Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lindsay Lohan Doesn't Sound Thrilled That Burglars Have Been Caught

If someone broke into your place and stole all your stuff don't you think you would be pretty happy if they were all caught? It didn't take Paris Hilton more than two seconds to head down to the police station and try and get her stuff back. No word on whether Lindsay Lohan is going to try and collect her stuff anytime soon.

Last night Lindsay bobbed and staggered and weaved down the red carpet and managed to hold herself steady long enough to talk to E!. They asked a completely softball question because they like to kiss ass and yet the answer they got wasn't exactly the one they were expecting. Instead of the answer any of us would give, Lindsay said, "[That's] the most awkward question you could possibly ask. Yeah, I'm talking to the detectives, but it's nobody's business but my own."

How is it awkward? Is it a more awkward question than asking why her dad loves mesh shirts, or what college Ali is planning to attend or whether Dina and Lindsay do drugs together. See, those are awkward questions. Asking someone how they feel about a burglar getting caught is pretty easy.

Oh, the answer gets worse. You knew it had to. It's Lindsay.

"[I'm relieved] to an extent, but I don't really know that much information. I will know hopefully soon."

I would be really relieved that they were not going to come back and steal from me again. Why is she qualifying her statement? Does she know something? Hmmm?


Sporky said...

I think it's best to dismiss anything that comes out of Lindsay's mouth due to what goes up her nose, no?

.robert said...

Maybe the cops won't give her sex tapes back yet. If I found out someone that was my 'friend' robbed me it'd put me off for a bit, but I'm betting she's trying to figure out how to pin the missing jewelry on them.

.robert said...

Whatever hosts that video is not compatible with my browser :(

lutefisk said...

didn't she steal the missing jewelry from a photo shoot?

RocketQueen said...

Haha! That mesh shirt thing never gets old for me.

But yes - she's definitely hedging because she could somehow end up looking bad in this, and she isn't sure what everyone knows yet.

Nosey Parker said...

She probably doesn't want to say anything to make the burglars mad because they have some dirt on her. Maybe she was in on it and asked them to rob her home so that she could collect insurance money?

childeroland said...

She looks awful. Any word on pictures of her they supposedly lifted from her safe, or was that not her?

Pookie said...

omg she looks drunk. and her pr person's nasal whine is annoying as hell.

ardleighstreet said...

How about the hard question of:
WTH happened to your face?
or the one I'd like to know most:
Why do people keep hiring you?

Unknown said...

That really is an strange answer, and boy does she come across like a bitch!

canadachick said...

she is a bitch - and i still think she was in on the robberies to collect money from insurance to pay her drug dealer (aka nick)


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