Friday, May 30, 2008

But Who Has The 10 To 8 Shift?

I'm a little confused. I know, I know, what's new? But this one really has me puzzled, and it could have been resolved with one simple question, which of course wasn't answered because Billy Bush is doing his very best Larry King impression in an effort to beat Ryan Seacrest to that gig when Larry's puppeteers finally thrown in the towel.

Marc Anthony was on The Billy Bush show yesterday and went on and on about how he and Jennifer Lopez don't have a nanny and are doing the whole raising of the twins themselves. I'm thinking to myself ok, they obviously don't have any money because I just don't see Jennifer doing anything that could possibly inconvenience her. Then of course I remembered that Marc is famous for lying his ass off, and so it all started to make sense, and he could have been caught in his lie if Billy had asked one simple question. Unfortunately if something isn't actually written down for Billy in advance that task is impossible.

Billy: How are you today?

Celeb: My father just passed away.

Billy: So are you excited about that new film you have coming out?

Celeb: This is really just a sad time for our family.

Billy: Any on set romances or crazy jokes on set?

Anyway, Marc said that he takes the 10pm to 8am shift every day. I have no problem believing that because he is half vampire. The only problem is he sucks his own blood which is why he looks so damn pale. So, why was Marc being interviewed? He's currently on tour for something or other and so the question that should have been asked is, so who has your shift while you are on tour, and Marc would have said, they have someone for while he is gone and for when they go out and for when Jennifer needs to go shopping and for when she needs a nap, but the person isn't a nanny. It's a babysitter.


mags said...

Snort, snort....

Spot on about Billy Bush.

Love the Marc Anthony/half vampire comment.

canadachick said...

Well to be fair Billy does share DNA with the president....maybe they have the same people writing their jokes and stuff

califblondy said...

I don't know why, but all I could think of looking at their picture was... It's true, pet owners do resemble their pets.

Unknown said...

It's funny how "real people" don't brag about not having a nanny and having to take care of their own kids... makes you wonder if they are indeed lying.

bionic bunny! said...

only HALF vampire? ent, you must be joking!

grace, you are so right. if i had help around here, i'd be bragging from here to sunday. and you know j-lo's not changing diapers and messing up her nails!


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