Monday, May 19, 2008

Random Photos Part One - With A Reader Photo

Don't read anything into the fact that this reader photo is on the top. Not playing favorites, I just forgot to include it until the end and so it is on top. I've got about four or five more reader photos ready and they will be posted in the order I got them. I figure that with another 10 or so, I will go ahead and post them again in one big reader photo post. This reader got into the whole 80's thing from Friday. Obviously.
I love Andrea Martin and I guarantee you this is probably the only site or tabloid that will post her photo. The woman is hilarious and now her career comes down to being posted on my site. Hardly seems fair. Meanwhile, Jessica Simpson who really has no discernible talent has her photo splashed over about 300 sites.

The flowers might have been from Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaake, but we all know he used Amy's credit card to pay for them.
I was going to rag on Chuck Wicks for this outfit, but then decided it was a pretty cool way to get out of wearing a tie. That being said, it is only interesting once. After today it is no different than the t-shirt with the tux painted on it.

Having no teeth is the least of Carrot Top's issues.
Clint Black was probably the best dressed guy at the Country Music Awards. The orange monster above was probably the worst.
I say probably because Criss Angel was there. Isn't there a magician out there with stronger powers than Criss who could maybe make him disappear. I mean Lance Burton makes a damn airplane disappear every night, you would think someone could make Criss disappear.
Brooke Mueller. Still ring less. I'm surprised she actually left Charlie alone in the house. Charlie Sheen alone and with access to Craig's List is just a recipe for disaster.

Wow. It's like Karolina Kurkova is wearing a tennis court.

After the awards, Jake Owen will go back to being the limo driver.
Jewel looks incredible.
It looks like Don Yates met Wynona Judd on the way to the show, beat the crap out of her and stole her dress to wear over his jeans.
David Spade was at the awards because he's hoping he can actually find someone he hasn't hit on, and he already missed the Dove Awards.
Pete Murray - Sydney

Yeah. Got it. You're pregnant.
Hairdresser - "Oh, honey. I know what will look good." sucks in cigarette and wipes dropped ash off Marisa's hair. "I'll pile your hair on top of your head a foot tall, and it will look so good. Beehives are in."
Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton make a good looking couple.
You know I love Kellie Pickler, but I bet she has no idea what that new tattoo really says. Oh, she knows what the stoned dude who did it says it meant, but he just got it out of a magazine.
Tace Adkins decided to wear the suit he's going to be buried in, just to make sure it fits right.

Staind - Camden, NJ
When your "girlfriend" is laughing at your tight pants and your feeble attempt to show off, you know you have a problem.
Sacha Baron Cohen on the set of his new film.
Didn't mean to put you last Ringo. Just kind of forgot. Hey, kind of like the rest of the Beatles always treated you.


califblondy said...

OMG, I love the reader picture.

And thanks for Clint Black. said...

Amy Winehouse and Carrottop...EEEEEEKKKKKK. Carrottop was so funny, now he is made of plastic and looks like a mutant GI Joe. He should have been in the Batman movie. They would have saved a bundle on make up. I saw him once about 14 years ago and I laughed so hard my stomach was sore.

Nicole Kidman looks like Bree VandeCamp.

Sasha Baron Cohen is such a chameleon. Is he supposed to be nice or an ass in his real life?

Praetorian said...

Is that Adrian?

kellygirl said...

Wow! Tiffany is a reader? Who knew?

califblondy said...

Every picture I've seen of Nicole Kidman from last night she has her hands around that baby bump. Do you think she reads the tabs that say she's padded?

I think the Princess is attractive and very stylish.

Anonymous said...

Don Yates/"Wolf"/"Don Hollywood", looks straight (or gay, rather) out of an International Male catalog.

and Jake Owen can be my limo driver. Hopefully he likes the tip I plan on giving him. RAWR!

lutefisk said...

Ha Ha Praetorian!! The 80's hair, mini skirt & the approximate age are right, but that's not me!!
Ah, the 80's...good times, good times!!!!

By the way, Amy Winehouse looks like
Yoda. But, someone did send her flowers the day after. Good for her!

Unknown said...

Hey Carrot, thanks for just throwing on the tank top that was on the top of your dirty clothes pile, you couldn't have worn a clean, unwrinkled one? Stooge.

Thank you for covering up Amy, I just ate.

Unknown said...

Wasn't that Amy Winehouse picture creepy? Sort like a pre-R.I.P., doncha think?

Yellow Rose said...

Thank you Ent for the Miranda & Blake pic!!! They are such an adorable couple-you should see them sing together, they're even cuter. I got to see her play at RodeoHouston this year (she ROCKED!! It was more like a full concert & not the abbreviated type concert you usually see at the Rodeo) & Blake came up about halfway through & they sang his new single "Home"...beautiful.

I'm so thrilled she won album of the year-it's the best album I've heard in years! (every single song is awesome & she wrote 8 of the 11, seriously, everyone needs to buy "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" :)) The fact that she's a fellow native Texan doesn't hurt her appeal either.;)

ablake said...

I agree that Blake and Miranda are a good looking couple. I would like them more, however, if he had gotten a divorce from his wife before he started taking her to a nearby hotel and pretty much making it known vows are only vows until a younger girl sets her sights on you.
Trace Adkins is one of the good guys, Ent. He's solid. A friend of mine works for him and says he's one of the only country stars he's seen that actually does behave himself when he's away from the wife and kids.

So...why is Nicole Kidman wearing heels? Wouldn't that be a bit uncomfortable?

captivagrl said...

it would be so funny if someone grabbed nicole's pillow and ran away with it! maybe that's why she's always holding on. lol, i'm cracking myself up!

lutefisk said...

that cracked me up also!

Sinjin said...

"It looks like Don Yates met Wynona Judd on the way to the show, beat the crap out of her and stole her dress to wear over his jeans."

I've never heard a more funny, dead-on description! LOL

Dijea said...

Ringo, you are my favorite Beatle!

Liz said...

I beg you, please don't post anymore pictures of Carrot Top! It takes me at least a 1/2 day to regain my sight after that nonsense.

The Dude Abides said...

Carrot Top needs to lay off the steroids. We get it man, you work out. But now, you're looking like a freak, and I'm not even commenting on the face.

Bad Ass Momma said...

Captiva i think I love you

mags said...

Another lovely reader photo. My first guesses are jax & harriet hellfire. harriet because of the hair color. I've been called hellfire because of my hair coloring. I had the same outfit and I will still wear my big hoop earings, the thinner ones.

I don't know Miranda & Blake but they're cute and I love her dress.

Has Brooke Mueller added front and rear end bumpers?

Jewel looks great.

The Don Yates comment is wicked funny.

Amy Winecrack's head is caving in to her upper body.

I'm with liz, no more Carrot Top. Add Pete Dometherty to the no pics. I can't look at Scabface. He's not here but dlisted had him and I'm still recovering.

I did not recognize SBC.

Anonymous said...

Sasha as Bruno is totally channeling Californication-era Anthony Kiedis!

Btw mags, hellfire and jax have already been put in previous reader photos!

Mel said...

Grace I had similar thoughts. That pic of Amy gave me the creeps.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Uh...that reader photo is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Is that a Glamour Shot or something? My grandma always wanted me to get one of those done, and I steadfastly refused, but now I totally wish I had just caved in and done it. Making fun of yourself from decades past is pretty enjoyable.

That said, I ASPIRED to look JUST like that reader photo when I was, say, seven. I'll bet that chick listened to Winger and has read EVERY single Sweet Valley High book.

Trix! Californication Kiedis! YES. I know Bruno looked familiar!

Kory said...

My God, Sasha has a hot bod.

RagDoll said...

The reader photo:

So, so ,so startlingly much like my Mom in the 1980s that I had to do a double take. Imagine if Mom and I were both posting on here and not knowing it's each other!! Alas, our cutie reader isn't my mom...but it was funny to think about for a second

MnGddess said...

Oh, Lordy - is that reader in a glamour photo? They always put people in cheesy poses. I can never understand the hand-to-the-chin thing. But I gotta say, with that that outfit - I am transported back to the good old big-haired 80s......

Amber said...

hahahahaa that's the best reader photo to date. Reminds me of Tiffany 'I Think We're Alone Now' lol

Don't EVER post a Carrot Top picture without warning again!!! I was eating my breakfast :(

lutefisk said...

Did we ever find out who the Robin Sparkles look-a-like is?

Lana M. said...

It's me.

I lurk daily, but rarely comment. When Ent did the 80's post on Friday, I knew I had to send this in.

For the record: No Winger. No Sweet Valley High.

Thanks for not being to harsh, I was a little paranoid.

captivagrl said...

lana - it's a great photo! can't get any more 80's than that. i love it. no more lurking, you're famous now!

Maja With a J said...

Mags - I already had a photo in this section - this one is not me.

Love it though!

Maja With a J said...

Also, what exactly is Jeremy Gilley describing in that picture?

Reese said...


Great picture, I love it! You are VERY brave!

mooshki said...

Why would you subject us to Carrot Top?! Why?! Did we horribly offend you in some way?

mags said...

No more reader photo guessing for me.

I remember when I had my hs grad photo done. The photographer wanted me to do the hand on chin thing. I said no.


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