Monday, May 19, 2008

Would You Let Your 12 Year Old Hang Out With Amy Winehouse?

Have you seen the new video of Amy Winehouse with her 12 year old goddaughter Dionne? Well if you haven't, you can check it out below. In the video Amy and Dionne duet on an Alicia Keys song. The purpose of the duet is for some type of audition tape for Dionne so she can come to the US for some kind of music summer camp. I say that she should get invited no matter what.

She obviously can't rely on her parents to make smart decisions for her. They are letting her hang out with Amy. First shot in the video is Amy chugging from a bottle of whiskey. Then we get five minutes of Amy trying to play guitar and singing along. Amy is kind of like the drunk relative who always wants to do things with you which are just really uncomfortable. Most of the time they only occur at the holidays, but apparently with Amy, she sees this kid a bunch.

The problem is the kid loves Amy and doesn't think Amy has ever done anything wrong. If she thinks that, then I really am scared about what her parents are doing in front of her. Lets assume they are totally perfect angels around Dionne. How do you explain Amy to her? "Well honey, Aunt Amy has some problems and so she is trying to work through them. Yes, honey, drinking helps her with her problems. Yes, honey that little rock she's smoking is actually helping her. Oh, don't worry about the needle in her arm honey, she is just injecting some medicine to make her feel better. Oh? the guy with the black teeth? He used to date Kate Moss. Yes, I know it is weird watching them have sex right here. Oh, they showed you the video of the cats eating the mice?"


captivagrl said...

what a mess.

Tigercat said...

Dionne has a good voice. It's too bad the accompaniment breaks in rather than enhances her singing.

Did the cats really eat the baby mice?

Mel said...

You have to laugh through the tears or is it cry through the laughter...either way Amy's both sad and amusing.

ACAER said...

So in other words, Amy shouldn't have any human contact with people a few years younger than her? You are so bitter, did she do something to hurt you?

Maja With a J said...

I don't know if I would let my kid hang out with Amy...or rather, I would probably let my kind hang out, under the supervision of myself or an other adult. But would I let Amy hang out with my kid or my family? Hmm. perhaps it's time to tell her that unless she gets clean, she won't get to see some of her family again. It's an ultimatum many junkies are faced with, for families to show their loved ones that there are consequences to their behaviour. Sometimes it works, sometimes they choose the drugs.


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