Friday, October 30, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Dennis Hopper announced he has prostate cancer. I know we all wish him the best.
A wax figure of Antonio Banderas. You can tell it is a fake and it really doesn't look like him because it is missing one very crucial ingredient. A leash and Melanie Griffith desperately holding on to it.
Angela Lansbury and Catherine Zeta Jones who is slowly transforming into another person.

This is Dree Hemmingway. I'm too lazy to look it up but I presume she is one of the M Hemmingway children. Looks like it right?
Best. Costume. Ever.
Jessica Alba and the always serious Honor.
Jim Carrey gets his fiber any way that he can.
I really thought Julianne Moore would be above the whole knock kneed thing.
Especially with her husband there.
Great performance by Jay Z and Alicia Keys last night.
I guess there really is no doubt that Sean Preston is Kevin's son.
Do you think Kylie Minogue stays up late at night and asks why she is popular all over the world except for North America? I mean it isn't just us, the Canadians don't like her either. I don't think she is all that great myself.
Someone who is great is Martin Scorcese. Love him.
This is another reason to love Neil Patrick Harris. He went to this haunted house as a favor. How many other actors of his stature would go? The only other one who agreed was David Faustino. Neil though is a guy who will do anything and be happy doing it.
Well, at least Penn Badgley can dream of being a guitar player.
Mandatory Twilight picture. Robert Pattinson leaving Vancouver.
The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Show was last night. Lots of great combinations.

Bruce Springsteen & Billy Joel
Simon & Garfunkel.
David Crosby & Bonnie Raitt
Little Anthony & The Imperials
And BB King.
The woman behind Sarah Silverman looks like she might be a bit of a screamer.
Ving Rhames on the set of his new movie
which also stars Rachel Hunter. Really? She is an actress now?
Woody looks to be all out of wine. Somehow I think he managed to get a refill. Here he is with Oren Moverman.


Lolita Breckenridge said...

Not to beat a dead horse, but Scorsese is one of the signatures on the Free Roman Polanski petition. I adore his films but I am a little bit put out by him right now.

I absolutely adore Angela Lansbury, though.

mygeorgie said...

Poor Waxman Antonio, he looks more like Josh Brolin after a bender.

karen said...

Kylie Minogue is wonderful. Leave her alone, Enty!

Man, is that Haunted House for kids as well? That little zombie girl looks damn scary.

RocketQueen said...

@Christine - I think it's good to remind everyone who's on that list. I personally want to remember who it is I've lost respect for ;)

I kinda like Kylie too, and am from Canada. Not enough to buy an album, mind you, but I'll shake it on the floor to one of her tunes and respect her personally for what she's overcome and accomplished.

I would kill to see Simon and Garfunkel live.

Julianne Moore is such a natural beauty. Anyone know if she's had any work done?

Honor Alba whatever really is a non-smiley baby. Anyone surprised given her mother? Everyone I've ever spoken to her worked with her here in Vancouver on that show (?angelsomething?) said she was a colossal divasnobbitch.

.robert said...

CZJ has a smallpox scar, I was wondering what percent of 40 year olds have one. I don't and am 41 and no one my age I grew up with had one, only the older kids.

Pookie said...

aww, dennis. pls beat this.

waxtonio looks creepy!

i can't hate on czj. don't know why.

teehee! the ellen costume made my day!

boo on scorcese.

awww, go nph.

girl bhind sarah s. looks like she wants to barf. i would too.

love ving rhames!

ItsJustMe said...

Great catch .robert. Would it have made a difference if she grew up in Wales? Maybe it was a bit different there???

.robert said...

NotSoAnonMom: Well, they have nationalized healthcare, but I was a Brat so our healthcare was free too and they stopped giving the vaccinations entirely at the same time we did (1972ish) but I bet the vaccination rate had really slowed by the end of the 60s.

kimmypie1 said...

I was at the Ellen taping yesterday, so fun! Her costume was so funny in person, she could hardly move!

Anonymous said...

Haha, I love Ellen's costume

MISCH said...



von said...

Hey! I'm Canadian and I love Kylie! Her concert in Toronto was a big success. She's awesome. Long Live Kylie!

Ms Cool said...

Aw, dang. The Boss. Will be seeing him November 15. Yay!

I've seen Paul Simon a couple times but, alas, never with Art Garfunkel.

whole lotto luv said...

Dree Hemingway is the daughter of Mariel. Her original last name was probably Crisman (her dad's), but I'm sure Hemingway has its advantages.

I've enjoyed Scorcese films, too, but I won't any more. If he wants to support rapists, then fuck him.

Karmen said...

The knocked knee thing isn't too terrible. It's not as bad as the sorority squat. I'm partial to putting one hand on the hip. It makes your arms look skinner. Trust.

Anonymous said...

I'm Canadian and I'm with you on not liking Kylie, Enty. I don't hate her, but I think her music is bland. I would never pay to see her.

Jim Carrey eating tinsel..uh...okay. He's too old for these antics and I feel embarrassed for him when I see him doing them. It's not 1995 anymore, Jim.

Catherine Zeta Jones is so gorgeous. Why does she fuck with her face?

Honor Alba Warren always has an "I will cut a bitch!" look on her face and I think it's hilarious. It won't be so cute when she's older though. Looks like she's gonna be a handful.

Unknown said...

Hahaha on the look on NPH's face.

ardleighstreet said...

Wishing Dennis all the best!

So not Antonio!

Totally put out with Marty S. He has daughters doesn't he? What if she were your child shmucky? Would you still give Roman P a pass?


Mr. King is always a pleasure to see. The thrill is never gone with B.B. in the house.

Blue Satin Sashes said...

Aw, Rachel Hunter was great in that Fountains of Wayne video ; )

Wil said...

Christine beat me to it by hours .. I have a serious problem with Scorese now after signing the Polanski petition.

Get well soon Dennis!

And I like Angela, too. Angela in "The Manchurian Candidate" still blows me away! And wasn't she younger than Laurence Harvey?? Amazing . now I am gonna have to go buy the DVD or something .. cause I need to see it NOW!!

Wil said...

Dammit! Not enough "s's" .. SCORSESE!

Anonymous said...

Any Springsteen picture makes me happy.

Elle Kaye said...

Get well, Dennis...and does anyone else think he looks like Owen Wilson in 30 years? I could be wrong but I definitely thought I saw something.

TV said...

another Scorcese hater. will not support or see any of his works from here on in.

Zachsmommy said...

.Robert - I was born in central NY, 1967, and everyone I knew (including me) had that scar. We used to compare them!

RJ said...

First, Ellen is awesome!

Next, I think it was great that you put Neil Patrick Harris above the Gossip Guy and Pouty Vampire. NPH is pure class. The other two will be the answers to has-been triva questions in about five years.

I love Woody if for no other reason than he and my brother look almost exactly like each other and pot really should be legal so I can't ever hate on him even if he is pretty flakey. Plus, Zombieland was fantastic!!

JoElla said...

Zachsmommy there is no way that CZJ is younger than us. No flippin way!

laesmralda said...

.robert: My sister was born in 71 and has a small pox scar, so it is possible.


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