Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Random Photos Part One - With A Reader Photo

Why the hell not? It's Bonnie Franklin at the top of the reader photos. Still looks fabulous and is working that red carpet like she was never gone from it.
Aly and AJ just because they have never been in the photos before and someone told me a really good story about their last birthday party. It was a good wholesome story. Kind of boring actually. That is probably a good thing though when it comes to tweeners.
So who here is with me in thinking that Alyson Hannigan got some work done on her face? Could be weight loss, but I am going with work.
Do you know hard Harrison Ford must have worked to actually get thinner than Calista Flockhart. It doesn't seem scientifically possible, but then again Harrison playing Indy at the age of 84? also doesn't seem possible.

Grant Show makes his first appearance in the photos. First Bonnie now Grant. It's like watching some VH-1 special.
Another first timer is Damian Walsh-Howling.
Look, all of you know I love Cate Blanchett. I know all of you love Cate Blanchett. Now that we have all agreed we like her, do you think we can ask her wtf she is wearing? Is that lame'?
I just don't get tired of Bernadette Peters photos. 60 years old and looks better than anyone on The Hills.
Minka Kelly looks fantabulous. Is that a word? It doesn't really matter does it? So, John Mayer broke up with Minka so he could "date" Jennifer Aniston? Yeah. Not seeing that.

Happy 60th birthday Leo Sayer.
Karen Allen as I live and breathe. Still the best "Indy Girl."
Ashton Kutcher has a hell of a job last night. First he had to let Joe Francis put an arm around him knowing Demi would kick his ass later. Then he was asked to decide who was the bigger ass between Joe and Wilmer.
Hayley Westenra - Tokyo

Nikki Blonsky looks great. I love how she loves herself. I wish I loved myself. I do usually like myself, but, love is such a tough thing to achieve. I'm jealous of Nikki. Of course she could be faking it, but I do know I would love to party with her. Of course since she isn't 21, then we get into the whole contributing to the delinquency of a minor thing and then I end up in jail where lots of people are willing to love me.

Long time no see Ashanti.
Long time never see Michelle Williams. Of course this could be because Beyonce had final say in the videos. You would every once in awhile catch a glimpse of Michelle's hair as it made an appearance behind Beyonce.
Matthew Perry is in on that wasting away to nothing contest with Carson Daly.
Matthew Modine finally gets out of his shorts and into something nice. Looks great.

Nice to see exes getting alone, although Uma Thurman does look a bit strained to hear about Ethan Hawke's recap of how he knocked up their nanny.

Not just Salt. You wanna some Pepa? I gotta your Pepa.
Hey. Shia. Too much for one day.
Our lovely reader would like all of you to know she is NOT the beached whale. She said to say that.
Hi, I'm Nikki Hilton and my LV bag wasn't pretentious enough so I got the new one so you can clearly see that I have more money than you.


Kristen S. said...

That LV bag is tacky, tacky, tacky! The street vendors in NYC are gonna LOVE it.

jax said...

Louis Vuitton is for Noveaux Riche.
tacky ass.

jax said...

whatever you get the point. i cannot spell french.

lutefisk said...

It's sad to see Harrison Ford aging. But I guess it is also nice that he isn't all botoxed & dyed to an inch of his life.
Has anyone noticed how much they are pushing the new Indie movie to kids? Burger king has a toy line out, the stores are stocked with toys, & the commercial is on Nick every 5 minutes. I know where my family is going this weekend.

IndigoBlue said...

OMG I can't even snark all that much.

Wilmer looks like he's going to do a face plant in about 5 seconds.

Ashton does look like he's not all that jazzed to be caught in a photo with Joe Francis

Love Minka Kelly!

Love Bonnie Franklin and miss reruns of One Day at a Time. She kicked ass on that show.

Bernadette Peters makes me look like I'm the one that should be getting AARP bulletins instead!

Mathew Modine AGAIN! Yay, Ent!

Shia looks yummy.

What DID happen to Alison Hannigan's face? Bad angle?

Anonymous said...

Matthew Modine - so cute.

Cate - Ent's right. That dress looks horrible.

Grant Show - sigh... so handsome, but not here. I know he's supposed to be a 70s swinger for his tv show, but it's not a good look.

weezy said...

I dunno -- gold lame is tough to pull off, and generally she can make the looniest costume look logical. At least we can see Cate's wearing the coat, and not the other way around -- unlike some of her colleagues. Also, right now I'm liking her because she did pregnant in a much more sensible and classier manner than her colleagues.

Funny you commented about Allyson Hanigan - I just saw her for the first time in months on her show, and I wondered in passing if she was wearing different/heavier makeup -- she did and does look a teeny bit different.

La Pachuquita said...

I say fantabulous....I would classify it as a word. Its fantastic/fabulous without the unnecessary letters...

lutefisk said...

Maybe Alyson Hanigan had her hairline redone? She had a huge widow's peak, which doesn't look as prominant. Her face also is not round like it used to be. That may be from weight loss.

Anonymous said...

OMG that LV bag is freakin' hideous.

MnGddess said...

Love the reader photo.

I hope Ashton went home and deloused himself after touching Joe WhatsHisName the Perv.

I've always thought Louis Vuitton was a bit boring and tacky.

I miss Salt N Pepa!!

I hope Ashanti makes a comeback.

surfer said...

Fantabulous is indeedy a word, just like absatively (that's my word [absolutely/positively], but a word nonetheless).

Looks like Bonnie Franklin's shawl is velcroed to the backdrop!

I like Grant Show better without the stache - not everyone can wear it well.

Minka Kelly is stunning, and her dress is gorgeous, all but the bubble hem.

Heard Uma & Ethan had a big blow-up shortly after this pic was taken.

Funny reader photo. No mistaking her for the whale! Very cute.

califblondy said...

Another fantabulous reader picture.

Reese said...

Jax, you were too polite about Nicky's horrid bag. Vuitton is for the segment of the nouveau riche population who are vulgar, tacky, and brainless enough to spend any money whatsoever on a bag that is deliberately designed to be as gaudy and tacky as possible and is made of inferior materials and assembled by desperate children in third world sweatshops. LV can legally get away with saying "made in Italy" because the handle is attached there, the rest of the bag is made in China. This bag is about as elegant and refined as the creature carrying it.

Grant Show looks like an escapee from "Boogie Nights".

Bernadette Peters and Bonnie Franklin look better than practically everyone else in today's lineup. (Practically; Minka and Cate look great despite some questionable wardrobe choices.)

Anonymous said...

Forgot to comment on the reader photo: so cute, actually looks a little like Minka Kelly. Who are you?

Unknown said...

I miss One Day at a Time, too. Bonnie Franklin looks GREAT.

I TOTALLY admit to loving that Aly & AJ song "Rush". Total guilty pleasure. Glad to hear they're not little Whorehans in training. MIGHT just be weight loss with Alyson Hannigan - her head looks WAAAAAAAAY too big for her body. I'm sure she didn't ask for that... ;) lol

Yeah the gold lame is tacky as hell, but I'm in the "Cate Blanchett can wear anything all the time forever and always" camp lol

I bet Beyonce limited Michelle Williams' screen time in the videos bcs Michelle is 100 times better looking.

Something happened to Ethan Hawke's nose - it looks like the tip was chopped off. Probably just the angle, but it's disturbing. I cannot believe he used to be THE hottest. How times have changed...


Our reader is STACKED. Nice job!


jax said...

reader is cute as hell-fess up!

reese- i stand corrected i was too nice. that bag is fucking ugly. and so is the LV.


Moxie said...

That LV bag looks like a plastic sack, how funny! I can't imagine anyone actually thinking it's cute or looks good. Seriously, would anyone here PAY MONEY for it?

If I bought a sweater and they put it in a bag like that I would put used kitty litter in it and then toss it in the trash, like I do with all the other freebie plastic sacks I bring home from stores.

Maja With a J said...

Oh! There he is again!

dancersmom said...

Does it seem like John Mayer is just trying to add notches to his bedpost. Maybe he is planning to write a book at some point. He seems to enjoy writing on his blog. His resume of ladies is becoming pretty impressive.

princess pea said...

dancersmom - good point. He's like a male slut - a mut (not implying he's a mutt, although...)!

SisterMaryHotPantz said...

look at the guy behind Shia.....bwwwwhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I luff the readers photo! Kewt!

Ashton does not look amused in any of the pics, even the pic with Matthew Perry.

Uma looks uh....tired....or haggard

Leo Sayer! Crack me up.

Harrison was a hoot on Letterman last night.

That is all.

RagDoll said...

Ent officially has no un-hot readers. CDAN is like the VIP room at Mokai when famous people are afoot. You must be THIS hot to play. heh heh heh!! Very, very pretty reader pic! Qui et vous?

I have the same dress Ashanti is wearing in that pic! The "Lily Peacock Sequin Dress" from MLH, ha ha! Only, I had to pay for mine, no one gave it to me for free :(

Grant Show is looking like Midnight Cowboy era Jon Voight

I think Alyson Hannigan had blepharoplasty. It's when the doctor removes that little bubble of extra skin above the eyelid to make people look more "awake" and fresh and big-eyed.

Mattie said...

Hey, This is my first post. Just had to say I love seeing Aussies, those who actually work in Australia all the time, so nice to see.
Go Damian!

c17 said...

Ent, sersly the bitterness is left to Jezebel or TMZ. However, I'm stoked about Bernadette (looks AWWESOME!) and Leo (swoon!)

/yes, I am old. GET OFF MY LAWN!

Judi said...

Ahem. Vuitton bags don't shine like Nicky's Betting it's fake. Louis rolled in his grave loooong ago.
Saw larger Hannigan photos elsewhere; weight loss and Botox on those side-of-the-nose laugh-line crevasses. Look at her - she's smiling but there's no fold. Calista, too. Not good; clown faces.
Harrison didn't look this skinny in other photos at Cannes. Bad angle.
Cate, I love you but that dress is a miss.
Well, that's because Bernadette actually KNOWS HOW TO DO SOMETHING! Several things actually, and well.
Derek Jeter's consoling Minka. She wins.
Leo looks great! Love Karen Allen. She was the only Indy girl.
Indigo's right about Wilmer - HA!
Enty, if you fake it long enough, it'll happen.
Modine is just hot. Period. Hawke is not. Period.
SisterMary, that might be a girl. She's ALL I saw!! Hilarious!
Lovely Reader, you're gorgeous! 'Fess up!


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