymous said...

Wow, CDAN readers are awesome, hot chicks and pseudo celebs who knew? :)

Kristen S. said...

Oh c'mon! We all know Washington, DC is the happenin' place to have Curt's release party. Or better yet, Alexandria, VA. Or better yet, the Huntington neighborhood of Alexandxria.

Oh hell, just come to my house. My neighbors won't mind!

Anonymous said...

I thought EL was gonna rep me today. I guess he forgot. Or didn't want to, or something.

Anyway, if anyone reads this, I'd love some more readrs or commenters at my site. Some of you know me as Trix, my old Blogger profile name.


irishstayc2 said...

Trix/bad fish - I knew you sounded familiar. I just approved you last night as my Myspace friend and was reading your blogs. Hysterical!

Not that it's a huge deal to you guys but I got a new job YAY ME! and i'm doing marketing full time now so while I can't always comment i do still read everyday. And I don't miss working out of my house one bit! Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Hey new jobs are always something to be excited about, even for other people. Hell, you're excited for me and my blog, and thats MY new job, so good for you irishstayc2 :D

kris said...

Had no idea you were Trix..always liked your posts here...I have GREAT taste!


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