Thursday, May 22, 2008

This Is What Gossip Has Come To

I can't believe that I am actually about to sit and write something about this and that US Weekly actually printed it in their magazine and that at least 10 other gossip sites have reported the same thing. Some barista. Ok, stop for a second. Why do the cashiers at Starbucks get to call themselves baristas and the cashiers at McDonalds are just cashiers? Is this elitist? Racist? They make the same amount of money, so why is the person at Starbucks made to feel superior with their title? Does someone who works as a cashier at McDonalds dream of that next big promotion in the world to barista?

Anyway, the dude who gets the Olsen twins coffee each day has confessed to substituting their preferred skim milk, for gasp, whole milk. Yes, it seems that he thought they were too skinny and thus needed the benefits of the fattening whole milk.

Hey, I guarantee you that whole milk is probably the least offensive thing the twins have had thrown into their coffee cups over the years. I heard one time, this coffee dude, used soy instead of milk. I know, I know. Huge scandal. Oh, and this one other time, someone put an extra shot of espresso. He had something entered into his file permanently. Shunned he was. Ruined for life. Forced to work at Seattle's Best now. Can't get a sniff of another Starbucks.


jax said...

racist? lol..jaysus. this story as tedious as it is made me laugh as i read it. haha bitches! god knows MK will be running an extra 5miles on the treadmill upon hearing it.

canadachick said...

now if only their stylists could slip some decent clothes in their closet .......sigh - bag lady chic is so over

selenakyle said...

Milk helps you throw up better.

SHE SHE said...

A guy in our town whacked off in the mashed potatoes everyday for years and years in the restaurant he worked at. They should be grateful it was whole milk in their coffee - it can always be worse!

Unknown said...

Oh, are those supposed to be milk mustaches? Silly me.

Judi said...

Slow day, Enty?

Anonymous said...

oh eat shit, Seattle's Best is way better than Starbucks.

lol sorry i'm a lil crabby today

De said...

As amusing as it is to laugh at the idea that two very skinny girls only order skim milk to stay that way and "haha the barista showed them"...

This is a DANGEROUS and STUPID idea for any waiter or food-prep person to do.

For all he knew, they are Lactose Intolerant and were getting the little bit of dairy they could handle each day in their Lattes. He could have caused them severe intestinal distress and made them very sick, depending.

Its NOT up to the guy at Starbucks, the waitress at Applebee's or the chef at The Four Seasons to decide what you are supposed to eat. You order it, they make it to your order. By doing what he did he played a very dangerous game.

Does he do it to other people? Who say, order a hot chocolate instead of coffee because they have adverse reactions to the caffeine, but because they looked 'down' he threw in a shot of espresso? (Which, for example, would cause me to have a severe, several days long migraine within 6 hours of drinking it...)

This idiot could cause pain, suffering and illness - and even death if he inserts an allergen into someone's meal because HE DECIDED it would be better that way.

Its not his job to monitor his customer's nutritional intake, and he's a complete idiot for thinking its okay/doing so - and should be fired/kept from food prep for the public.

**this is a hot button subject for me, as i have had to send back too many plates at a restaurant because they "just scraped the allergen off the plate" or "it wasn't that many"...**

Tania said...

de anne,
you have a good point. I think some people follow the Nana Royle theory of vegetarianism when it comes to allergans, too! (From 'The Royle Family' - Nana thought the son's veggie g/f could eat wafer-thin ham, as it''s not a lot of meat...)
If a person makes their needs clear, the server must follow them. To do otherwise is criminally irresponsible.
I don't have any allergies, but I would never assume those who have are just 'putting it on'.


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