Monday, June 24, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #2

June 13, 2019

The authors of the major hit piece on the A list director are finally dishing the dirt on the incompetence and possible corruption, which held back publication of their massive hit piece, that ended the career of the A list director.

Maximillian Potter and Alex French "Esquire"/Bryan Singer


Now! said...

Where are they dishing the dirt? Info, please.

Now! said...

Also, given the current state of the corporate-owned media - Esquire is owned by Hearst - this is no surprise. When Vogue and People are letting low-end celebrities buy stories, why should Hearst be any better?

The story was picked up by The Atlantic, which is not owned by a for-profit company but by a foundation, largely funded by Steve Jobs' widow.

I don't always agree with The Atlantic's point of view, but they do have some interesting journalism from time to time.

Flashy Vic said...

I just assume that every fucking thing is owned by the Mouse.

If it isn't, it soon will be.

Freedom of thought/expression - a passing fad popular in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries among the optimistic and the deluded

Definition from Encyclopedia Mousetannica, E-G, published Mousetober 2231.

momo said...

lol VIC

Years ago I knew this genius nut job who lived in my neighborhood. He was very well educated and taken care of by his family, who I was told were wealthy. One day I ran into him in the drug store - he would walk around using his arm like an elephant's trunk at times - and he saw me across the store and quickly came in my direction. He stood in front of me and did a circular motion with his "trunk" and said really loud... WALT FUCKING DISNEY - I started laughing and he did too and then he just walked away, swinging his trunk.

Apropos to nothing but for some reason I felt compelled to immortalize the moment - his name was Robert, for the record.

Vita said...

Flashy-- wonderful to see you in top form today!

Momo-- that story is mesmerizingly amusing. Any more tales of Robert?

Vita said...

Forgot to ask...did anyone read the interview? Where do the fingers point?

Thursday November said...

Esquire is owned by a huge conglomerate, yes the story got killed.

molly said...

morno......respect for your writing.

yepthatsme said...


BayAreaGirl said...

@vita & Nutty, Alex French went on a twitter rant that was covered by multiple outlets. The links are in the comments in the original blind. He confirms what we all suspected (knew). The Exec's killed the story to suppressed the truth. No journalistic integrity whatsoever.

Vita said...

Thanks, BayAreaGirl!

OKay said...

Speaking of weirdos named Robert, @momo...

The name of the guy who lives behind us is Robert. I call him Cowboy Bob or Cowboy Bobby. He's a skinny, gangly guy of about 50 and all summer long, his standard outfit is a cowboy hat, cowboy boots and a banana hammock. You're welcome, Internet people!

Cuz if I've gotta've all gotta know.

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