Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Two parts today -

Kate Cassidy and Amber Heard posing at some event. Diane Kruger was there and in another gorgeous outfit, but what I said yesterday goes. I want her in jeans and a t-shirt once. Just once and then she can be back in the photos again. Her boyfriend is Canadian. You would think she would go up there and visit and wear some jeans and get her picture taken by a pap. One time.
"Seriously Khloe, this is why you should marry a football player. 16 games instead of 82 and you can hide in a suite and get drunk."
For the This Is It premiere in Tokyo they got Lionel Richie and really bad Michael masks. Oh, but to make up for it, Lionel gave them the gift of velvet.
Twas a bit windy yesterday in Los Angeles. Like that twas thing? I'm feeling Christmasy after that toy thing. This is Liv Tyler and Milo, who blew away.
Morrissey - London (guess he is feeling better)
Natalie Imbruglia from a very, very long distance.
Neil Patrick Harris up close and personal.
The Prince waiting in line for the Princess. I would probably be willing to do that as well. Too bad it isn't a kissing booth.
Reese Witherspoon looks like she dropped 20 pounds.
More Reese and the rest of the Avon people. Jillian, Patrick, Fergie, Avon head honcho, Reese, someone from The Hills and Courteney Cox.
I'm not a fan of the McCord sisters. The way they are desperately trying to get a reality show irks me. The reason I am posting is that Rachel (the one in the middle) had her 21st birthday party yesterday. Umm, I must have seen about 100 pictures of her at clubs. Does no club check i.d any more?
Maclaren makes strollers? Seriously? Does it have an engine? It is brilliant. This way a guy will want to get involved in a stroller purchase.
Mandatory Twilight picture.
Weezer - New York
Last night was the Lakers game and the premiere of This Is It all in the same square. Oh, Will Smith was there.


RocketQueen said...

Love Weezer!

I was thinking the same thing about Reese, Enty! Either that or she suddenly grew a few inches!

Sporky said...

Did Morrissey throw his back out? Looks like he needs some Icy Hot, stat.

WednesdayFriday said...

What is Brooke Sheilds wearing? Who lied to her and told her that looked good?

P.s.- I Love Liv Tyler. Thanks for the fun pic.

mooshki said...

"Kate" Cassidy? Does that mean you know her, Enty? Or is that just the name she goes by in 'the biz?' She's my new girl crush. Sigh...

Thank god Morrissey is okay. My 9 months pregnant friend was threatening to jump off a building if it was serious. Yeah, she's a little moody...

NPH!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

How long until the Princess realizes what's going on here and gets a preventative restraining order against Enty? ;)

Ugh, Reese is a serious bobble head. :(

Shit, Courtney is pregnant, isn't she? She's as wide as any other two of the professional stick figures.

strawberrygirl said...

Maclaren has made strollers for a long time. I had one as a baby and I'm 24.

strawberrygirl said...

Oh, and that's not just any stroller its a special edition Juicy Couture one.

MoodyBlueEyes said...

Super cute pic of Liv and Milo!

Love NPH!

Reese looks seriously bobble-heady. Very unattractive, IMHO.

Weezer, Yay!

angelina said...

Isn't Salma's baby a little old for a pacifier?

Pookie said...

teehee @ kardashians caption!

lol @ lionel's gift of velvet.

milo is too cute!

pls tell me that isn't a see-thru shirt on nph. =O

back to royals stalking! love it!

wow, reese looks mondo-fab! go her. will smith despite the scary scio connection and weird open marriage thing.

lanasyogamama said...

Knee high boots are cheesy.

Dang Reese is tiny, if you look small compared to a group like that, you've almost ceased to exist.

Maclaren strollers are the best! What else do they make?

ClaireFrasier said...

Love the red shoes on the McCord sister on the left. Never heard of any of them, but I do like the shoes!

Production Girl said...

Will Smith is GORGEOUS in person...Le Sigh!!!

McClarens are the best strollers...They are awesome in the City.

Taylor L is HOTT...which makes me feel dirty because he isn't even legal yet....

ljsmed said...

I have a Bugaboo, I wanted a McClaren, my fiance did not. What is the best, I'm thinking a McClaren. Please help...

mygeorgie said...

Geeze, I thought Lionel was a mask as well.

Wish my husband dressed like NPH!

Who the hell is Cassidy & Heard?

Anonymous said...

Aw, that's a nice pic of Liv Tyler and Milo!

And Neil Patrick Harris-yea!

Boo, Kardashians! Please let's ignore their existence so they go away.

Triple boo, McCord sisters! Is it just me, or do they look like a trio of trannies?

amanda rae said...

I dislike Amber Heard simply because she keeps doing movies with Jess Manafort, who is a total c*nt (I went to HS with her). Other than that, she's completely forgettable and I couldn't pick her out of a lineup if my life depended on it. She's so...bland.

For some reason, the Kardashians interest me, and I watch (and like) their shows. Yes, I am ashamed.

I'm still waiting to punch Natalie Imbruglia right in the mouth for making such horrible songs that were constantly on the radio when I was in HS. I'm still not over that trauma, they should use her "songs" for torture at Gitmo.

Who the hell are these McCord skanks? And why should we be interested in them?

Hey, it's Woll Smoth!

amanda rae said...

Oh, and I have never heard anything by Morrissey, but if people are threatening to kill themselves if anything happens to him, maybe he's worth checking out? Am I missing anything here?

figgy said...

Khloe and Kim and their douchebag over the knee boots. Blech.

ellapetal said...

@ amanda rae ... oh I just had my flibbertygillionth birthday and I honestly stopped breathing for a second when I read your post.

Morrissey was once the lead singer for a lovely band called the Smiths. They are awesome-sauce in my book, but may not be for everybody. Put them in a play list with the Cure and some Bauhaus and Depeche...*sigh* Back in my day men really knew how to wear their eyeliner! Not like these faux-pouty youngin's of today.

Yep. I'm feeling old. :-)

dbfreak said...

I think Reese looks beautiful and healthy. However, I have really sick body image issues. I think I would feel "normal" if I were her size, instead of a fat size 6 (size 6 isn't fat, I mean that my size 6's are tight, thus I am a fat size 6 ugh).

The Sh*t Magnet said...

Reese does super skinny...I bet Reese and Courtney were thrilled to pose beside LC.


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