Monday, October 26, 2009

Random Photos Part Two

Shiloh Pepin - RIP
It looks like Anne Hathaway is still dating the guy with the really big feet.
Alanis shows you that she can show skin as well as the best of them in LA. I'm not sure it is a skill that is enviable but at least we now know she can do it.
Aidan Quinn, Colin Farrell and guest.
Amy Winehouse and her two new guests.
Really? Barbra Streisand at a U2 concert? I bet she doesn't know more than two songs. In this picture she kind of looks like a cross between all three women on Friends. Oh, and Stiller where is the wife?
If he wasn't playing soccer he would just be a really good looking homeless guy. Look at those eyes. They are saying do you have a dollar?
Long time no see Daryl Hannah.
Don Johnson and Ewan McGregor is your randomness of the day.
Fergie is ummm, not looking her best.
A blast from my soap watching past. Finola Hughes. Oh, speaking of soaps. The big story has been James Franco and General Hospital but I heard the first week of December on Days Of Our Lives that crazy stuff is going to happen.
You know what? Calista and the old man have made it a long time. I think perhaps they are going to make it.
Ivanka and the guy from The New York Observer got married over the weekend.
Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem on location in Bali. Alone. Well, not alone right here, but you get my meaning.
I spoke earlier of James Blunt and look who turns up like a guy who is living off one song. Why was he invited to this award show?
It's like a community theatre production of Anchorman.
Jason Mraz and his guest.
This was at some club the other night and Jennifer Lopez played her new single called Fresh Out The Oven. Later she played the song, "I Don't Cook," and followed that up with "Bad Grammar Gives Me Cred." Seriously why in the hell would she name a song Fresh Out The Oven?


ItsJustMe said...

Next to Kim, J. Lo looks ...rough.

RIP, Shiloh.

What are you trying to say about Javier and Julia, hmm, enty???

ItsJustMe said...
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whole lotto luv said...

Is one of the women in the last pic supposed to be JLo? Because they both look like interchangeable Kardassian sisters to me.

MoodyBlueEyes said...

So seriously sad about Shiloh Pepin. I watched a special about her on A&E or Discovery, and she melted my heart. What a sweet, loveable, strong soul. May she rest in peace.

I think Amy Winehouse is looking much healthier (although the boob job was FAAAAR from necessary), and I hope she continues to do well. Love her music, hope she manages to beat her demons.

Ben Stiller and James Blunt both seem to be smarmy, slimy douchebags.

I like HFord and Calista together, the do seem like a happy couple, and I hope they do make it.

Ivanka's a very pretty gal, and intelligent as well from what I gather, but MAN, is her guy a dorky looking son-of-a-gun! Yeah, yeah, it's not all about looks, I'm sure he's got alot to offer, but I figured her for roping a hottie, not the captain of the nerd herd.

blog hopper said...

Ben Stiller needs to eat!!

RocketQueen said...

Agreed that Ben Stiller's gone too far with the weight loss. He looks crazy with hunger yet stoned at the same time.

I actually think JLo looks hot in that dress. Poor grammar gives her street cred, dontcha know, Ent?

Agree that Winehouse is looking pretty healthy. No visible scabs or bruises is always good.

Alanis looks great.

lilbitsolo said...

Thank you for putting Shiloh in the top pic...I literally cried when I heard she had passed away. The documentaries on her showed her to be so full of life and so determined to live hers to the fullest no matter what her disabilities. I really get angry to hear of these loser no talent "celebrities" that waste and throw away what is given to them and risk their lives and health in the process, and then you have this precious child -who is only given a short time on Earth- and makes the most of every moment.

Pookie said...

awww, RIP little shiloh. :(

eep amy, what an awful boob job, i so need to hook her up w/ my ps in bogotá.

jho looked mondo-fab in that dress. it was sat night at liv inside the fountainbleu...official combo after party for marc's show that night and her vid premiere. vid is as lame as its title. marc's concert, however, was awesome.

lutefisk said...

Ivanka has had quite a bit of work done--her new husband is actually kind of cute--that is not a good shot of him, he looks like a young Andrew McCarthy here.

Linnea said...

Randoms were so funny today!

Sporky said...

Thanks Enty, for putting Shiloh on top. I, too, was very sad to hear of her passing. She was such a smart, funny little girl, my heart really goes out to her parents and the rest of her family. RIP, honey.

I agree with the commenter above - why did Amy W. get bolt-ons?? So unnecessary...but otherwise she looks pretty healthy. Hope it stays that way.

I can't stand the Trumps, but I'm green with envy over Ivanka's wedding dress. It's such a nice departure from the usual white strapless sheaths every bride seems to wear these days. Wish I had even 1/10th of her money, I wouldn't be stressing out so badly over my own teeny tiny wedding...

ItsJustMe said...

Sporky - ITA about Ivanka's dress. Gorgeous.

sunnyside1213 said...

Ivanka could have afforded a prettier dress. That just screams 1955.

Amy's boob job is certainly strange looking on her skinny frame.

Anonymous said...

There is Julia Robert's the man eater LOL

lilbitsolo said...

I forgot to add to my post: I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ivanka's dress, so pretty and I agree with an earlier post, so much better than the run of the mill strapless boring dresses everyone else is wearing...
As for it screaming 1955, thats what I like about it. If I had had a real wedding, thats the kind of dress I'd wear..

Anonymous said...

Is that a hint to a blind with Julia and Javier?

amazonblue said...

Jon Gosselin in suit separates, that's just as bad as the Ed Hardy crap.

Harrison Ford looks half in the bag with the red face.

Finola needs to stop craning her neck or get that fixed. She looks like a groundhog on Feb. 2.

What's going on with Fergie's index finger?

Beckham disrobed to distract the crowd from booing him again.

califblondy said...

Ivanka wanted a Grace Kelly look (hence, the hair). The pictures in the New York Post were very nice.

J.Lo looks pretty good.

Too bad about those pictures of Marc's from the football game yesterday.

Julia, I just called Penelope and we're coming to kick your ass.

JJ said...

"community theatre production of Anchorman"

So funny and so true. Thanks for the laugh.

Anyone know of the name of the judge in the Gosselin case?

mygeorgie said...

Ivanka proving the theory that some girls look for a duplicate of daddy. Geeky, pointy & baaad hair.

JLo following in the footsteps of "I'ma let you finish Kanye"

James blunt: I'm not a fan of the girlie hairdos on guys. Creeps me out.

blog hopper said...

JLo looks fantastic in that dress but her face looks rough...she looks like a dude. Sorry.

ardleighstreet said...

Poor Shiloh! Breaks the heart!

Love Alanis's boots!

Please Harrison Sunscreen. If you are good to your skin your skin will be good to you.

Julia does not look like a pretty woman there.

LOVED the community theater comment.

Unknown said...

I saw Jason Mraz in concert last month. His voice is so good live, it blew me away. Really great show.
Yahoo had a link to an US Weekly article today featuring Jon Gosselin as a HUNK.

Unknown said...

I saw Jason Mraz in concert last month. His voice is so good live, it blew me away. Really great show.
Yahoo had a link to an US Weekly article today featuring Jon Gosselin as a HUNK.

Unfortunate Couture said...

Barbra Streisand? Holy crap. She looks like an elderly Olsen Twin.

Linnea said...

michelle, you have got to be kidding me! that makes me... just sad

Mindy said...

What a beautiful little girl. Just looking at her beaming face makes my heart melt.

If fake boobs makes Amy feel better about herself and keeps her off the crack, that's fine with me. She actually looks fabulous in this pic if you overlook the globes. God I hate fake boobs, though the males seem to like them.

Alanis and Streisand look great, and I hate to say it, but so do JLo and James Blunt, blah. That hurt.

Sarah said...

Thank you for putting Shiloh in the top spot. This is my fav "gossip" site and it's great to see her in the top. I'm from the same town she is, and she was such a special, brave little angel. My heart goes out to her family and all those touched by her smile.

kimmypie1 said...

why does James Blunt have Liza Manelli's haircut?

CarolMR said...

What work has Ivanka had done?

lutefisk said...

a few years back Ivanka tried being a model--she had her face refined then--a nose job, chin augmentation...& & big implants put in--I am npt sure what else--you can see before & after photos here:

Krissie said...

I heard about Shiloh over the weekend. How sad. I was impressed by her on the "Mermaid Girl" special. She was so upbeat.

Alanis Morissette-what the hell is she doing? Is she trying to revive her career by showing off her bra? Alanis, going the "I'm sexy!" route didn't work for Jewel, and it won't work for you.

Melissa said...

Ivanka's dress is "modestly covered" because they had an Orthodox Jewish ceremony and it is required. I like the Grace Kelly departure from the boobalicious strapless dresses most wear even when they are not flattering on most.

Anonymous said...

Colin's guest is his girlfriend/baby-mama. She had his kid like 2 weeks ago.

I'm really liking Ewan all of the sudden.

Not one for fake boobies, but I like Amy's. They distract from her tats/weight/makeup/hair. But they do look a bit Shauna Sand-ish.

Princess Shyness said...

Actually, I'd say James Blunt is living off one album, not just a song.

MommaBear said...

My deepest sympathies to Shiloh's family. I watched the TLC program about her, and was moved by her. She simply radiated beauty and optimism in the face of insurmountable odds.

May the angels give her wings to fly.

WednesdayFriday said...


RIP Shiloh.

shakey said...

James Blunt starring in V?

Wil said...

Rest in Peace, Sweet Shiloh. What a little sweet pea she was .. I really hope there is a Heaven. She deserves to be there.

Alanis is looking lovely .. that that Ryan! : D - LOL!!

Nice tits, Amy ..

Really hoping Don isn't teaching Ewan any bad behavior!

Your "Days" teaser really is making me wish I still had a friend on the writing staff, EL! Sadly it has been almost 20 years since that was the case!!

Caroline .. She - Ivanka - has a new nose for one thing .. Nice one .. but the one before was nice. I guess she didn't like the little ball on the end. I think it is cute.. but then I have an eagle beak myself!

EEEeeewwww! Jon Gosselin!! MY EYES!!!! MY EYES!!

Wil said...

I am sorry Carol!! I wrote Caroline!!! Me stoopid!

But .. here is another montage of Ivanka's nose. It was cute .. I do not get why she changed it. Maybe her modeling agency made her??

Beth said...

Ben Stiller was at the U2 concert with his wife - just not in this picture...

Alice D Millionaire said...

What the eff is up with Lainey's open letter to Colin?

I was too embarrassed to even read the entire thing. Every time I go on her site I think to myself "am I really THIS bored at work?"

Sporky said...

LOL @ Alice. I thought the same thing this morning...I didn't even finish reading it. Sounded like a letter written to the high school quarterback by the only girl in the Physics Club.

Ice Angel said...

So sad to hear about Shiloh. Poor little thing. I loved her in her special and she certainly did melt my heart. My sympathies to her family. We have lost a beautiful, unique mermaid who is now an angel in Heaven. God Bless you Shiloh and your family.

mooshki said...

Ooh, Days of Our Lives scoop! Thanks so much, Enty!


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