Monday, June 10, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #3

May 31, 2019

The reality family is going to do it. They are actually going to cast the former athlete turned world class drug addict back on the show. Maybe they will talk about why there was never a baby and if it had something to do with the fact that one of the stars refused to have unprotected sex with the former athlete.

The Kardashians/Lamar Odom/Khloe


Lo Key says stop with the censorship already! said...

...only one of them refused?

Vita said...

They're going to trot him through to grovel and apologize and sing their praises.

Oh geez, what if they're setting up a plotline of him trying to win Khloe back?!?

sandybrook said...

So Lamar was supposed to be supplying stud service to the whores? Or was PMK auditioning him to see which one he was more suited to be hooked up with.

Lulu Filona said...

Surely this is a kindness blind because bringing a child into that mess would be cruel.

Jen said...

This blind seems to be implying that more than one "star" had sex with him. Ewww...

Jennifer said...

Doesn't he have a new book coming out??
Is this to diffuse his words and humiliate him further?

J said...

On one episode Khloe had mentioned that she remained on birth control during that marriage but didn't tell Lamar, because she knew it wasn't a good time to have a child. So that's not much of a secret anymore.

hothotheat said...

When he was on The View recently he sang their praises. Claiming they were the family he never had etc. My first thought was that all that positive talk about them would get him some favor.

hunter said...

@Meredith - that's the very first thought I had too, approval!

Man I don't know what to think, I can't help but wonder how Tristan got roped into that saga, probably his youth and naiveté, you know PMK is a whispering snake.

I don't believe Khloe's baby was carried by her, which makes me wonder how TF Tristan agreed to be the father, BUT - I'm glad Khloe has a little girl. I think it is good for her, especially if her fertility issues are true (probably - otherwise she would have had a kid a LONG time ago, right? #thinkaboutit).

I wonder what will happen to Kylie. Her poor soul. The ugly duckling that Mommy finally accepted after she changed everything she was to become someone who doesn't exist.

It's easy to hate on them, yes it's PMK's fault, but I remember being 19-22-23, I didn't know SHIT and was soooooo self conscious about how I looked and was often under the distinct impression it was the only thing that mattered (rich older boyfriend, natch).

But I also developed my natural talents, accomplished things and overcame great challenges, building character. Aw the poor girl.

Look how Rhianna turned out! Kylie will never grow up to be Rhianna.

Brayson87 said...

PMK does like to breed them doesn't she?

Weekittylass said...

That family has no business breeding. They will groom the girls and destroy the boys. They all need to be spayed and neutered. Maybe lobotomies but I have to think about that.

Randaleese said...

Seriously?? A BLIND?? Enty this is so crystal’re losing it. Besides, it’s the Kartrashians... like we really GAFF????

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