Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cannes Day 8

Madonna and Guy Ritchie

Benicio Del Toro
Bill Pullman and Julia Ormond

Estelle Lefebure

Naomi Campbell and Christophe Rocancourt

Sharon Stone
Natalie Portman
Michelle Yeoh

Eva Herzigova
Christian Slater and Ziyi Zhang


Anonymous said...

I am like the female version of the creepy white guy with an unnatural attraction to Asian women, cause I just freakin' love Zhang Ziyi and Michelle Yeoh. Michelle's dress is AMAZING!

How did Sharon Stone manage to look human?

lutefisk said...

I thought madonna was an Olson.

HthrHllywd said...

Natalie you look b e a u t i f u l.

And cascading from your cooch is not such a good look.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Holy crap, Guy Ritchie looks positively miserable.

jax said...

ha ha fricken ha! Madonna that dress makes you look OLD! OLLLLD!

ah Guy the life we could have had if not for the shrew.

Slater looks constipated.

Anonymous said...

Michelle Yeoh looks stunning. Absolutely stunning.

And Im' with hthrhllywd - eva herzegova's dress is awful.

selenakyle said...

Damn, the lighting must be heavenly in the Riviera cuz everyone is looking gorgeous to me in these shots.

If I look half as good as Sharon Stone in 6 years, I'll be thrilled!

How come Ent left Zhang Ziyi's name out of the caption?

Anonymous said...

Ugly dress festival, wow. Natalie Portman looks cute in hers - nice to see her in something flirty - but otherwise, it's hard to say which of the remaining dresses is uglies.

LOL Adrian to Madonna looking like an Olson - you nailed it =)

liveunderarock said...

Caution clothing snark ahead.
Eva - Marilyn Monroe bathing suit with with sheer cover-up. Dropping one shoulder makes it look even more like a swimsuit
Sharon - the most unSharon Stone like photo I have ever seen of SS.
Madonna - LOL
Natalie - satin sofa pillow
Estelle - meh
Michelle - I like.
Naomi - I would let her throw the cell phone at me, if she would give me that dress.

Maja With a J said...

Re: Eva Herzigova's dress.

I'm not sure I'm ready for the 90's to come back just yet. I've been struggling with the 80's for a while now, and that's enough for me for a while. said...

Lord, isn't it time for everyone to pack up and go home yet?

Mel said...

Not keen on her but like Naomi's dress.

Anonymous said...

Madonna looks horrible. Guy's face looks like what am I doing here.
I like Julia Ormond. Love Chocolate with Johnny Depp.

Who is the weirdo with Naomi. Isn't he afraid of getting his head bashed lol.

Sharon looks different. Don't really like her outfit.

Natalie looks cute.

Michelle Yeon is so pretty and her dress is beautiful. Very stylish.

Eva H. looks like a pin-up girl in that outfit.

Unknown said...

The dude with Naomi is a known con artist and criminal - I thought he was in prison, actually.
I'm kind of surprised to see him at a celebrity event.
Does anyone else recognise him? He pretended to be from the "European" branch of the Rockefeller family...
He and Naomi make a a nice couple...

Unknown said...

Julia Ormond has been looking hot this week.

IndigoBlue said...

Are Bill Pullman and Julia Ormond a couple for real? If so, how long and where have I been??

califblondy said...

What's Naomi doing with the poser con guy? Maybe he likes being whipped with a cellphone?

I saw him interviewed once and he could not admit that he'd never con again.

Hmmm, karma wins again.

mooshki said...

Where is Christian's hand?! Run, Ziyi, Run!!!

Ayesha said...

califblondy, I was wondering if that was the same dude that pretended to be a Rockefeller... Guess so!


Brenda22 said...

What the heck is wrong with Eva? She wore something just as bad a couple of years ago to an event. It was yellow and had slits all the way up to her ass. We get it, you have a great need to show your ass all the time to prove it.

Laurie-Anne R Collins said...

I love how Michelle Yeoh is so pretty and stylish and elegant and can kick yo ass!

Unknown said...

Um yeah, no!
Madonna does NOT do flapper good... Ick!

Holly Crap!
It looks like Naomi had her dress designed by Charmin with a little foil around the mid-section.

I could say the same of Natalie's dress, but it's red... Hmmmmmm, no, never mind, I won't go there! Double ick!

I could go without that decoupage/negligee thingie Eva's wearing too. But that neck piece: WOW! I need a closeup of that.

Looks like Christian's face has finally relaxed after the botox set in, eh? He doesn't have that perpetually surprised look on his face now.

surfer said...

Gotta love that pic of Naomi Campbell and Christophe Rocancourt (although looking at the top of his head, he looks photoshopped in) - two felons hanging out! Didn't realize he was out of jail. Maybe they were comparing notes. Or maybe he's going by a new name now.

And like jewels said, Eva looks like she's wearing a fancy nightgown!

Unknown said...

Did anyone see the Madonna post on Lainey today? ONCE AGAIN Lainey pretty much confirmed Guy beats his wife :(

Benicio Del Toro usually gets me all swooning. He looks...odd here...something wrong with his hairline or something O_o

Julia Ormond - one of the many older actresses who put the young broads to SHAME. Gorgeous.

selenakyle said...

Re: Adding to jenner's Lainey comment--

I think she also makes it sound like Kate Hudson is the actress who goes to Europe as an "escort."

SisterMaryHotPantz said...

Jenner, I am with ya on Benicio, what the hail is going on with his face?

Natalie Portman...girls with skinny bods should not wear fluffy red bags for dresses.

Guy and Madonna's body language sez it all.

And I say...

THat is all!

Judi said...

Don't get me started. >deep breath< Passons.

Madonna DOES look an Olson. Sharon Stone looks like the other one.
Love Julia Ormond. Pullman, eh.
Michelle and Ziyi are awesome.
Eva's dress would have been beautiful if covered another 2 feet lower. All we see is her right thigh.

PeepStone said...

hey, sylvia, juliet binoche was in chocolat not julia ormond.


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