Friday, May 23, 2008

Random Photos Part One - With A Reader Photo

Just thought I would get you all warmed up for FFF by posting this photo of Paul Murray in his Bob The Builder outfit. Oh, and that big dude is Batista. Not in FFF, so don't start smiling from ear to ear.
Who doesn't love Bryan Cranston? OK, there is probably someone, but he is just so versatile.
Alanis Morissette - New York
Ahhh, the elusive movie kiss. Wow, don't they look real? It really looks like Justin Bartha and Catherine Zeta Jones would rather do anything in this world other than kiss each other. Although, the ass grab is a nice touch on both their parts.

Do you see Heather Locklear 20 years ago in this photo of Charlize Theron?
In a blast from the past here's Cheryl Tiegs.
Those before and after photos are killers as Christina Ricci is discovering.
Counting Crows - New York
So, every site that I have run across today is calling this a lesbian kiss. Remember Ali says they are just best friends. Actually, unless Samantha comes out of this with a hickey, I don't think it is that bad.

This one either.
I am now picking Laka to win Eurovision. They have to win. It's like watching Willy Wonka meets Alice In Wonderland on acid.
Jennifer. It's ok. You can buy a bigger size dress.
Shortly after this photo, a gust of wind came along and Jackie Chan's career went right over the railing.

I think Robert Evans is telling Ali MacGraw about the time he set his pool on fire and then brought out the elephants who were being ridden by strippers.

Prince Charles joke #1 -
"I say, this is rather more of a weed than a tree. Speaking of weeds, have I told you about the marvelous time I had in Jamaica?
Prince Charles joke #2 -
"Tastes a little like chicken."
It's not a really bad A&F ad, but rather some press for a film called Newcastle. Wow. This should make $5, maybe less.
I actually thought at first that this photo of Mark Wahlberg was taken at a wax museum exhibit.

Usher - London

I didn't even recognize Sienna Miller. This is on the set of G.I. Joe.
So is this one pant leg rolled up thing kind of like the one glove thing from Michael Jackson.
This is a press photo for a show in the UK called Strictly Come Conducting. It is a spin off of Strictly Come Dancing which is here in the US as Dancing With The Stars. Please with everything that is holy in this world, do not have a Conducting With The Stars show here in the US, because I would have no choice but to kill myself.
Ahhhh. It took awhile today, but here is our reader photo of the day.

18 comments: said...

All the sites are waiting of confirmation of Lindsay and Samantha being involved in a relationship. Please. Some things just don't need an official confirmation.

Be happy for them.

califblondy said...

Beautiful reader picture!

littleoleme said...

Alannis, your thighs, isn't it ironic? (see, that wasn't ironic like how nothing in that song was ironic!!!).

As for Lindsey and that DJ chick, who cares. As long as she has found someone who won't treat her like shit. I know she's a mess but the girl has never had a support system or parents so I cut her some slack.

jax said...

i could care less if they are a couple BUT i dont hold an caress my bff like that. uhuh.

reader photo- hot. we need to do a calender. the Women of CDAN! we're missing a pic from our main gay DN.

i see Sammy Joe in that pic too EL. one hand in some chocolate. breakups suck girl.

Alexadds said...

That is my pic- long time lurker.

Maja With a J said...

Alex, do you have different colour eyes? Or does it just look like you do in that picture? Ether way, you're gorgeous!

And yes, Charlize Theron totally looks like Heather Locklear in that picture.

moira said...

I know it's weird, but I'm starting to think Lindsay and Sam are a cute couple. I'm so sick of Lohan, but she and Ronson together are kind of oddly lovable.

Also, regarding SJP and the pant thing: HUH?? I'm confused, did she ride a bike to the show? And had to roll up her pants so as not to get them caught in the chain? And was she wearing those shoes when she was riding the bike? Actually, if that was the case, then she is my new hero.

Um, and Bryan Cranston is freaking adorable.

Judi said...

Alexa, you're beautiful! Gorgeous eyes! Aren't we a good-looking group?! :-D
Read elsewhere that Alanis is p.g. Hope so.
Could not care less what Lilo does. Or SJP-P. Or Sienna.
The Newcastle cast photo: guy on the left = John Schneider or Rick Schroeder. Geez, lots of sch's.
Ali McGraw's response: "Yes, Bob. I was there."
Justin B looks like he's into it but CSJ's doing the tight smoochy lips.

Unknown said...

I'm a straight girl and I am very physically affectionate with my female friends. It's not unusual::to be loved by anyone::for me to kiss them on the lips or cuddle them. I wouldn't read anything sexual into it...but even if they were together, who cares? It seems to me that Sam is interested in keeping Lindsey from ruining her life more than she already has.

lutefisk said...

Cheryl Tiegs used to endorse a product line at the company I had worked for about 16 years ago. She would come in looking pretty beat up in tight jeans & thigh high leather boots, look us up & down like we were garbage, & then ignore us for the rest of the day. She was such a bitch!

Winston Ono said...

Lez Lohan is so much more interesting/likable than drug addled Lohan. And I agree, they are an oddly cute couple.

surfer said...

I'm big on smooches, but no way do I kiss my girl friends that way. No way, no how. But if this relationship is working for Lindsay, and keeping her more or less on the straight and narrow, then good for her.

Really nice pic, alexa.

I agree Ent, Jen could use a larger size dress. It would be a lot more flattering.

Unknown said...

The movie "Newcastle" is a coming of age story set in Newcastle, NSW, Australia, about a group of young surfers who meet and accept a boy who "comes out".

d said...

can someone explain to me the deal with the before and after pics of Christina Ricci? Are they literally taken the same week, demonstrating what a good wig and makeup can do, or are they taken a year apart, showing what a little healthy weight gain can do?

Because I think she looks great lately, looks healthy.

Monalicious said...

Batista, baby......... so hot. I've never seen so many muscles in my life!!!
Think you could find some WWE wrestlers for FFF????

Amber said...

Sienna Miller looks soooo much better with dark hair, wow!

RagDoll said...

I had no time to really comment on much yesterday, but I had to come back to say how stunning Alexadds is! Gorgeous, gorgeous grey eyes! Jax, LMAO @ "The Girls of CDAN" calendar. Ent's 50 ex wives would be rich! Heh heh heh!

Alexadds said...

I did not have time to come back yesterday, but thanks for the props. I have green eyes (same for both) maybe don't show up that green in the pic.


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