Thursday, May 22, 2008

This Would Explain The Constantly Stoned Look

I've noticed over the past few weeks that Katharine McPhee has had a glazed look in her eyes that I first attributed to the fact that perhaps she was self-medicating because she realized that marriage is forever, and her new husband really didn't have a job. Now though, I think the look might be some type of perverse method acting. Seems that Katharine really, really, pretty please with sugar on it wants to star as Janis Joplin in a new film about her life.

Umm. Katharine. I like you. But, even as a friend I would have to say that Janis was Janis and you ain't Janis. Just because you have the same color hair, doesn't mean you can play Janis. Just because someone gave you a speaking part in an Anna Faris film means that you are an actress. Remember, I think they put Rumer Willis in that thing also. OK, names were what they were after. Not acting skills.

Janis lived a lot of life into her years, and you could see it in her eyes and expressions and hear it when she sang. You haven't done anything in your life that comes close. Yes, you sing, but Janis was much more than just singing, and you just can't pull it off.

I'm not sure quite honestly who could pull it off. I'm probably going to hate myself for saying this later, but if you could keep her coherent long enough I think Courtney Love would be a good choice. Zooey D. was a good choice also, but that film is on hold and so Zooey probably won't be attached when they get around to trying to revive that version. Katharine, come back after your third marriage, and fourth trip to rehab. Come back when you get off the princess ride and when you start riding a Harley and then you still wouldn't be good enough for Janis, but maybe they will throw you a bone and let you play Grace Slick.


Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Dana Fuchs from the film Across the Universe can totally pull it off. She was born to play Janis.

Lil said...

I think Bette Midler in The Rose was the closest anyone would ever get to there being someone perfect to play Janis. She was awesome in that. Otherwise, Janis would be untouchable.

jax said...

Dana was amazing in that movie.

what is eight past six? said...

This is a publicist at work. The headline is "McPhee eying Janis Joplin biopic" but when you read the MTV article, Kat herself says she wouldn't be the best fit for the where exactly is the story in this? "I wish I could play _______ but I already know I probably wouldn't get the job." Okay, and I am supposed to care because...

Nothing against McPhee personally, I'll probably go see House Bunny just to see how she does in it. But I'm just calling a spade a spade - she is straddling that C/D list line. This is just drumming up some buzz for her before people really do forget who she is, while also conveniently mentioning that OMG, she's going to be starring in a movie! With Anna Faris! So she is so totally a star now! Remember that!

Maja With a J said...

I think Courtney Love would be too old...and also, is an abysmal singer even from a "screamer" standpoint. Don't get me wrong, I love the woman, but she's a terrible, terrible singer.

I thought Pink was slated to play Janis? That I could kind of see, even though it always bugs me when singers want to be in movies. She's not a "pretty girl" and she has pretty good pipes.

I saw this really bad Stephen King short TV movie the other night, it was called "They've Got One Hell Of Band"...somethng about rock 'n' roll heaven, which was more like hell and had pretty much every dead rock star. The chick who played Janis really looked like her. She only lip synched though. I think whoever plays her has to be a real singer.

And I agree, Bette Midler in The Rose was just fantastic. Then again, Bette Midler could do just about anything and I would find it "fantastic".

Unknown said...

Years ago Melissa Etheridge was in talks to play Janis, but this project never makes it past the talking stages.

GammaGirl said...

I would love to see Zooey play Janis, but who knows if she'll be available when the project finally comes out of turnaround.
I have to agree with everyone else who has mentioned Dana Fuchs. She was mind blowingly awesome in Across the Universe.

I agree with Gayla on Kat McPhee, this seems like the work of a publicist. I guess any press is good press a this point in her career. That said, I hope she gets a good project soon because she's my favorite AI contestant to date.

Judi said...

Kat McPhee = Linda Ronstadt; good for her for realizing she is not suited to play Joplin.
Etheridge has the pipes (i.e., her rendition of 'Piece o' My Heart') and Pink the look and the pipes, with work. Never saw Across the Universe so not familiar with Dana Fuchs but will check her out.

Maja With a J said...

I wish my last name was "Fuchs".


Parsley Mostly said...

this role is perfect for lindsey lohan. say what you will, but that chick has done A LOT in her few years on earth. and her life is kinda like janis'. janis swung both ways, drank a LOT, lindsey has a scratchy voice (if only she didn't sing dum dum songs.)

i vote lohan. this is the role she was destined to play.


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