Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Crackhead Kids

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, Amy Winehouse is caught on video. No, it isn't taking drugs, or having sex although that would be pretty painful for all of us. No, it's much worse. No, it isn't Amy sucking on Pete's nasty fingers one by one or watching her smile big for the cameras displaying her missing teeth. Brace yourselves.

Amy Winehouse wants kids with Blaaaaaake and she shares it with the world or the paps or at least in her mind. Yes, you heard it straight from her. Queen Crackhead wants kids. Obviously she sees what a great parent Pete Doherty is to his kid. You know, being a role model and all that. Pete did see his kid the other day for the first time in forever, and the kid probably wanted to know why he had pissed off his mom so much that she made him spend time with dad.

For f**ks sake, lets pretend that somehow Blaaaaaake gets our of jail before Amy kills herself, and they manage to stay sober long enough to have sex, and Blaaaaaaaaaaaake manages to get Amy pregnant. Ummm, are we all going to sit here and say that Amy is going to be 100% sober through her pregnancy? There is not a chance in hell, and this baby is going to have the worst life in the entire world. There probably isn't a birth defect known to man that this kid won't have, and Amy can't wait to make it all happen.

The video was messing up the formatting of the site, so if you want to see it, click here.


Anonymous said...

maybe, just maybe, a baby would give her a purpose to life. for some people it turns their life around.

it could happen.


bionic bunny! said...

or not.

SHE SHE said...

Drugged out losers procreate everyday on our planet. All their screwed up kids go to our schools and screw it up for the normal kids by hitting teachers, other students, etc... where have you been ENT? Only when it's Amy Winehouse wanting to do it you become alarmed? Go to any public school and see the kids born to addicts. It is a major problem.

jax said...

I don't think El only cares when it's Amy Winehouse...its a fuckin downer to read about all that and I for one don't want to be bummed out when i come to read snark.

Not to be a bitch and not to you personally Sheet...but why does everyone seem to have a conscience now about what he writes and what gets posted? its his Blog and it hasn't chaged since I started reading...maybe the opinions of the readers has changed but EL is EL and its his blog. Suck it up or don't read.
IMO. off my soap box..lol.

Lux Luthor said...

Couldn't agree more, jax. I get annoyed when people start bitching about what EL chooses to write about or how he chooses to express himself (being "mean," etc). I'm not directing this at any particular poster or posters, BTW. Just sayin'.

what is eight past six? said...

I can't help but think Amy does not have the physical wellness to even get pregnant, or to carry a baby to term. She's ridiculously underweight and probably has amenorrhea, her uterus may be a "hostile environment" for any incoming sperm, and all the crap she has done/is probably still doing it would likely kill any zygote that managed to form.

And all this is assuming that her ovaries haven't declared "We quit this bitch" and completely fallen out a long time ago.

selenakyle said...

Me neither, and I don't care what Ent thinks about Wino or any other junkie.

But sheetrock has a good point--this is a problem.

Anyone ever watched the movie "Idiocracy?"

Stupidity on all levels + lack of birth control = a sad future for the the planet.

selenakyle said...

the the...duh! Good typo as I was complaining about stupidity...

hee hee :)

selenakyle said...

And yes, it does seem like peeps are ragging on Ent lately.

Poor Enty...just keep the FFFs coming and I'm OK with ignoring your sexist, ageist and weight-ist comments!

Lux Luthor said...

"And all this is assuming that her ovaries haven't declared "We quit this bitch" and completely fallen out a long time ago."

This made me LOL in my cubicle, shattering the silence of the boring, depressing office I work in.

@ SelenaKyle: OMG, I think of "Idiocracy" every time news of some ill-advised celebrity pregnancy breaks—and over the past year or two, that's been quite a lot. Jamie-Lynn Spears being the most recent example. I won't even get into how many times I'm reminded of that movie by things I see in everyday life.

selenakyle said...

Yep--crazy, huh?!

It should be taught in civics classes everywhere as a warning.

Not Sure for President!

Anonymous said...

I thought I read Blake wanted a divorce or was that a lie.

Amy might be a good singer but she really needs to do something about the way she looks and the drugs she is taking. Especially if she wants kids. Needs to do a complete turn around.

Unknown said...

jax said...
12:06 PM




SHE SHE said...

But you all get so upset about El's comments on women's bodies? What a fuckin' double standard. I'll say what I want, when I want and if my comments are causing YOUR depression-
time for some meds or some vodka or mix it up and try both!!

NatD said...

Nah, you're all wrong. Because she IS a crackhead, she'll definitely get pregnant.

I know this because "good girls" like me can't have kids, but my mom fosters the offspring of crackheads all the time.

Hmm...maybe there's something in the crack that cures infertility? Anyone know where the local crack den is so I can score?

Judi said...

Very sorry, Natd. Sure seems that way, doesn't it?
Agree and hope you're right, Gayla.


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