Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sharon Stone Changes Her Name To Wo Ai China

I think we all know what motivates Sharon Stone and it is a paycheck. When Dior said bye bye to ads in China for her and threatened to cancel her contract, all of a sudden Sharon Stone throws on a Mao jacket and says down with Tibet. In her apology, Sharon offered to do relief work, and professed her love for General Tso's chicken.

Listen, I don't agree with any word that Sharon Stone said about the earthquake. She's an idiot and she gets what she deserves, BUT, to change her tune only when money is on the line is just as bad. Sharon Stone believed what she said. She didn't suddenly change her mind about karma or anything like that. What changed her mind was the fact that her sources of income were going to dry up faster than that thing she calls a vay- jay- jay at a Clay Aiken concert.

So in addition to being an idiot, we now know that her opinion doesn't matter because she will whore it out for the right price. Now, I'm not saying she is alone here. She's not. All too often celebrities will whore out their opinion. Hell, even "everyday people" whore out their opinion. Want to impress your boss? Get a raise? Ever agreed with them to make things a little smoother? Sure you have. If not with a boss, then with a friend.

Don't worry about. It is human nature. But, what makes all of us better than Sharon Stone is that we would have never made such an idiotic statement in the first place.


jax said...

dry up faster than that thing she calls a vay- jay- jay at a Clay Aiken concert.

i'm going to print that on a tee shirt and sell them. LOL funny man.

SHE SHE said...

Remember when Sharon Stone was married to Phil Bronstein and he had his big toe torn off by a Komodo Dragon? I wonder if she said he deserved that for all the "horrible" things he'd done in his life?

califblondy said...

There's an undried v-j-j out there somewhere 'cuz Clay's gonna be a Daddy. I guess that Broadway stint paid off, huh?

Whether she recants or not, Sharon Stone is irrelevant as hell.

Dick Insideu said...

Sharon Stoned
Left Home
And her wife and family
For the conflict overseas


Judi said...

She can't act. She's stupid. She showed her sn*tch in a film 16 years ago. She thinks that tens of thousands of normal everyday people deserved to die. She can die. I can guarantee that no one will care.

Dick Insideu said...

I fucked Sharon Stone, and her cunt stank.


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