Thursday, May 29, 2008

Random Photos Part One - With A Reader Photo

Anna Faris makes it to the top of the photos. Yes, I like her, but she made it through hard work, effort, and because I was lazy and her name begins with an A.
Anderson Cooper decides to take advantage of California's gay marriage law by announcing that he and Elmo will be getting married June 17 and thereby making their relationship official.
Bowling For Soup - Los Angeles

Whatever I think about Bryan Adams personally, I will say that he is a hell of a photographer. I mean, he made Amy Winehouse look good.
Guess Ben Affleck decided that the wedding ring was too heavy for his finger.
I'm sorry Ali, I don't know how you ended up way down here. It won't happen again, and dare I say you look lovely.
Adrian Grenier looks lovely as well now that his beard is gone.
At least David Arquette's shoes match the jacket.

David Archuleta - New York
It's Mrs. Garrett!!!!
The absolutely hilarious Chelsea Handler.
Christina Aguilera rocking the vote. Who thinks that the stars that do these spots actually vote?

How often do you suppose Gary Busey calls Jake?

Jenna she used to be Bush on her honeymoon. Is dude pouting already? He needs to get over it if they are going to make it longer than a year or two.
Emmanuelle Chriqui is probably my favorite actress right now. Of course that could just be the dress making me think that.
The Hoff, and are those satin pants?
David Cook - New York
Keanu Reeves makes the crosswalk a runway.

You know if Kevin James made $12 an hour his wife would never let him go out of those house wearing that. I think the rules somehow change though when you make $12M a film, and the wife suddenly says it looks fabulous?
I hope they played some music. From L-R, Juanes, Youssou N'Dour, Bono and MISHA.
And Jackie Sandler tells the world that she is not carrying Adam Sandler's baby, but has instead been knocked up by David Spade.
Is this the first time Jamie Pressly's son has been in the photos? Is he really a year old? Damn that was fast.

Seann William Scott and Jenna Fischer?

How about Steve Conrad and Jenna Fischer? Look at her checking that arm to see if he works out.
Moby - New York
How I have missed seeing Lucy Lawless all the time. She looks great.
Who doesn't love Lainie Kazan?
The last thing this world needs is a reason for Pink's to get more backed up. Just because this is Tori's first experience seeing anything over two inches should not shut down the production of the hot dogs.

A first timer to the photos, Thomas Ian Nichols.
Suze Orman is my friend late at night on the weekends. Thanks Suze. Just do me one favor. Please stop referring to everyone as girlfriend. Thank you.
Our reader is the woman at lower right. Obviously a Jimmy Buffet fan. I say that, but honestly, they could have just graduated from balloon making school.
One of the top ten sweetest people in the world is Megyn Price.


IndigoBlue said...

David Cook, yum!

Keanu Reeves looks manorexic.

Someone please donate some clothes to David Archuleta. I swear he wore the same "straight from Sears" jacket all the way through AI and he's still wearing it. Was it made from his old security blanket or something?

Mrs. Garrett! Love it!

The picture of Wino IS pretty good. Damnit.

Damn Tori is about to pop. She is probably one of the fugliest pregnant ladies ever.

I think Megyn Price is awesome. She looks really thin in that picture, though.

Chelsea Handler is radiant in that picture and cracks me up at all other times.

Adrian actually looks showered.

Reader -- you HAVE to explain the balloon too funny!

califblondy said...

Megyn, hand over those shoes and nobody gets hurt.

lutefisk said...

...."graduated from balloon making school.." that's funny.
I think I just saw Mrs. Garrett lining up for the early bird special.

Kristen S. said...

Lucy Lawless......wowzah! Fantastic!

jax said...

meh anyone with a camera and B/W process can do the same tricks as Bryan. him and his music sux...

seperation announcement anytime now for Ben n Jen. i'd like to think they've been seperated for close to a year.

ali where tf is Heroes???

Adrian shaved his beard AND his bert brow.

Edna Garett i heart you.

chelsea handler and i are bff's. she just doesn't know it yet.

fuck the satin pants El he's wearing IRIDESCENT!

Keanu- Sashay! shantay! you better work!

i think something about making $12M made him look fabulous..chub and all. its like Doug and Carrie really exist.

Jamie's son is damn cute.

did Jenna and Sean share a bottle of Feria?

is Pink's gonna be in FFF?? lol

reader- sylvia? hilarious!

MontanaMarriott said...

David Archuletta should get an endorsement deal with Member's Only. GEEZZZZZ, that boy wores that jacket as if he is suffering from body dysmorphic issues.... Maybe he was a former fat boy??????

Andersen Cooper/Elmo, HILARIOUS ENT lololololol LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

I grew up 2 blocks from Seann Wm Scott. He didn't have 2 N's in his name when he was in high school plays. I don't believe the gay rumors, but I didn't know him.

So who's the fun-loving gal we've got for a reader? She looks really happy in that photo.

blue said...

re: Ben Affleck - shame on you for making me jump up in excitement! If you check the big photos over at justjared here and here you can see he's wearing his ring. It's just that he's always had it very loose, and with his hand down the ring slipped down to the middle of his finger.

Make all the jokes you want about the ring being loose ;)

CDAN Mod said...

is keanu bisexual or gay? maybe this female still has a chance. :(

RagDoll said...

Keanu is probably just using his thumb to scratch a random open sore. He looked so yucky and dirty the last time I saw him in person that I wouldn't rule out impetigo.

Chelsea Handler looks great in that dress! I would look like Ursula the sea-witch if i tried that silhouette/color combination!

Wow, I have seen the Affleck Bros. pic on other sites today, and totally blanked on the missing ring....

Parrot Heads, for real? Wasting away again in Margaritaville, eh Reader?? said...

I blame Affleck for high gas prices.

Adrienne said...

What's with the Adam Sandler/David Spade comment? Is that a hint to something?

Ms. said...

The David Spade comment refers to David getting lots of girls AND the fact he knocked up one of his casual f*cks.

Maja With a J said...

Did Anna Faris have some plastic surgery? She doesn't look like herself at all. I like her though, she's really funny...

califblondy said...

Anderson looks hot even posing with a hunk of red, matted fur.

Monalicious said...

Love, love, love the Bowling for Soup pic!!! I grew up with them, and we were cross-town rivals in high school(they went to Rider, where Dimebag Darrly and Vinnie Paul went a few years earlier, and I went to Wichita Falls High). Very proud of the guys, but Wichita Falls DID treat them very shitty. They finally had to move to Denton and got discovered there. But they are a great bunch and I wish them the best of everything! ROHO!!(old school chant, means Ride On, Honerable One)

Unknown said...

I can totally see the Cooper/Elmo marriage, can't wait for the wedding pics in Kneepads!

Wow, I would have lost the bet on if Mrs. Garrett was still alive.

Is Keanu wearing the mullet of clothes? Business on top, party on the bottom? WASH DEM PANTS.

I look at Tori's open mouth pic, and all I can think of is...I wish that was a Paris open mouth pic looking at those weiners, heh.

Unknown said...

Wow, I hope they played some music too. Haven't seen a recent photo of Youssou N'Dour since he came out with that "7 seconds" song w/Neneh Cherry (sp?)

Wow! Jackie Sandler= The Boobie Fairy has landed! LOL!

Ha! Ha! Ha! That photo of Tori with the hotdogs is priceless! She looks like she's about to wolf down all three of these at once!

Man, some of those balloon hats are HIGHlarious! I want one! (that lady on the far right looks like she's "this close" to wetting herself. LOL!

Califblondie, back away girl. Those shoes look like they're MY size! ;) Mmmmmmmmm, they're Gawjiss!

blankprincess said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
blankprincess said...

I can't believe y'all know who Megyn Price--with her awesome shoes--is! I have liked her for always because she's an Oklahoma girl like me. Her baby brother (the only boy in a Mormon family with either five or six older sisters, I can't remember) was my first smoochin' boyfriend!. No joke! He looks exactly like her except he has dark hair (well, and no boobs, at least not twenty years ago). I was not in high school yet at the time Megyn was, so I think I only met her once, but I do remember that boy! She is brilliantly smart, BTW, which appears to be a rare quality among actresses. Yay for the hometown girl shout-out!

emma said...

The rip on Ben A. is pointing to one of ENT's old BI's about an actor not happy with his new life as a married man and father.

I think BA is pitiful if he bails on Jennifer Garner and the kid.

MnGddess said...

DN - The reason Seann William Scott added the "n" is probably because there was already a Sean William Scott in the Actor's Guild. Everybody's gotta have a different name, apparently.

Dick Insideu said...

I want to fuck Anna Faris before I die.

Ali Larter looks like shit.

Keanu Reeves is a turd burglar.

Adrian Grenier is a homo.

Ben Affleck hates his wife.

And so it goes here on the Tombstone Watch.

boobsu said...

Harriet- I watched Anna Faris on Entourage last season and I couldn't stop staring at her face. I like her and think she is very pretty, but she definitely had work done

budford said...

Nice pic Lainey. So Lainey is Lainey!

CT-Hilltopper said...

Dead Kennedy calls them as he sees them. Bravo!

I always heard Anderson Cooper had a cute boyfriend. Adorable.

I haven't watched American Idol since season two, so...whatever...

It's good to see that Mrs. Garrett is still alive.

Keanu looks impatient. Damn those cars for making him wait.

Re: the reader photo: Looks like a good time was had by all. :)

bionic bunny! said...

i'll never live this down....
it is i, post concert brunch, with a fabulous balloon artist! most of the Parrot Heads of Southern California at the time, and yeah, i'm founder and then president.
sad, isn't it??

lutefisk said...

Buns, I expected a photo of you with 7 dwarfs, not Parrot heads. How are you feeling? How are the bunnies?

bionic bunny! said...

hey, adrian! i dasn't post a recent pic of me!
my email's fixed, come tell me how YOU are!!


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