Monday, May 19, 2008

Cannes Day 6

Gwenyth Paltrow

Jeremy Gilley and Jude Law

Jackie Chan with Lui Feng Chao and Wang Wenjie

Monica Bellucci

Sean Combs

Clemence Posey and Jim Sturgess
Arta Dobroshi

Kristin Scott Thomas

Natalie Portman


Kristen S. said...

I understand that Gwyneth is trying to sexify her image...but looking at that pic of her, someone need sto teach her that sexy is more than just a dress - it's body language, posture, facial expression & general demeanor that makes someone exude sex.

She looks like my most tomboyish friend if someone threw her into a glamorous, high fashion dress and shoved her on the red carpet.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Awww, I love Gwyneth. At least her choices are usually REALLY interesting and unexpected. She CAN look totally lovely, or she can also look sort of awkward; she's hit or miss, for me. I like this look on her a lot, actually, and she appears genuinely happy. Her posture is good, her smile is bright. I don't care how stunning the gown is -- if the person wearing it looks miserable, the person looks busted.

Gwyn is also gonna look exactly like her mama when she gets older, which is ONLY a good thing. Blythe Danner is GOOOORGEOUS.

Basically, she won me over after she played Sylvia Plath and did a great job of it.

I LOVE Kristen Scott Thomas! I really wish she'd do something artsy and intellectual again, as opposed to the post-English Patient garbage she began working on.

Oh, Natalie. HONEY. That dress? No.

Monica Bellucci looks horrid. That dress does her slammin' body no favors.

Unknown said...

C'mon, no comments on what Jeremy is suggesting? :)

And agree with previous poster, Yay Kristin, Natalie looked better in the other pics, and Monica could have worn something better. Maybe try Gwenyth's dress on her...:)

The Dude Abides said...

Monica Bellucci's face looks bizarre. Not sure what happened to her. Bummer about Jude Law's receding hairline, too. He's got that peninsula thing going on with his hair.

Bad Ass Momma said...

Diddy looks like an idiot. His "trying to be cool" bow tie is just ridiculous. Why is it so far below his adam's apple?

Jazz Hands said...

Dave, I was totally going to say,

"Looks like that guy with Jude has been checking him out on Full Frontal Fridays."

kellygirl said...

Jeremy is lying. We've seen Jude, it's only half that.

ablake said...

Sean Combs and his entourage should have done the Jackie Chan pose.
Comedy gold would ensue.

MnGddess said...

Um, Gwyneth's dress looks like she put it on backwards.....

Amber said...

Monica Belluci is stunning, but that dress is yuck.

Fantasygirl said...

Jim Sturgess is looking mighty fione there. He's so hot and his new movie "Heartless" is gonna be awesome.


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