Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone. I think it is Halloween. I just went to a store where they were taking down all the Halloween items already and putting up Christmas lights and stocking candy cane. Oh, and the Halloween candy suddenly became Christmas candy. Yeah, like that is going to taste fresh in a few months.

Anyway, judging from some of the e-mails I have received in the past hour or so many of you are already drinking. I am right behind you, but please remember to be safe and if you have kids, be a good parent and wait until they fall asleep before stealing all the good candy.

Have a great weekend everyone.


mooshki said...

Happy Halloween to you too, Enty! I hope you get more treats than tricks. :)

ItsJustMe said...

Target has been having a holiday identity crisis - they've had the Christmas stuff next to the Halloween stuff for months!

Happy Halloween, all!

shelly_bean said...

pretty soon we'll have the Val stuff too.

Happy Halloween Enty! My work days would be miserable without ya.

Have fun & be safe everyone!

Melody the First said...

Happy Halloween, Enty.

One nice thing about the kid being grown and gone is you get to have all the good candy already. :)

CDAN Mod said...


halloween, easter and christmas candies are usually sent to store warehouse at the most 1 year prior to the holiday.

chocolate is good for at least one year. some say longer.

Judi said...

Thanks, Enty. Happy Halloween to you, too. :-D

sunnyside1213 said...

I have officially started drinking.

nunaurbiz said...

Happy Halloween, Enty and all my CDAN friends!!! Maybe next week we can send pix of ourselves in costume (even though some of us might not need a costume LOL) to share with each other!!!!

Be safe but have fun!!!

ardleighstreet said...

Happy Halloween to all and to all a safe and happy weekend!!

deity2 said...

Enty....a very Happy Halloween to you too! It is one of the favorite "holidays" in my house.....big, spooky displays, etc......except this year our new puppy ( 10 mo's old, 90 lbs) took a dislike to my display in front of the fireplace ( when I wasn't home) and shredded it!!! Styrofoam gravestones everywhere....needless to say what he did to my spiderwebs and plastic skulls.....yeah...I have been drinking since 12:01 pm!!!!!!! Cheers!

Momster said...

Happy Halloween!

I used to work at Walgreens stores doing exclusively Hallmark displays and aisles. In some ways it was great cuz I picked my hours. But it totally ruined holidays. I would get my first Christmas shipments in June (ornaments). By October, I was sick of it. The day after Christmas I put Valentine's Day stuff. To this day hubby knows not to buy me cards, lol.

Lisa (not original) said...

A good parent takes a bite of the candy to make sure there isn't any poison or razor blades in it. :)

I forgot to buy Halloween candy, so we are handy out candy canes. How fail is that?

Jocasta said...

Happy Halloween to the regular commenters guys get me through work days and sleepless nights.

Happy to be a lurker.

Ent, Happy Halloween.

I'm gonna watch every half ass decent movie that's horror this weekend from Doctor X to Frankenstein...Nosferatu to Gary Oldman's Dracula.

Either Netflix or local cable...TCM, etc.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

Katja said...

Happy Halloween everyone!

And guess what-
I WON!!!!!

If anyone here to the time to vote- Thank You!!

califblondy said...

Somebody beat me to the idea of posting our costume pictures. That'd be fun. Happy Halloween everyone. I'm trying to stay away from the candies, but not the the booze.

Choice said...

Happy Halloween to everyone!

Babs said...

(sigh)... Did school get out early today?

Happy Halloween Enty and everyone! Someone already said that you guys are what get them through the day, and I will heartily second that! Safe and happy Halloween to all of you!

Lioness70 said...

Happy Halloween, everyone!

We have 80 percent humidity (what fun!) ahead of a band of rain. Luckily, the rain won't get here until after the kids are finished T or Ting.

Everyone have fun and stay safe!

(BTW, SMBB and WHN are the same idiot. Can you can this troll, Enty?)

Karmen said...

Happy Halloween, everyone!

I'm with califblondy and whoever else mentioned posting Halloween pictures to the site. My Sally Bowles costume was awesome!

Kinderteacher said...

BOO! all my gossip lovin' pals! Love reading and hope to start writing!

MnGddess said...

Happy Halloween, everyone!

And GO PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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