Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hey Guess What? What? Prison Ain't The Four Seasons

Below this, are the first transcripts from some of Nick Hogan's phone calls from jail. Nick Hogan is finding out that jail isn't exactly like home. Wow Nick. I really didn't think you were that dumb, but apparently you are. Jail isn't supposed to be fun, and it isn't summer camp. But, the good news for you is that you just have 8 months of misery. John Graziano? 50 years maybe. Depending on how his body holds out. So, when you sit there in your cell each and every day thinking of stuff, think about John. Transcripts and reporting is courtesy of ABC News.

Nick Bollea: "Had I known this, I would have rather gone to trial or I would rather, you know, appeal the case or something. I can't deal with this for eight months. It's (Bollea's cell) like the size of my bathroom."

Linda Bollea: "Oh!"

Nick: "No windows or nothing. Just one little top bed thing."

Linda: "Oh my God!"

Bollea is being kept in a single cell at the Pinellas County Jail because he is one of only two minors serving time in the adult facility. On the phone, he cries often and is comforted by his mother Linda.

Nick: "All you do is sit there and think, and there's nothing to think about."

Linda: "We'll get through it."

Nick: "Yeah."

Linda: "Prove to everyone you've learned your lesson and be more careful."

To date, Bollea has spent an average of two hours on the phone per day.

On Wednesday Hulk congratulated him on his time served so far.

Terry Bollea: "I'm very proud of you brother. Very, very proud of you. You've been thrown in a tough spot and you've handled it better than I could have probably handled it. Any man I know. You've really been somebody to look up to."

Somebody to look up to? Well compared to Hulk Hogan, that might actually be true.


ms_wonderland said...

Handled it better? Dumb twat is not handling it at all. Two hours a day on the phone to his mama? In British jails, you are lucky to get 5 minutes.

It's a privilege to have a single cell. People rent places to live smaller than that idiot's bathroom. Reality check required for the whole rotten family.

jax said...

Brother? wtf says that to their son? stop believing your own hype asshat.

Lil Nicky should be happy he's not already in the infirmary with that sweet young ass in the bighouse. id gladly take a 6 foot room over daily anal rapings. it happens.

what is eight past six? said...

Idiot, the reason you didn't go to trial is because if you had and you'd lost (and you would have lost), you would have gotten WAY more time than the eight months you're serving now.

Well...on second thought, I wish you'd gone to trial too.

Dumbness all around in that family. And he really does not realize how lucky he is to be in a cell by himself, you're not exactly going to become best buddies with your cellmate. At least, not the kind of best buddies Nick has in mind.

captivagrl said...

nick - take advantage of all the services that my tax dollars provide and get educated. stop crying to mommy and daddy, and consider doing something to help others less fortunate.

GammaGirl said...

Ugh, gross.
Nick Hogan needs to nut up and take some responsibility! Also,the family needs to stop using this to try and garner sympathy from the Mini Van Majority, it's backfiring.

Anonymous said...

The little shit should take it like a man. He only got 8 months compared to the years he really should have gotten for his negligence. What I am wondering is will the 8 months be cut down to good behavior like 3 months.

Ice Angel said...

Nothing to think about??? How can he possibly sit there all those hours and have nothing to think about??? What about your poor friend whose life was ruined by your antics???

Take it like a man. You're lucky it's only 8 months. In all actually, you killed a young man. Good grief!!!

BTW-where did ABC news get these transcripts???

RagDoll said...


yeah. That tender ass is why he gets a cell to himself. He'd probably have been served up piping hot by now....I have heard that jail in Pinellas County is infested with those flying cockroaches...Palmetto bugs, they're called? Fun.

Judi said...

Pathetic loser.

weezy said...

Seriously, is this kid developmentally delayed? And what kind of jail gives offenders two hours of phone time a day?

Oh, they're gonna love *him* in gen. pop.

Maja With a J said...

From what I've seen of him on that family's reality show - and mind you, I've only been able to briing myself to watch a few minutes here and there - he's a massive douche.

So this doesn't surprise me at all.

jax said...

i still want to know what repercussions are yet to come since daddy hulk was the registered owner of both cars? the other kid does that work? they were both racing each other,both are negligent.

i will not rest until "Brother" is getting it from Bubba sans hankyheadscarf. will not!!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I am not commenting on what the kid did or the penalty and whether it was fair or not. If my kid was in jail and suffering I'd tell him whatever he needed to hear to get him through the day.

califblondy said...

As we used to say around the family dinner table... boo fuckin'hoo. Queen Mum was never one to sympathize.

Kristen S. said...

These people make me sick to my stomach. Fucking think about your brain-damaged friend, you little spoiled douchebag. Seething hate!

Jazz Hands said...

I agree, Ronni. Thanks for your comment. Yah, the guy's a jerk. But everyone deserves love and support from their parents. That's why they call it "unconditional."

jax said...

no sara that's why they call it jail.
most inmates don't get to speak to their loved ones for 2 hours a week let alone a day.

you know who deserves unconditional love and to hear words of support? John Graziano.
he'll get it but who knows if the poor bugger will feel it or even hear it ever again.

Judi said...

Merit has nothing to do with it. Parents support their kids - well, for the most part - no matter what. that's what makes it unconditional. This guy's SO lucky he's a minor.

mandjo said...

I was wondering about the phone time myself. Poor baby!


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