Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Random Photos Part Two

Yes, it's a Murdoch, but Sarah Murdoch gets the top spot because she refused to pose for Women's Weekly unless they didn't touch up her photo at all. Women's Weekly says it is a one time thing and will go back to touching up their covers after this. Why? Sarah looks great and she is happy so why not keep up what you started and keep it going. Oh, and have you ever seen whiter teeth? I just wish I had all my teeth, let alone white ones like that.
Children swap in Manchester Airport. The guy in the nice coat and bed hair is Brian McFadden. he is the father of the two girls. The woman on the left is Kerry Katona who is the mother and the current holder of the UK Coke Mom title for doing blow while her kids were in the other room and the winner in the middle is Kerry's husband and former cab driver turned strip club expert.
David Arquette looks the same as always. Courteney Cox looks completely different.
I LOVE Charlie Rose.
Kelly Osbourne and Derek Hough with their matching hair colors.
Diane Kruger and way too much dress for the event. She is becoming a parody of herself. It's ok to wear jeans and a t-shirt sometimes. Not at this event, but at plenty of others.
Outside of the logging industry you rarely see this much plaid on one person. Perhaps David Tennant is a fan of trees or lumberjacks or just really big saws.
Gerard Butler takes to his bike to find new women.
Gavin Rossdale - Los Angeles
Hugh Jackman
Daniel Craig
Heather Mills is brave. She wants to appear on Dancing On Ice. I'm not a big fan of hers but this takes guts and determination.
Josh Lucas does the Empire State Building. Unlike most people who show up to these lighting events, Josh came in alone with no publicist and well, no one. He walked in the main door of the building and asked where he should go.
Jude Law and the kids he has seen. Supposedly he and Sienna Miller are at it again. Wouldn't surprise me.
Jordan & Ridley Scott and eyes which would appear to be reluctant to open.
Jessica Simpson in Mumbai. She is back in London now but kept the tattoos.
A letter from Jake Tweed to one of Jade Goody's bridesmaids talking about how he has changed. Jake is in jail awaiting trial on sexual assault charges.
Jay-Z playing the new game DJ Hero.


RocketQueen said...

Wow - Jack's spelling is....something else.

Ahh - THANK you Enty for saying that about Diane Kruger. This is yet another classic Diane overdoing it on a carpet...any carpet = any excuse to overdress. She wants so badly to be viewed as a fashionista and it is really just turning me right off her.

Wow - I'm guessing Ridley's wife is a LOT younger.

I'll say good for Heather now before everyone else signs on and bashes her.

Whatever work Courtney has had done lately is a bit too much, I think. I find it distracting while watching Cougar Town, which isn't too bad.

kris said...

Wow, Sarah Murdoch looks FANTASTIC!!! Real women CAN be cover girls!!!! Kudos to her.

Pookie said...

GREAT pic of charlie rose!

diane k. & david t. are major glamour donts. eep.

in fairness to j-simp, henna takes forever to finally wash off.

eep jack's writing. =O

mooshki said...

Josh Lucas is so pretty.

RocketQueen, since you got the good wishes out of the way, I feel free to say that I don't think it says anything about Heather Mills except for her 'determination' to stay in the spotlight. She loved when people fawned all over her on DWtS, and she wants to get that back, no matter what it takes.

RocketQueen said...

@Mooshki - lol. And that's why I was obliged to say something nice. I'm know many others seem to feel just as you do.

littlesunshine said...

I don't understand the hate on Jude for not seeing a child that he presumably, was not included in the decision making about. Yes, he made the decision to have unprotected sex. And yes, he appears to have agreed to meet a financial responsibility. But it was the mother's decision to become a mother. It was her choice. Not his. If a woman has the right to not want a reminder from a sexual fling, why would we hold a man to a different standard?

califblondy said...

When did Heather get a square ass?

While I think Cougartown sucks, I've managed to watch it the last two weeks. Courtney does look different.

Hugh Jackson, yum.

High five to Sarah Murdoch!

I saw a kid exchange at the mall the other day. Cops were called and the security guards had to keep babydaddy and babymama's big mouthed friend apart. It was nasty. Poor kid.

Ms Cool said...

Aw, sniff. Daniel Craig in the photos. Thanks so much.

I totally want to be airbrushed in all photos. And photoshopped.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Heather's butt pad. The thought of falling on ice makes me not want to go near it.

Cheryl said...

Courteney Cox treats herself to a new face every year.

FrenchGirl said...

Hugh jackman looks younger this day!

Diane Kruger is so...."model wanting to be actress who wants to be a fashion model" :learn to act in first,Diane!

sunnyside1213 said...

I don't like the stach on Daniel Craig.

Sporky said...

Whoa, for a split second I thought Sarah Murdoch was a very freshfaced-looking Melanie Griffith. I was dead wrong, obviously. Kudos to her for not being airbrushed, I think she looks great...more celebs should follow suit but I doubt that'll be happening anytime soon...

Majik said...

Daniel Craig REALLY needs to lose the porn 'stache....I cannot believe how much he looks like my dad and it it's creeping me out.

Who released Jack's letter to the media? The bridesmaid? Tacky.

agree with littlesunshine on Jude's newest child.

So, we're all agreed that Courtney Cox is Coke Mom??

Nadel said...

David Tennant, Daniel Craig, Gerard Butler and Hugh Jackman in one post? Seriously?

Jude Law's kids are absolutely gorgeous - that oldest boy is going to be a complete heartbreaker.

Sinjin said...

LOL at Heather Mills' "Sponge Bob" butt.

Hugh Jackman is very pretty!

Superwife said...

Courtney for Coke Mom?

mooshki said...

RQ, you and Enty are more generous than I. :)

K said...

Gerard, carry on getting fitter sunshine, you looking good.

Sarah Murdoch - don't know who she is, but she looks fantastic. Good on her for insisting on no airbrushing.

Jessica Simpson's henna looks great. Does she know it will take ages to disappear - if it's proper henna that is....

Jude Law - why would he rush to see his love child? I doubt the mother wants much more to do with him than his money and a few photo ops with the baby.. she'll make more out of the press than from him! His oldest (Finn?) is a honey, and he'll be pleased Spurs won tonight! Yid army!

Huge Jackman and Daniel Craig too? Ent, you really are spoiling us!

RocketQueen said...

@Moosh - I'm really into animal rights and have to admire her for everything she's done for animals and continues to do. That's my excuse ;)

TinselSass said...

I used to LOVE Charlie Rose and then he declared himself the "fourth Emanuel brother" as in White House Chief of Staff Rahm, the Real Ari Gold and their doctor brother thereby demeaning and betraying the fact that Charlie Rose was one of the coolest interviewer/journalists on air today. He is, at heart, a tool.

Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig, fortunately, are not tools. They are swoon-inducing.

MizCaramel said...

Please tell me Courtney is not Coke MOM!! I saw what I think of as Enty's clue... maybe it's a trick :(

ardleighstreet said...

Enty, Isn't Davis Tennant a Scot? Those are prob. his clan colors and he was being proud. It could be worse. He could have worn the kilt. ;)

Hey, maybe Gerry is out prowling for girls who ride a bike built for two.

Hugh looks very handsome. Damn his wife is lucky!

Do you think Jude's kids know they have a little sister?

lanasyogamama said...

Yay for Sarah Murdoch! She so doesn't need airbrushing, lucky her!

Courtney looks short.

Diane takes herself seriously.

Oy, that letter. My cousin in England writes like that too, maybe even worse. Weird.

mooshki said...

RQ, she once had a party at her house, failed to inform her neighbors that she was having fireworks, and a dog died from panicking about the noise. :(

Unknown said...

Josh does have very piercing eyes, i'll give him that.

looks like enty has a very good friend who works at the empire state building...hmmm

califblondy said...

Enty, if you do have friends at the Empire State Building...ask them about the thermometer. I asked several people the temperature the last time there and all I got was "It's cold."

whole lotto luv said...

There are 3 reasons I think Courteney Cox is **not** Coke Mom. On 4/15, Enty wrote that "Coke Mom has not been in the photos the past few days." Courtney had not been in the Random Photos, but she was in A photo on 4/14 ("Jen and Courteney Break Up"). But I can see where that could go either way, that Enty meant the Random Photos. In the 4/14 entry about her, Enty wrote: "Courteney Cox is one of the few Friends cast members I can actually stand and I even like her." Would he really say this about someone he believed did coke in front of their kid?

On 7/23, Enty wrote, "Coke Mom had been missing for a few weeks." However, Courtney appeared in an item dated 7/13.

Unknown said...

No one else thinks Courtney Cox looks pregnant? I mean, look at her! She doesn't look like she's about to disappear! That strategically placed wrap, the weird flat shoes, ill fitting jeans.....girl looks pregnant. Besides, I think she's one of those women who gains pregnancy weight in her face, hence the "she looks different" remark.

c17 said...

"......... Courteney Cox looks completely different."

O Rly? How so? She looks the same to me, elucidate PLEASE!

I DARE you. She doesn't seem to have gained/lost weight or height...her clothes look the same.

Why is it that WOMEN celebrities get the stink-eye while the men get off scott-free for the most part? The most that you say is whether or not Jude Law has lost any more hair. Meh.

c17 said...

...and IF you think CC is preggers...JUST SAY SO! The world DOES NOT need any more asshats like the E! gossip guy.

Gay, inscrutable, and stupid is NO way to go through life, son!

Enty's Next Ex-Wife said...

You just maed me love Josh Lucas even more.

Lola said...

Wow, who's that chick on Daniel Craig's arm? I thought he was gay!

__-__=__ said...

Sarah Murdoch does look good - except for all the MOLES! Seriously, WTF?!?!!? Have those things checked honey, please! When did this become appropriate to let those things grow wild anywhere? When???

*girl said...

Am I the only one who was wondering why Heather Mills had her pant leg rolled up like that? Oh that's right, for attention.

Unknown said...

Saw Sarah Murdoch recently and she does have white teeth - must have just had them done recently. Not being airbrushed doesn't mean you don't look after yourself and enhance your teeth colour a bit. Also they are freckles not moles.

Unknown said...

Forgot to mention Sarah is GORGEOUS and a very classy lady.

amanda rae said...

Daniel Craig looks like a foot. A foot with a bad, ugly mustache. I do not see his appeal.

I also don't see Hugh Jackman's appeal, although I get the feeling that he is a genuinely nice guy, and I like him...just don't find him the least bit attractive.

I probably would like Gerard Butler, except for all the threesomes. Call me a prude, whatever, but I would never want to be with a man who has done that. Or a man who has been with a man. I don't care what people do, it's their life, but that doesn't mean I want to sleep with someone who has done those things. It's just something that is a total turn-off to me.

I used to think Gavin Rossdale was so hot, but the whole tranny thing ruined him for me. Oh well. Besides, he's with Gwen Stefani who is so painfully ugly to me.

I love Courtney Cox's outfit, it is so bright but so pretty!

I also just love Kelly Osbourne. Always have.

Kimberley said...

CC's body actually looks healthy! She looks good. I was surprised that I enjoyed watching Cougar Town...

amanda rae said...

Oh, and I TOALLY 100% agree with littlesunshine.


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