Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Random Photos Part One

No, Kate Beckinsale isn't on top. There is another part coming. I will say that she and Len Wiseman are back to being cuddly so maybe things are good for now. Plus she didn't injure her dog in any of these photos so that is a bonus. Have you ever wanted to know how tall Kate is compared to say
Robert DeNiro.
How sad is that when you pose next to Paula Abdul, Paula is thought of as the normal one.
This is actually one of my favorite pictures of Madonna in a long time.
Guess who? Mel B. Yep and it isn't even a Halloween costume.
Marisa Tomei must have found the bar before the paps. She does so much better when it is the other way around.
I love this picture of Michelle Williams and Matilda. Apparently Matilda is going to Australia for Christmas to spend the holidays with Heath's family. From what I read it sounded like Michelle wasn't going but that just doesn't sound right.
"Camilla, have you ever seen the episode of Seinfeld with 'Fusilli Jerry'?"
Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton's assistant.
Hello Sandra Bullock. When is the last time she rocked the cleavage? I saw a lot of this set and she never once looks happy to be standing next to Bradley Cooper.
Suri and Katie on the way to go Halloween shopping. Suri can go door to door for candy while the neighbor kids can come over for a complementary stress test.
Apparently that company that makes the three wolf moon shirt has expanded into women's dresses. Shannen Doherty looks like a big fan. Come on smile for the cameras. Show them you love it.
Smiling for the cameras or at least trying to make the facial movements normally required for a smile is Sharon Stone.
It's The Zooey. Married and what looks like probably pregnant.
Not pregnant is Zachary Quinto. At least I don't think he is. His hair maybe, but not the rest of him.


Jenny S said...

Michelle Williams looks scary skinny in that photo. Mathilda is gorgeous but, man, she looks so much like Heath. Sad.

Sporky said...

I was reading a Vanity Fair article a few weeks ago about Heath Ledger and it sounds as though not all is peachy between Heath's family and Michelle. I'm glad Matilda will be able to spend some time with them, though. She sure is cute.

Sporky said...

P.S. Sandra B. looks GREAT! She's such a chameleon.

RocketQueen said...

Good for Michelle for letting Heath's family see Mathilda for Xmas.

WTF is up with Marisa's dress? Fug.

Paris Hilton. Unless there's a story attached about her ridiculousness (and even then...) I just don't care to see her.

I see Suri's wearing heels again. I'm beginning to wonder if her parents ever tell her "no".

libby said...

B Cooper was rumored to be a beater, right? Sandy's been around the block, I'm sure she can spot the type.
Professionalism only goes so far with a jackass.

Michelle will certainly be enjoying her X-mas alone with her boyfriend/fiance. I'm not complaining, I think staying with her grandparents is a lovely idea, and she gets to be alone w/ her guy. Win-win.

'The' Zooey has certainly filled out in the face and tummy all the sudden, empire waist aside. If she's not PG, she needs to take a Duirex, stat.

mygeorgie said...

Suri has those eyes/look like the kind of kid that kicks you under the dining table & smiles. She's a little shit 'n the making me thinks. Creepy too. Do the little squirts get Xenu sessions or is there an age limit they start that fuckery?

Anonymous said...

I thought I read that Michelle is no longer with the bf. Something about her priorities with her daughter.

Pookie said...

omg kate b. looks the gorge!

aww, cutie matilda! love the pink galoshes.

love sandra b.'s dress! *must have*

MY SURIIIIIIIII! you just made my day, enty.

eww @ shannon's wolf dress. makes her look fat.

karen said...

I don't know why nobody gives Katie a big kick in the ass for letting her daughter wearing those shoes?
If I would see her on the streets and she would be approachable without any Sciento-Security jumping on you I would really ask her what the hell is going on in her fu****g mind!

Majik said...

WHY, exactly, is that child wearing heels? Christ, I think she wears heels more than I do. That's just not right...not right at all.

Mistik said...

Hmmm. Madonna has cankles. And Lindsay looks 20 years older than Paula. And that's saying somthin'.

ItsJustMe said...

That's what I wanna know, Majik - why is that little girl wearing heels???

Sharon Stone has looked better.

Maja With a J said...

I would never have known that that was The Zooey had you not told us. Pregnant or not, the dress is cute!

califblondy said...

Love the pink dress.

sunnyside1213 said...

Zooey is adorabable. Loved her in 500 Days of Summer.

Heels can't be good for Suri's feet.

kimmypie1 said...

Ent - I saw some pics of Sandra smiling and laughing with Bradley



Unknown said...

Madonna has cankles. Barbie has canlkles. GOD we need new icons to feel bad about ourselves.

Don't put your daughters in heels when they are that little. The girl needs to run around and play like the child she is.

ParisCat said...

Why is Suri wearing heels? She creeps me out.

Jingle Belle said...

Suri is a cute kid but I echo those above me...she shouldn't be wearing heels. That can't be good for a growing child.

ardleighstreet said...

COME ON PEOPLE! Suri is wearing heels so that when she talks to him she can look Daddy in the eye!;)

(P.S. I do NOT condone her wearing heels. It reminds me too much of JonBenet or the old SNL Babies in Make-up sketch.)

lanasyogamama said...

Kate B. is rocking that dress.

It took me like 40 seconds to figure out where Madonna's arm was coming from.

What is Marisa doing with her bag?

Michelle looks cute.

If they never say no to Suri, she has to be a nightmare. My daughter is the same age, and the two evenings a week after the two afternoon's she spends at Nana's are difficult.

Wow, bad Sharon Stone pic. I love it!

Zach is manorexic.

Christina said...

The heels on Suri are terrible. Patent leather mary janes would have worked with the dress much better anyway. Don't mess with the classics!

Enty's Next Ex-Wife said...

Robert DeNiro does not look impressed!

Selock said...

I love Michelle & Matilda! I totally relate to her as a young single mom with a funky little girl.

Also - those heels on Suri are totally unacceptable. Come ON!

Enty's Next Ex-Wife said...

Love Kate B's dress.
I would not have known that was Mel B if Enty didn't say it. She probably borrowed the wig from her husband.

Zach Q looks very...petite. He really need to eat.

Kimberley said...

I thought Michelle Williams hair was still really short? Has it been long for a while?
I don't understand Suri's heels? It is creepy to see a little girl in heels that aren't the clinky plastic dress up ones.


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