Saturday, May 24, 2008

Cannes Day 11

Juliette Lewis

Rose McGowan

Zhang Zilin

Scott Speedman and Rachael Blanchard

Sarah Marshall

Milla Jovovich

Kerry Washington

Kate Hudson

Dita von Teese
Antonio Cupo


Leah said...

I love Juliette Lewis. She brings the crazy.

Unknown said...

Juliette looks, normal! Very UN-Juliette'ish. What a nice change.

Rose looks nothing like her original self. It's like she's trying to eradicate her nose from her face. And cudos for trying to look slick with the cast there hun, but a long gown would have been a 1000000 times better.

Zhang Zilin now? How many Chinese celebrities have the initials Z.Z.? NOT that there's anything wrong with that, just curious... LOL!

Dita can do NO wrong! She always looks flawless, I've always had a penchant for the Pinup look. Wish I could pull it off, but frankly, it's way too much for an 'everyday' look, non? (I've never seen her undone) You'd need a good 3 hours a day to keep this look up.

HthrHllywd said...

Aw Rose, considering that my millions of many colored casts and boots have never looked good no matter what I wear, I applaud you for not staying home or trying to cover it up with a long dress.

There's nothing to be ashamed of, girl. <3


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