Monday, May 19, 2008

I Thought The Show Was About Ali

Every time I see an interview with White Oprah about her new reality show, she is always saying that it is about Ali and giving Ali her chance to shine. WO, is always coy about whether Lindsay will make an appearance and say that we will have to watch. Not me, I'll wait and let somebody tell me, and then head over to YouTube. I'm not giving the Lohan family any money.

In the first episode, entitled All About Ali, the entire show is actually spent around looking for things about Lindsay online. Plus there are phone calls to Lindsay, photos of Lindsay, clips of Lindsay's movies, Lindsay's album playing in the background constantly and then at the end Ali comes out and asks if it is time to film her show.

Exaggeration? Sure, but the scenes that were being previewed of the first show were actually all about Lindsay. In the show, WO, sends an e-mail to a blogger in response to a story about Lindsay she says is false. She tells the blogger that the article needs to be taken down because WO has got the lawyer ready to go. Well next time WO says that, let her have the attorney send you the letter because that way WO will have to fork over the cash.

She also spends time talking about Lindsay's year in rehab and basically not meeting a guy she didn't like. And finally she spends several minutes trying to decide if that cell phone video from earlier in the year is Lindsay having sex. Not surprised there is a sex tape of Lindsay, just trying to see if it is really her. Shows you what goes on around that house.

Not one second of the preview is about Ali.


RagDoll said...

Lord forgive me for saying this, because she's only a child but, damn if the kid ain't asking for it with her attention-hog antics.....but.... this girl is UGLY. Hard-core brute-faced! Her nose looks like a crushed soda can sitting in the middle of her face. There I said it. Now I'll probably trip down a flight of stairs, sponsored by Karma.

Anonymous said...

Wow ragdoll you called it. I came in here to comment on how she'll have a nosejob in the next two years at the very most, mark my words.

RagDoll said...

Dude, and trust me it ain't like I'm Angelina Jolie's twin or anything, either... This kid's mom really SUX for dangling her teen daughter out there to be scrutinized. I think that's the moral of the story.

lutefisk said...

I'm with you on this Ragdoll--she wouldn't be sooo horrible if she wasn't made up to look like a 35 year old hooker--no offense to the hookers out there. She should look like a 14 year old girl--no need for extensions, fake lashes, tweezed brows & what looks to be veneered teeth.
Why would anyone give this family a show!!??

pricolatino said...

Wow, now that you pointed it out, I can see it... if you give her a bigger chin, and short blond hair... she's Owen Wilson.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

I agree, too, and with all that said, I STILL think Ali is the better looking sister.

ablake said...

Wow ladies, need some milk for the cat party?
Funny, we bitch and moan about how men have such standards for the way we should look, yet men having nothing on women criticizing one another.
I think she's pretty. I also feel very very sorry for her. If there is anyone to blame, look at the parents and what 'standards' they have set for these children.
No need to demonize her for trying to impress her mother. Shun the mom, not the kid.
All the same, I think we can all picture what the rest of her teen years are going to be like, considering her older sister set such a stellar example.

noel said...

Yeah I'll have a glass...

I know most of it isn't Ali's fault, but we all still know where she is going!!

Just a quick question sweater- what is your opinion on Britney; mainly in regards to when did it stop being her parents fault and become her own?

No offense :-)

(probably posted this too late and no one will answer...)

ablake said...

I feel sorry for Britney, to a point. Thing is, like Lindsay she was never raised around peers. She never had to adjust, deal with bullies, conform or not conform and realize the worth of standing up for morals or values you believe in.
Again, with her, the sympathy ended when she became an adult and more than willingly tossed herself into that world and bringing 2 little boys along for the ride. That's where it ends. They don't need a mother like hers was to her.

Ali is 14. Just as I don't think we should deify stars, I don't think we should condemn them either. *shrug*
Obviously just one single opinion and I'm positive most will disagree.

Wow, she hasn't had a nose job. Seems normal, right? Read the above though. Then tell me that you would push your 14 year old to get a nose job.

Again, I don't know this little girl but I still say, shun the parent, not the kid.

SmokeYourselfThin said...

I don't care, I think Ali is dog ass ugly. It's actually funny, my Boxer is named Ali (Alixandra, not Aliana or what the hell ever Ali Hohan's real name is), and my Boxer is a million times prettier than Ali Hohan. Probably smarter, cleaner, and more talented as well.

And nope, I don't feel bad for this girl. I don't care if she's 14, I knew pretty much what I did and did not want out of life at age 14, and those of you who act like 14-year olds are these innocent little angels must not remember age 14 very well, or must have been some dumb 14 year olds.

Also, there's a difference between being a 14 year old skank, and a 14 year old who is worldly. I was the latter...I knew pretty much everything I knew at 21 (I'd never had sex at 14, not for 3 more years actually), and I certainly knew better than to want something as empty and ultimately worthless as being famous. Too bad Ali is obviously too stupid to look at her trainwreck laughingstock whore of a sister and decide to do something meaningful with her life. Sad, but that right there is the mark of a dumb ass. Sorry to be harsh, but the truth isn't always kind.

ablake said...

As expected Smokeyourselfthin, we should probably agree to disagree.
When I was 14 the knots in my chest hurt, I was wondering when I would finally get the 'gift' (haha) of a period and had 0 idea what the boys in school meant when they either made fun of me or were super nice.

As far as pets go, I grew up with boxers. Names varied from Ernie to Coach to Beach and Harley.
Never Ali.
My next door neighbor, however owns a pit bull (that he assures me is harmless, however given my history with the breed, I don't agree) Dog's name is Ali.

Not pronounced 'Alley'.
Pronounced like the...well look at that. Like the boxer.

Hate on a 14 yr old girl all you want, just don't be shocked if someone disagrees.

noel said...

Fair enough sweater...

You make a good point. It is just that unless Ali gets a good enough backbone to stand up to her family you know that she is doomed to be the snottiest,insecure, attention seeking with a complex because of being less famous than her sister whore. Or she could just turn out to be like Nicky Hilton. Or Jamie Spears.

I'm just jumping the gun. I am usually a nice person but this site is a way to allow myself to explore a more bitchy side to myself and ultimately, as far as I am concerned, these celebrities put themselves OUT THERE. Including Ali. If she was doing a movie or had a career like Dakota I would be more respectful however this is just like a popularity contest that will end in tears.

I'm glad you stated your opinion and even better, you didn't do it in a troll like manner.

Although, I have thoroughly enjoyed SOME of the trolls since it makes this site interesting.

RagDoll said...


yeah. To me, "catty" would be, like, picking on a little, LITTLE kid (like the Spears boys, or the Jolie-Pitt kids) or picking on someone with an imperceptible (or non-existant) flaw and blowing it waaay out of proportion. Ali Lohan is annoying because she's said (publicly and loudly) that she wants fame, she feels amazing when people ask her for autographs, and she wants to be just like her sister. Someone 4 years away from adulthood has some cognizance and agency. I mean, yes---ultimately I blame her CRAZY parents...but the jaded side of me is dreading the day that we're subjected to mediocre Ali Lohan albums and magazine spreads, and crotch shots, and sex tapes...on and on.

And does anyone else here wonder why the boys in these families aren't splashed all over the tabloids for freaky behavior? Jason Spears seems relatively low-key. And the boy Lohan isn't running around telling any reporter with a mic that he wants fame, recognition, and loves giving out his autograph. What gives??

ablake said...

Ditto to you Noel :) Thanks for engaging a response.
Man, rereading that it seems like a Lohan lover or something. I assure you I'm not. Can't stand the mom and I think LL has blown her chances 3 ways from Sunday.
For some reason I'm just sympathetic to the younger one who...well, this is all she knows. Mom loves you if you're famous. Dad talks to you if you're making money.

I can't imagine being in that situation at such a young age.

14. When you were 14, were you expected to shoulder the family history burden, or were you screwing up a bunch and begging for 2nd, 3rd 4th or even 17th chances?

I wish I were as mature at that age as some of the people who seem to despise this girl apparently were.

Nice to meet you by the way :) I don't really post often, thanks for talking.

Amber said...

Good. Nobody cares about Ali anyway.

noel said...

Thanks sweater ;-)!!

Man when I was 14... I probably went through similar stuff (family crap) alas without the money, pimping or the fame. But hey, it made me who I am today!!

I read this blog nearly everyday, and occasionally I get the urge to post lots and other times I don't post for months...

C u around!!

Maja With a J said...

When I was 14, I was just awkward. Awkward, and weird.

Yeah, not much had changed, really.


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